My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 23: The death of Tenko Shimura

My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 23, “Tenko Shimura: Origin,” focuses on the tragic story of the Shimura family. Tomura remembers his childhood. As a 5 year old, Tomura then Tenko, is abused by his father Kotaro. His father enforced the rule to “never talk about heroes.” He forces Tenko to sit outside alone without food. While his wife and her parents question his behavior they never stop Kotaro. Tenko is manifesting his Quirk, Decay. However, his constant itching is assumed to be allergies.

One day his sister Hana shows him a picture of their father with his mother, Nana. She claims to be cheering for him to become a hero, much to his joy. However, when his father finds out he’s furious. Hana lies. Telling her father that Tenko forced her to show him. Tenko is heart broken to be betrayed by his sister. While Hana’s deception is understandable, from Tenko’s perspective it’s traumatizing. His situation is made worst as his father grabs him he begs his family to he him. All they can do is watch. Kotaro tells Tenko that “heroes are people who save strangers only to hurt their families.” Then he slaps him.

Tomura begins to remember

He doesn’t have an itch anymore

Kotaro rereads the letter from his mother. She acknowledges that she can’t “do anything motherly,” and understands if he hates her. It’s unfair to argue the Kotaro was abused but I think he would argue he was. His abandonment by his mother caused him to become bitter and become consumed by hatred. A hate he takes out on the son who admires the hero. Tragically, Kotaro is successful in removing his sons admiration for heroes as he grow to despise them and hopes to rid the world of them.

Tenko is justified in his hatred of his father and his useless family. However, he’s cursed with a Quirk that can only be destructive. His Decay ability finally emerges when he’s petting his dog, Mon. By killing his only support (his dog), Tenko panics. He assumes a villain killed Mon. Watching the tragedy unfold was heartbreaking. As Tenko recounts this moment, he kills his entire family from the most innocent, Mon to the most guilty Kotaro. By the time he murders his father he’s no longer Tenko Shimura.


My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 22: The split personalities of Twice

My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 22, “Sad Man’s Parade,” centers on the most interesting villain in the series, Twice. What makes him so intriguing is his search for friendship. Normally heroes benefit from comradery but villains only seek selfish goals and view each other as means to a end. Jin Bubaigawara (Twice) resembles Marvel’s Deadpool. He doesn’t break the fourth wall, but has a similar personally. He’s often the comic relief. Twice has been suffering from mental instability since he developed a crisis of identity when he tell who was the original. During this 9-day conflict his clones killed each other leaving only one. Twice was left uncertain whether he was real.

His mask aided him with this issue, at least temporarily. Twice was always lonely. He used his clones to compensate for his lack of friendship. He joined the League of Villains to find some comradery. His desperation causes Twice to trust too easily, causing him to be betrayed often. Skeptic tries to use his awareness of Twice’s mental illness to drive him over the edge. However, it has the opposite effect. Twice realizes that he’s the real Jin and risks his life to protect Himiko Toga. Despite this, Twice’s clones still have conflict over which is the original and remain confused. The one thing that they all have is loyalty to Jin’s friends. These friends are mainly Giran and Toga. With both in danger of dying, Twice has a singular purpose for the first time.

Infinite Doubles: Sad Man’s Parade

Twice uses his Super Move, Infinite Doubles: Sad Man’s Parade, which Jin makes clones then those clones make more clones. Twice and his clones storm the battlefield rescuing his friends along the way. When he finally reaches the tower, he’s defeated by Re-Destro. During this encounter Re-Destro recalls the story of the “Mother of Quirks.” Suddenly, Tomura touches the tower, forcing it to decay. Angry, Re-Destro survives and prepares to fight Tomura.


My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 20: The Meta Liberation Army declares war on The League of Villains

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 20 barrels head first into the Meta Liberation Army Arc. After the emotional episode last week, we finally see the League of Villains encounter Gigantomachia. All For One has amassed several supporters, Gigantomachia being the one of them, specifically as his bodyguard. At some point he’s modified with numerous Quirks. Gigantomachia is massive . His body is can tolerate a great deal of abuse and he shares a Gigantomachia Quirk with Mt. Lady (Yu Takeyama) and a low ranked villain, Giant Villain. However, Yu cannot assume a size in-between her normal height and her max (2062 centimeters), whereas, Gigantomachia can grow any size between his basic height and his peek, 2,500 centimeters. In addition to this difference, his bones stick out of his flesh as he grows.

Gigantomachia doesn’t seem to support All For One’s ideology, he appears more like a pet than a ally. When he overhears All For One’s voice, he stops in his tracks. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was brainwashed. Gigantomachia attacks the League of Villains, testing the “weak” Tomura. Doctor Kyudai Garaki believes his “loyalty” is so powerful that it would benefit Tomura to convince him to support him. Tomura isn’t interested. Using the Warping Quirk, Dr. Garaki transports the League to his underground laboratory. The Doctor is sitting at the end of a room filled with “High End Nomu” in large tanks.

Tomura Shigaraki battles Gigantomachia

Dr. Garaki tests Tomura Shigaraki

Dr. Garaki introduces himself as aide to All For One: Daruma Ujiko. He states everything he’s done is for All For One. He doesn’t believe Tomura is “worthy of his devotion.” If Tomura wants the same support as All For One he needs to prove himself. Tomura flashes back to when he first meet All For One. Alone in an alley, he’s “saved” by his new “Master.” We learn that the hands Tomura wears are actually real and the lasting remains of his murdered family. All For One plans on allowing Tomura’s hatred to “linger” and teach him to “direct” his hatred. His families hands have a very negative effect on him. As Tomura explains it, they “makes him feel both sick, but also calm in a way.”

