Dororo Episode 12 Review – The Story of Banmon, Part 2

The Priest realizing that their are too many demons

Hyakkimaru of course doesn’t recognize his father, but Diago recognizes him. Diago asks why “his half-born demon child survived.” He orders his soldiers to kill Hyakkimaru, and they fire arrows at him. He escapes into the forest. However, the words of Diago echoes in his mind. Meanwhile, Dororo and Sukeroku are captured by soldiers. While in jail, Sukeroku reveals that the entire village was destroyed. Dororo sees a small hole in the cave and decides that he’s going to escape through it.

Hyakkimaru battles Tahomaru

Tahomaru finally confronts his mother. His mother says that “she has never forgotten he first child.” Diago explains that he needed to do for the “people.” I’m surprise that Tahomaru is so upset at his parents behavior. He calls out his father for only caring about himself. They are interrupted by Hyakkimaru. When he “sees” his “family” the aura’s of his brother and mother are pure. Diago of course has been tainted. Diago sends his men after Hyakkimaru, when Tahomaru interjects his father asks him if he’s willing to sacrifice the land.

Oku stabs herself

Diago argument seems to work for now. Dororo arrives and tells Hyakkimaru that Sukeroku is in danger. A jailer informs Sukeroku and the other prisoners that they are going to be killed. War becomes a bigger threat. Tahomaru and his handlers arrive in the temple. The Asakura kill the hostages and the war begins. On the battlefield all the principle characters arrive. Dororo, Hyakkimaru, Diago and Tahomaru are all present. Tahomaru begrudgingly accepts his father’s decision and calls Hyakkimaru a demon.

The statue green aura dissipates

As they fight, Diago seems pleased. Meanwhile, Dororo tries to save Sukeroku. They’re saved by Hyakkimaru who separates himself from Tahomaru when he breaks his sword and cuts his eye. Oku, Hyakkimaru’s mother arrives to asks for forgiveness. She proclaims that she “cannot save him,” and “sacrifices” herself by stabbing herself. Ironically, as Hyakkimaru loses his mother, Sukeroku is reunited with his. This episode made it very clear that the cost of restoring Hyakkimaru’s body will become a theme.

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