Cop Craft Episode 4: Recap and Review

Episode 4, In the Air Tonight

Kei and Tilarna face a difficult task of disarming the fairy bomb, while defeating Zelada. Kei grabs the bomb and is quickly attacked by Zelada. He’s invisible and begins to attack Kei with blue flame form the sky. Kei gets hit and is badly burned. Somehow Kei is able to sense Zelada’s location and manages to shoot him. Visible, Tilarna is able to attack Zelada and cut his arm off. Rather than be defeated by Tilarna, he decides to jump off the roof, seemingly to his death. Tilarna accepts her death and plans to die with Kei and the fairy. She and the fairy were friends before and she came solely to rescue her. However, the fairy decides to sacrifice herself. As a result Kei is healed.

The incident is quickly wrapped up and Tilarna goes home. For a second I though she was actually gone, quickly however, she returns to partner with Kei. The time between her leaving and returning wasn’t clear to me, but it doesn’t really matter. Anyway, Tilarna and Kei resume their partnership. On their first raid together, Tilarna cuts off the finger of a criminal. This understandably pisses of their new boss, who’s a major asshole. He is racists toward Tilarna. However, the problem with racism in this series is that it doesn’t feel threatening, only rude. So far the this series isn’t really convincing in its portrayal of racism. Are there different laws? Is there oppression? It needs to be better established before I can take it seriously.

Anyway, the contents collected from the raid features a mummified Semanian woman. They take it to Cecil for examination. Tilarna isn’t sure that it’s safe for Cecil to examine the mummy. Cecil sends her assistant to scan the body. While Tilarna is abusing the civil liberties of a criminal, he tells her that the corpse is from “Doras Derill.” She becomes alarmed and rushes to save Cecil. Meanwhile, Cecil walks in on the mummy killing her assistant. Tilarna arrives just in time to fight against the “vampire.” It’s unclear whether she’s actually a “vampire” in the traditional sense, but we’ll find out. I’m a little on the fence with this series. It started so well, but now I’m not so sure. I don’t know. I give it a few more episodes before I decided one way or the other.

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  1. Sounds like we had pretty different reactions to this episode. I really like the direction it’s going in. I agree that the whole racism element isn’t very convincing yet, though. I hope they do something with the supposed tension between people of Earth and Semanians, because so far it’s been a lot of telling and no showing.

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