Haikyuu!! To the Top Episode 20: Recap and Review

Episode 20 – “Leader”

In episode 20 of Haikyuu!! To the Top, “Leader,” Inarizaki’s team captain Shinsuke Kita enters the game. Kita is blunt. He immediately intimidates his teammates. Once the game continues, Kita is up to serve. Daichi receives then Kageyama gets the set to Asahi. When Asahi thinks he made the block-out, Kita dives to keep the rally alive. Osamu and Akagi get the ball over. Karasuno responds by using a synchronized attack. Despite getting the spike past the blockers, Kita makes another save. The game is now 23 – 15 in favor of Inarizaki. Kita’s presence has a powerful effect on his team. He’s known for being straightforward and not wasting any movements. Kita is through, and he doesn’t make mistakes. Yamaguchi serves for Hinata. Kita shocks everyone by returning the serve. Ginjima lands a spike that puts Inarizaki up set point. They win the set on a Suna spike.

Nishinoya is having difficulty. Asahi promises that Nishinoya will get an opportunity to score. The third set begins with Atsumu serving. The serve appears to be going out before it curves and lands inside. After missing that serve, Nishinoya releases that he’s scared. Daichi serves, and Aran makes the first touch. Osamu fails to get the spike because Tsukishima blocks him. Ukai changed the rotation so that “Tsukishima can commit to Osamu and Suna more during this set as he is the one who will most likely stop the twin’s copy of the freak quick attack.” Asahi hits past a double block, but Atsumu makes the receive and calls his brother to make a set. Osamu instead chooses to set, Aran makes the spike. Kageyama can block, maintaining Karasuno’s lead. 

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