Haikyuu!! Fourth Season, Episode 1: Recap and Review

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Hinata and Acchan marvel at the banner congratulating the volleyball team
Hinata and Acchan marvel at the banner congratulating the volleyball team

As Hinata eats his “second breakfast,” he and his classmate Acchan marvel at the banner congratulating the volleyball for making it to the Spring Volleyball Tournament. Today is an important day. After school they are going to get measured. Hinata and Kageyama start a wager over who has the longest reach. The reward. Three curry buns. The dynamic between the two remaining intact. Episode 1 “Introductions,” acts as many tend. It’s more of a well re-introduction. Reminding us of the characters, what’s at stake and what the future will bring. At the nurses office the team gets measured. Hinata proudly announces that he’s grown a “whole 1.4 cm taller,” reaching 164.2 cm.

Yamaguchi has grown 5 millimeters and stands at 180.0 cm. Kageyama is slightly taller at 181.9 cm. Comparing the growth between the two, Hinata concludes that he’s “won.” Having grown a “whole millimeter taller.” He literally has remember everyone’s height. Finally, there’s Tsukishima. He’s surpassed 190 cm. Causing Hinata to roll around on the floor. In the gym, the team tests their reach. Kageyama reaches, 337 centimeters and Hinata reaches 333 centimeters. Therefore, he loses the bet, but manages to increase his reach by 5 or 6 cm. When spiking it’s generally it only necessary to reach the height of the ball. However, Hinata is certain that Kageyama will always get him the ball, no matter how high he jumps.

Ittetsu Takeda arrives. He has big news. Kageyama has been asked to attend the “All-Japan Youth Training Camp.” From these players Japan will choose the representatives for the under-19. Furthermore, a “special training camp” for the Miyagi Prefecture will occur in December as well. Only opened to the first years, the camp is intended to increase their skills. What is surprising is that it’s Tsukishima that get’s invited to this camp not Hinata. He takes it hard, unsurprisingly. To the point that he “sneaks” into the Prefecture camp. Trying to ignore the fact that Hinata is standing in line next to him, Tsukishima snaps.

He calls Hinata a moron for showing up. Takeda tells him that there’s a “difference from being a go-getter and absolutely thoughtless.” Hinata simply “wants to know” what makes the other players strong. The head coach, Washijo-sensei, takes the phone and says that “he wouldn’t mind another ball boy.” Coach Ukai claims that he has a bias in favor of “strong players.” Despite the fact that the assistant coach wanted Hinata all along, coach Washijo believes that Hinata is useless without Kageyama’s sets. If Hinata doesn’t want to be a ball boy, “he can go home,” Washijo said. Hinata accepts his new position as ball boy.

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