One Piece Manga Chapter 992: Recap and Review

Kiado battles the Nine Red Scabbards in chapter 992 of One Piece
Kiado battles the Nine Red Scabbards

Chapter 992 – ‘Remnants’

Marco and Perospero alliance ends

One Piece, chapter 992, Remnants, begins with Big Mom meeting her son, Perospero, and former Whitebeard Commander Marco. She explains that she decided to ally with Kaido to Perospero. He interjects that he and his siblings wanted to see her become “the Pirate King.” Big Mom says that she “understands that.” With Perospero accepting his mother’s alliance his partnership with Marco ends. The “remnants” that the title refers to are the remaining former members of the Whitebeard Pirates. Big Mom wonders why Marco is “helping those kids.” He responds that neither he nor his former crewmates are “bound” by Whitebeard word. I wonder how the Whitebeard pirates will impact the future of the series. Will they become villains or allies? I bet they will be both. Meanwhile, Carrot charges towards Perospero seeking revenge for Pedro.

Kiado vs the Samurai

Kiado has been presented as nearly untouchable. However, it appears that all of the Nine Red Scabbards can harm him. Nekomamushi scratches Kiado with his Dance of the Red Cat attack. Kawamatsu performs a circular sword attack that surrounds Kaido’s head. Kaido and his followers are shocked that they could even wound him. Inuarashi stabs Kiado with his prosthetic sword leg, Izo shoots him while Kikunojo slashes him. Angered, Kaido uses his Bolo Breathe at point-blank range. However, Raizo uses his Maki Maki ni Mi devil fruit ability to absorb and then reflect the Bolo Breathe. 

Finally, Kinemon, Denjiro, Ashura, and Inuarashi use the Oden Two Sword Style to cut Kiado in the scar he received from Oden decades earlier. The Yonko in One Piece has proved to be very difficult to defeat. Whitebeard took on an army and barely lost while having an illness. Comparatively speaking Kaido is viewed as being more durable than Whitebeard was. The question became, who could harm Kaido? We thought it was Luffy but after Kaido crushed him our confidence wained. Luffy is still likely to defeat Kiado, but I think that he always needed help. Is the damage Kaido sustained enough? One Piece chapter 992 sets up the possibility that Kaido will have to face Luffy and the Nine Red Scabbards. 

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