SSSS.Gridman Episode 06 Review – Contact

Yuta remembers that Akane asked him if he was “transforming,” and wonders what she meant. Meanwhile, Utsumi is away from school for a memorial service and Rikka leaves early. Akane orders Anti to kill Yuta, informing him that “if he kill Yuta, Gridman won’t show up anymore.”  He runs off to find him. Yuta looks for Rikka but she’s out shopping, he runs into a odd boy that claims that he’s a kaiju. They take a train ride where he all the questions that we had up to this point.

SSSS.Gridman 6th episode Contact pivots from the traditional format. Largely focusing on the characters meeting each other and talking, there’s no fighting between kaiju and Gridman in this episode. However, filliping our expectation on it’s head is what this series does well. The formula for the tokusatsu genre has long been established, but SSSS.Gridman often plays with it. This episode explains the world. The kaiju explains to Yuta that Akane destroys and rebuilds the city of Tsutsujidai with kaiju. Basically, she created the world they exists in and does as she pleases. 

She’s “twisted,” and is being used by Alexis. Rikka “befriends” Anti by showing him kindness. She feeds and bathes him. I would assume that this will pay off in the future. Or at least I’m hoping it does as Akane is terrible, in general but also towards Anti. Utsumi is interrogated by Akane for info on Yuta at Starbows. However, he reveals nothing of worth. While there’s no Gridman battle, there is between “humans,” or at least humanoids. Regardless, Anti attacks Yuta, whom is protected by the members of the Gridman Alliance. 

This episode does several things. First it brings both the audience and Yuta up to speed on what is happening. While we have known about Akane since the second episode, Yuta just learns that she’s evil and how much power she has. This episode also creates more questions. Does Akane realize that she is a “god”? Is Alexis an alien? What’s is his or it motivation? The kaiju that spoke to Yuta reveals that he’s not created by Akane, which of course begs the question who did?

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