One Piece Chapter 1054 Review: Shanks pursues the One Piece

One Piece Chapter 1054, the Flame Emperor opens at the Flower Capital, where Admiral Ryokugyu attempts to capture Monkey D. Luffy. He’s blocked by the Scabbards, Shinobu, Yamato and Momonosuke. Ryokugyu’s personality originally appeared to docile but he seems to be slightly unhinged and similar to Fleet Admiral Sakazuki. He screams at the Scabbards, telling them that they have “no human rights.” Admiral Ryokugyu goes even further arguing that “it doesn’t matter how many people (in Wano) dies,” because the “law doesn’t apply.”

He’s disregarding the laws that the people of Wano have established or would if they were allowed to do so. Ryokugyu openly states that he would “kill thousands” of people from Wano. He calls himself the “woodsman” and reveals that his devil fruit ability is called the Woods Woods Fruit a logia type which allows him to create, control, and transform into plant life. Yamato and Momo attack him. They’re unwilling to allow him to ruin everyone’s celebration.

Humankind has lasted through the ages by creating and defining the inferior!! All the rest of us can look down our noses at you unaffiliated countries!!! Discrimination creates solace!!! – Ryokugyu

Just outside of Wano, the Red Hair Pirates prepare to disembark. After a brief recap of the events that lead to his meeting Luffy, Shanks reveals that he’s not “interested in seeing Luffy.” According to him, Bartolomeo has been invading their territory and replacing their flags with Luffy’s. Shanks tells Beck that it’s time to “claim the One Piece.” Now that Luffy has risen to the level of Emperor he’s become an equal to Shanks. It’s not clear what Shanks is actually up to but he and his crew have officially become rivals with Luffy and the Strawhats.

One Piece is known for many things call backs, large cast of characters, and off screening major events. Just before the Wano arc began, the World Council or “Levely” meet at Holy Land Mary Geoise. Consisting of 50 world leaders from 170 nations affiliated with World Government. Many fans wanted to know what happened at the Levely, specifically regarding Sabo. We were given the impression that he was harmed or even killed. Turns out he was involved in the assassination of the King of Alabasta, Nefertari Cobra.

During the Levely, the Revolutionary Army declared war on the Celestial Dragons by destroying their symbol, the Hoof of the Celestial Dragons. Sabo was specifically credited with killing the King. Considering the propaganda the media can spread in One Piece it may not actually be true. It think the disappearance of Nefertari Vivi makes it more likely that King Cobra survived. According to Kurouma Tensei, the director of Naval investigations, an “eight nation revolution” along with a series of smaller rebellions, marking a new era in the One Piece world. In addition to this Sabo has gained a massive global following being dubbed the Flame Emperor.

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  1. I admit I was hoping that Greenbull would be a little cooler. His personality isn’t really my thing so I prefer the other admirals at this point in time. It’s still just surreal that we’re finally out of the main plot of Wano though. We’ve been there for so long that it’s really going to be interesting to see what’s next.

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