Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 2: Recap and Review

Our elders are cowards

Jujutsu Kaisen episode 2, “For Myself,” begins with Megumi Fushiguro attempting to exorcise Yuji Itadori and the demon Ryomen Sukuna. Suddenly, his sensei, Satoru Gojo arrives. He quickly reminded me of characters like Naruto’s Kakashi Hatake and Bleach’s Urahara Kisuke. Gojo at first glance feels like a genius that doesn’t take things too seriously. Like Kakashi and Urahara he hides his face with some headgear. Kakashi wore his bandanna and mask, hiding his eye and most of his face. Urahara wore a bucket hat that often covered his eyes in shadow. Regardless, Gojo challenges Sukuna, asking Yuji for “ten seconds.” 

Ryomen attacks while Gojo’s back is turned, but is so quick that Ryomen can’t land a hit. As Gojo counts down to ten, Yuji retakes control. Gojo knocks him out claiming that Yuji has potential as a “vessel.” Regardless, Yuji will be executed. In the present, Gojo explains that he was only able to get his execution suspended. He tells Yuji that they possess six out of twenty of Ryomen’s cursed fingers (Sukuna has four arms). When Yuji dies, so does the curse. Gojo can negotiate a deal with the elders. Kill Yuji after he “absorbs” all of Sukuna. 

One-tenth of the whole

Elsewhere at the hospital, Gojo and Yuji discuss the potential consequences of pursuing hunting down Sukuna. Yuji thinks of his friends and decides to help if it will save others. He asks for the other finger and swallows it. Gojo observes as Ryomen makes a brief appearance. However, he concludes that Yuji can control himself against Sukuna “without issue,” and it’s a talent that hasn’t been seen in “a thousand years.” Yuji accepts his mission and decides how he’s going to die. Megumi arrives to tell Yuji that he’s going to need to transfer to the Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu Technical High School. Yuji will be one of three first years. The school is one of two that train jujutsu sorcerers.

That old dude’s making cute things

Yuji and Gojo meet the principle of Jujutsu Technical High School, Yaga Masamichi. He asks Yuji why he wants to collect the fingers of Sukuna. He fails Yuji and sends one of his cursed dolls to attack him. When Yuji lands a punch, the doll begins to ricochet off the pillars knocking Yuji into one. Yaga doesn’t believe that Yuji’s promise to his grandfather is enough to motivate him to deal with battling curses. Yuji finally releases the reason he should pursue Sukuna’s fingers, he’s the only one that can. He passes. 

Gojo explains that the fingers are not easy to find. Some give off a powerful presence, others don’t or have been absorbed by a cursed spirit already. However, Sukuna will tell them where the fingers are to regain his power. Sukuna and Yuji have developed a symbiotic relationship. However, this relationship is on Yuji terms as he’s in complete control of Sukuna. It will be interesting to see if this remains true throughout the series. Anyway, Jujutsu Kaisen is turning out to be good. 

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