Cop Craft Episode 8 & 9: Recap and Review

Smells Like Toon Spirits

I gotta say I was disappointed that this episode didn’t continue the previous one. Episode 8 basically acts like the previous events didn’t happen. Tilarna and Kei conduct a sting at an airport. Impatient, Tilarna uses her weapon to cause the plane to crash into the sea. The suspect escapes, leaving behind his cargo. Tilarna is accidentally shot by a small bow and switches bodies with the cat, Kuroi. The next morning Kei of course doesn’t realize the switch. Even worst the bow fell into the trash can, which Kei takes with him when he leaves for work in the morning.

Tilarna manages to text Cecil for help. Kei receives a call from the CBP informing him that one of the 28 Semanian items is missing. The detective Hellmandes threatens to have Kei arrested for “embezzlement,” if he doesn’t return the bow. Cecil arrives to help Tilarna through text messaging they communicate. However, Kuroi in Tilarna’s body knocks Cecil out. Meanwhile, Kei goes to find O’Neill. He finds the remains of a wild party, but O’Neill is trapped under an overweight prostitute. When Cecil awakens the garbage truck takes the trash. Leaving the blinds open, Tilarna asks Cecil to close them. While she does the garbage truck drives off, when Cecil gets back into the car she drives off in the opposite direction.

A King Maker

Picking up where the last episode left off, Cecil and Tilarna search for the garbage truck. Cecil calls the New Compton waste disposal to inform them that she lost something important in the trash. She’s told that “when your garbage is picked up you lose all rights to it.” She then claims that it’s “important evidence.” At the waste disposal plant, Cecil and Tilarna begin to search for the bow. Cecil calls Kei informing him of the situation. Tilarna is able to use her sense to locate the bow in the massive trash heap.

The bow gets destroyed returning Tilarna and Kuroi to their bodies. As she returns to her body she being beaten by detective Hellmandes. She then beats him up and before she kills him Kei stops her. The next day, Kei and Tilarna attend a barbecue at Captain Zimmer’s house. On the television, Kei sees a news report regarding the mayor’s race. Mozeleemay, from episode 7 is still running as well. As Kei is watching, news breaks stating that the other candidate for mayor, Khan was shot. The shooter is a male Semanian named John Ennaji. The Captain thinks that Zelada may have been responsible by controlling John.

Turns out John Ennaji was already dead and his corpse was manipulated. A police officer calls Tilarna a “damn alien,” and when Kei confronts him he admits that due to being conservative and the killing of Khans he hates Semanian’s. Kei questions his logic, but Tilarna tells him to let it go. Captain Zimmer is disappointed that Zelada maybe involve as it may result in “ethnic strife.” Tilarna suggests they start with the basics, who gains from Khan death. I was originally, disappointed that the series ignored the events of episode 7, but now that they are going back to the mayor storyline I’m pleased.

Kei and Tilarna had to keep working on other cases right. Episode 8 was funny, even though the switched body concept was clique. I was annoyed at the decision by Tilarna to not tell Kei. Had she told him and Cecil earlier they wouldn’t have had so much trouble. Furthermore, at this point in the series they do value each other, so it doesn’t make sense to me that she would want his help. In a way, these last two episodes makes the world feel larger. Going to social events like the barbecue makes the world feel lived in. Regardless, the “racism” in this series is starting to feel more real. As Zelada’s plot unfolds, it will likely get much worst. As this arc continues I’m looking forward to the potential twists.

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Cop Craft Episode 7: Recap and Review

Cole Mozeleemay

Girls On Ice

Tilarna is undercover as a prostitute. She is sent to see a client and he is arrested by Kei and the other police. Tilarna is pissed that Kei was “late,” and her hair was “touched.” The man that was arrested is Cole Mozeleemay, a mayor candidate. Cole is asked many questions from the press, he claims that allegations are unfounded. Apparently, his wife (Marla) believes that he’s innocent. She says that “some evil person that didn’t want him to be mayor must have set him up.” When he tries to hold her hand, she slaps it and tells him not to touch her. Tilarna is angry at Cole’s lies, while Kei tells her that ” all powerful people are like that.” While outside the restaurant, Tilarna meets Zoey, a prostitute. She doesn’t know that Tilarna was undercover. She asks Tilarna to help her move.

