Fire Force Episode 16: Recap and Review

Season 2, Episode 16 – “Mind Blown”

I don’t know what to make of this episode. Fire Force episode 16 felt distracted. With so much going on, so many characters, it was difficult for this episode to focus. It would have been much better to slow down and deal with one fight at a time. The last episode introduced a three-way battle between the Fire Force, Haijima, and the White Clad. The episode opens with Maki considering what I suggested in my previous review, joining with Haijima. That alliance seems to be the most reasonable. The Puppeteer fights with Haumea using her Dominator. Haumea uses her electricity on it, but the Dominator is immune. 

Arrow steps in, shooting the Dominator. However, before she can get another shot off, Maki stops her. Arrow is put on her back foot as Mika’s close-range combat skills are superior. Meanwhile, Vulcan searches for Arthur so that the latter can counter Haumea. Korono attacks Iris and Tamaki looking to get at the “weaker” members of Company 8, however, Arthur deflects his assault. Ritsu uses her power, Necro Pyro. It’s a power that requires a lot of prep work. She needs an Infernal as a “base” then she resurrects the dead (meaning she needs corpses first), then the zombies eat the Infernal. The result is a massive Infernal like the one we saw in the first episode. 

Nataku loses his mind

Nataku is placed at its base. I know he’s a victim but I find him annoying. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s a scared child but he’s whiny. Regardless, Kurono is chastised by his boss and decides to team up with Shinra. Haumea escapes from the Puppeteer and uses her imagination infection on Nataku. He goes “mad” a starts attacking indiscriminately. He uses a radioactive laserbeam that explodes on contact. The radiation becomes a potential problem for the Fire Force’s none pyro users. The alliance between Kurono and Shinra is shot live as he becomes enamored with the strength of his opponents. 

In an odd twist, Charon comes to Shinra’s aid. He’s mostly helping him because Shinra’s a “pillar.” Charon offers to help cover Shinra while he gets Nataku. Elsewhere, Arthur and Vulcan finally meetup. Vulcan manipulates Arthur with his Camelot fantasy promising him a legendary sword. Arthur sticks his plasma sword into the roof of the matchbox triggering an EMS pulse. This nullifies Haumea’s powers. When she locates Arthur and Vulcan, the Puppeteer sends her Dominion to attack her. Finally, Vulcan tells Shinra to do something while they have time. 

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