Mob Psycho 100 Episode 8 Review


Episode 8

The Older Brother Bows ~Destructive Intent~

Mob finally finds out that his brother now has psychic powers as well. He is shocked that his brother, Ritsu, would harm anyone. Dimple abandons him as he plays on attacking Mob. Like always, Mob isn’t harmed by his brother’s attack. He actually is happy to see that his brother got the powers he always wanted. Ritsu explains that his “admiration” for his brother was misplaced.


He elaborates, suggesting that he was actually “scared” of his brother and was only “nice” out of fear. Mob isn’t buying Ritsu’s argument, and walks past him, bowing to the students his brother hurt. A mysterious hooded adult, is told to kidnap Ritsu, but he is under the impression that, Ritsu is actually Mob. Meanwhile, the gangs are amused by Mob’s willingness to beg for their forgiveness.


The hooded adult attacks Ritsu, then assaults the gang members. Mob grabs the arm of this guy, while his progression towards explosion rapidly increases. Mob hit quickly punched into a wall. Carrying Ritsu, the adult forces the gang members to bow to him. He begins to leave as Mob gets up and charges at the hooded guy at high speeds. Mob abandons his no using his powers against humans, to protect his brother.


The mysterious guy removes his hoodie and uses his, Telekinetic Helix. He violently dominates Mob, whom has never been hit so hard. Mob’s barrier is useless, and Ritsu becomes saddened at the abuse his brother suffers. He grabs the guy from behind and is hit in response. Mob’s progression towards explosion reaches 100 and he thorough handles the mystery man.


Surprisingly, this isn’t enough, as the guy uses “Energy Bomb.” Dimple is shocked and goes to retrieve, Teruki. The mystery guy uses some spray to knock Mob unconscious. Mob gets up again, but the mystery man flees with his brother. Mob is unsurprisingly concerned by his brother, Teruki informs Dimple and Mob that a group called Claw was responsible. He warns Mob that they are dangerous. Mob decides that he will face them to get his brother back.


They head to the research facility and find that the civilians are still alive. The head of the facility tells them that the kids were kidnapped. This is another epic episode, and mark a significant change in the series. With Ritsu using his psychic powers and Mob attacking a human, things have changed. Mob was defeated by the mysterious man, and was psychically hit. His 100% explosion failed to win him the battle. The introduction of Claw has resulted in a more interesting story.


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