FLCL Progressive Episode 4 Review: Loopqr

After the last episode, Hidomi has a complete personality change. She becomes rather manic, unlike the previous episodes this one doesn’t start with a dream sequence. Hidomi’s headphone are now drilled into her head, releasing this personality. The animation style seems to adapt to this new dynamic in Hidomi’s personality. Ide and the others attempt to figure out how to remove the headphone’s to return her to normal.

Aiko’s “emotional support plant” from the previous episode turns out to be a N.O. device, created from Canti’s robot shell. Marco falls for the “new” Hidomi, but this feels like an aside that will be quickly ignored. Anyway, Marco is tasked with trying out a new theme part ride. At this park is also Aiko, selling a bear statue to a customer. It turns out that this bear along with the plant are both made of parts of Canti. They apparently reverse the “N.O. field that transports beings through people’s heads.”

Meanwhile, Jinyu and Hidomi alliance from last episode ends. While inside a Medical Mechanica factory, Jinyu attempts to get Haruko to join her and give up her attempt to chase the pirate King Atmosk’s. However, Haruko decides that she rather “devour” Jinyu instead. They begin to battle destroying the transmitter in Hidomi’s head, both Jinyu and Haruko burst out of her head. In a series of flashbacks we see that Haruko did get the pirate kings power, causing her to split into Jinyu. The action sequence at the end of this episode is worth watching. Haruko eventually “kills” Jinyu by turning into a monster and eating her.

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