Haikyuu!! To the Top Episode 18: Recap and Review

Kenma is exhausted

Episode 18 – “Trap”

Sarukawa Tech High takes the lead in the second set against Nekoma. Lev approaches the net, while Kenma sets to Fukunaga, who scores. Kenma begins to show signs of exhaustion. As his stamina decreases his set gets lower. Sarukawa has the advantage and the lead, 23-21. Their plan to tire Kenma out is working and Kenma even falls. Nekoma’s Kuroo and Yaku plan to do their best to adapt. Kenma tells his teammates to “purposely make sloppy receives at opportune times.” Nekoma’s new plan works and they tie. Sarukawa Tech believes that they were doped. They assume that Kenma was pretending to be exhausted so they would let their guard down. After a series of rallies, both teams prove their defensive abilities, reaching 28-28. 

When Yamamoto receives a short ball from Kanazawa he sends it Kenma’s way. Kenma prepares to set the ball towards Fukunaga assuming that he would be “the best choice since he would still be able to get the ball past any blockers.” Kenma’s decision pays off, Fukunaga gets the spike and Nekoma wins the game. Kenma is praised by his teammates Yaku and Kuroo for his effort. Kenma notes that if they had to play a third set “it would have been the end of him.” Together they watch as Karasuno plays against Inarizaki High. In my last review, I thought the break from the Karasuno match was a mistake. However, since Haikyuu!! To the Top followed the match to the end, it feels like a good decision. Regardless, I’m excited to see what Hinata and the rest of Karasuno will do. 

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