He assumes that he will continue to hate “everything” regardless what happens to hero society. If he can’t control that anger, he will simply “destroy everything.” Dr. Daruma likes what he hears and agrees to help Tomura, only if the League can get Gigantomachia to submit. Dabi isn’t interested in helping. He says he’s found a “good ally (Hawks)” Dr. Daruma returns them to face. Gigantomachia. The League fights Gigantomachia for over a month. However, he’s slowing down. Suddenly, Twice gets a call from Giran. Re-Destro answers the phone. The leader of the Meta Liberation Army delcares war on the League. He tells them to come to Deika City and die by their hands. Tomura asks Daruma to send them to Deika, he will lure Gigantomachia there to deal with 110,000 Meta Liberation Army.


My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 19: The Three Dumbingos of Class A

My Hero Academia Season 5 episode 19 shifts focus from the students of Class 1-A to their homeroom teacher, Shota Aizawa. He and Hizashi Yamada invited to speak with Kurogiri at the high-security prison Tartarus. This episode focuses on the creation process necessary to produce Nomu. The Nomu are deceased individuals whos corpses have been modified by Kyudai Garaki. They come in numerous “grades” ranging from “Lower-Tier, Middle-Tier, Upper-Tier, Near High-End, and High-End.” So far in this series we have only seen one High-End Nomu, Hood. On the ride to Tartarus, Hizashi and Shota are agitated at the news that their dead friend, Oboro Shirakumo, is the corpse Kurogiri is based on.

Gran Torino hopes Shota and Hizashi can get Kurogiri to speak. In a flashback we briefly see Shota, Oboro, and Hizashi planning on starting an agency together. However, Oboro was soon killed in an accident during work study. Shota isn’t convinced that their connection will matter, but, Torino believes it’s possible to “reawaken Oboro Shirakumo’s attachments.” If Hizashi or Shota can’t manage that, they police will ask his family. Motivated to prevent his parents from witnessing what happened to their son, Shota activates his Quirk, Erasure.

The three of us can be heroes together

Kurogiri wakes. He asks “how Tomura Shigaraki is doing?” The question triggers a memory in Shota. Oboro was a caring guy and Kurogiri’s concern for Tomura reminds Shota of his friend. Shota talks too Kurogiri as if he’s Oboro, revealing he’s as teacher like he’s casually talking to an old friend. This situation is parallel to the relationship between Kakashi and Obito in Naruto. Like Kakashi, Shota is the stern teacher that takes teamwork seriously. They both seemed to develop this no nonsense approach due to the death of a childhood friend, only to see that friend return as a villain. Shota Aizawa has always been a character that expresses little emotion.

In this episode, he breaks down, crying at the sight of what’s happened to Oboro. Aizawa’s questioning manages to create some disturbance in Kurogiri, who claims to have “no idea what he’s talking about.” The Nomu’s are a disturbing abuse of science to manipulate life. Preventing the dead from resting in peace, Kyudai Garaki, erases what made them human in the first place. Turning them into mindless soldiers. Kurogiri appears to be different, specifically he’s smarter than the typical Nomu. When it appears Kurogiri has returned to being a Nomu, his shadow that covers his face, reveals Oboro’s underneath. Overwhelmed, Kurogiri passes out, ending the session. However, Kurogiri did reveal one important thing, the location of Garaki.


My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 18: Will Endeavor ever atone for his past?

After the awkward dinner in the last episode, Natsu storms out. This leave him vulnerable to being attacked by a vengeful villain from Endeavor’s past. In My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 18, “The Unforgiven,” Natsu is used as a hostage and our trio progress. While taking Shoto, Deku, and Bakugo home, the villain, “Ending,” hurls Natsu wrapped in the white line found painted on the road. His Quirk, Whiteline, is weird and can be severally limited depending on where he is. His Quirk seems to be specific to road line, and doesn’t include any white line. For this reason, I think Ending felt the need to use Trigger to enhance his Quirk’s abilities. Endeavor remembers Ending much to the villains delight. Ecstatic, he asks Endeavor to “kill him.”

Precisely. Store up. Release.

He compares himself to Nomu, trying to argue that he’s “the same as that puppet.” Ending is hoping to convince Endeavor to kill him by dehumanizing himself and threating Natsu. Suddenly, Shoto, Deku, and Bakugo spring into action, driven to protect Natsu. They remember the words Endeavor told them regarding effectively using their Quirks. “Store it up and fire. Condense your power. . . Be able to release your maximum output . . . keep repeating this. They begin destroying the white lines, forcing Ending to retreat. Seeing an opportunity, Endeavor prepares to take advantage. However, when confronted with the possibility of hurting Natsu he freezes.

Ending uses his Quirk to toss several cars with passengers. and also puts Natsu in the direction of an oncoming train. Bakugo quickly grabs Natsu, while, Deku uses his Blackwhip Quirk to grab the cars midair. Meanwhile, Shoto defeats Ending. Endeavor is stunned how quickly Deku, Shoto, and Bakugo have progressed. He’s grateful for the quick action and more grateful for Natsu’s safety. He apologizes to Natsu for “leaving him with the responsibility.” Natsu claims that he will “never” forgive his father, because he’s not “kind like Shoto.” It’s hard to believe him considering he’s barely hold back tears. He wants to forgive but he’s scared to.