My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 18: Will Endeavor ever atone for his past?

After the awkward dinner in the last episode, Natsu storms out. This leave him vulnerable to being attacked by a vengeful villain from Endeavor’s past. In My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 18, “The Unforgiven,” Natsu is used as a hostage and our trio progress. While taking Shoto, Deku, and Bakugo home, the villain, “Ending,” hurls Natsu wrapped in the white line found painted on the road. His Quirk, Whiteline, is weird and can be severally limited depending on where he is. His Quirk seems to be specific to road line, and doesn’t include any white line. For this reason, I think Ending felt the need to use Trigger to enhance his Quirk’s abilities. Endeavor remembers Ending much to the villains delight. Ecstatic, he asks Endeavor to “kill him.”

Precisely. Store up. Release.

He compares himself to Nomu, trying to argue that he’s “the same as that puppet.” Ending is hoping to convince Endeavor to kill him by dehumanizing himself and threating Natsu. Suddenly, Shoto, Deku, and Bakugo spring into action, driven to protect Natsu. They remember the words Endeavor told them regarding effectively using their Quirks. “Store it up and fire. Condense your power. . . Be able to release your maximum output . . . keep repeating this. They begin destroying the white lines, forcing Ending to retreat. Seeing an opportunity, Endeavor prepares to take advantage. However, when confronted with the possibility of hurting Natsu he freezes.

Ending uses his Quirk to toss several cars with passengers. and also puts Natsu in the direction of an oncoming train. Bakugo quickly grabs Natsu, while, Deku uses his Blackwhip Quirk to grab the cars midair. Meanwhile, Shoto defeats Ending. Endeavor is stunned how quickly Deku, Shoto, and Bakugo have progressed. He’s grateful for the quick action and more grateful for Natsu’s safety. He apologizes to Natsu for “leaving him with the responsibility.” Natsu claims that he will “never” forgive his father, because he’s not “kind like Shoto.” It’s hard to believe him considering he’s barely hold back tears. He wants to forgive but he’s scared to.

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