Tilarna and Zoey fishing

Zoey is a photographer, its more of a hobby. She tells Tilarna that she will take a photo for her. Meanwhile, the Chief, Kei and Assistant Prosecutor Gardner discuss the case. They have video of Mozeleemay but it’s probably not enough. They plan on bluffing, hoping that he will give up some of his connections. Kei tells Tilarna that she shouldn’t meet with Zoey anymore. If Zoey (a potential witness) finds out that Tilarna is actually a cop she would feel betrayed. Kei thinks that Zoey will get mad and refuse to testify. Kei tells her not to “get involved with people you’re investigating.” Tilarna is naive. She doesn’t believe that Kei is right. Tilarna continues to be friends with Zoey.

Zoey getting shot

Meanwhile, a list with fake and some real names is “leaked.” Making it less likely that Cole Mozeleemay will get prosecuted. At night, Cole and Zoey meet. They exchange money and Cole gropes Zoey and she reveals that she recording the conversation. The following morning, Tilarna starts to suspect that Zoey is the leak. She confronts her the next day. While their talking, Zoey is killed by a gunshot. Kei goes after the assassin. He kills the assassin before he can reveal who hired him. Meanwhile, Zoey is in critical condition. It appears that Cole wasn’t involved but his wife may have been. Tilarna vows not to let him(Cole) get away with this. Zoey dies, leaving Tilarna a beautiful photo.

The photo Zoey left behind

This is hands down the best episode of this series. The political conspiracy isn’t particular original, but it was well done. Tilarna’s lack of experience in the human world make her the perfect avatar to critique the human concept of justice. While her feeling that it would be unfair for Cole to get away with it makes sense, the episode makes it clear that Cole isn’t making the decisions. The due process or gathering of the evidence is necessary to be sure that someone is guilty. Tilarna doesn’t get this yet. I think she may take the laws into her own hands, but Kei may help her learn the value of the human concept of justice. I look forward to seeing how this arc concludes.

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Cop Craft Episode 5 & 6: Recap and Review

Lonesome Vampire

The fifth episode of Cop Craft focuses on the “lauden neiven” or vampire. Kei and Tilarna fight off the vampire. She escapes. Vampires can absorb latena and use humans to revive themselves. According to Tilarna, they were supposed to have been destroyed years ago. The vampire kills a truck driver and regains some of her magic. The find her and she tosses Kei off a balcony and into a fountain. The vampire kidnaps Tilarna, to ask her questions. They’re interrupted by the SWAT team and Kei. The vampire disappears. Using night vision goggles, they’re able to see her. She escapes by jumping out of the window. Tilarna feels badly for the vampire, who seems frighten by an unknown world see awoken in. She is saved by a wizard that wants to get his hands on the ancient “Book of Niba.” She rejects his help and bites him, killing him.

Tilarna and Kei engage in another fight with her, this time Kei unloads a lot of bullets into her. However, she’s not done yet and they struggle on the train tracks. A train is fast approaching, Tilarna rescues him leaving the vampire to be killed by the train. This episode felt a little flat to me. I don’t mind that the vampire arc was two episodes, but I feel cheated somehow. It maybe the issue regarding how magic and technology functions in this world. Tilarna make a huge claim that suggest that this vampire is a dangerous force. However, when she turns invisible, she’s easily seen with night vision goggles. Then she’s killed by a (incredibly slow moving) train. This may have been the point. Is the series suggesting that human tech is comparable to magic? I’m guessing that the “Book of Niba,” will matter later in the series because it definitely didn’t matter in this arc. Apparently, the vampire’s entire value was introducing the book.

Need for Speed

This episode is more upbeat than the previous ones. Tilarna “fixes” Kei’s allergy to cats, during the healing moment on the roof to episode ago. Tilarna neglects to inform Kei he was cured until a month later, leaving him to wear the mask every night. While, eating lunch the following day, Kei and Tilarna give chase after a speeding truck. Kei manages to successfully topples the truck revealing it’s cargo, porn. However, there was no driver. Tilarna is asked to move Kei’s car, which results in disaster. With his car totaled, Kei is pissed. The new chief offers to get Kei a new car at the police auction. He also tells Tilarna that she needs to get a drivers license. Later, she’s asks “what is porn.” She is appalled. I don’t mind her reaction, but how do you know to be appalled at something you don’t have any understanding of? I think her reaction would have been more convincing had she continued to be neutral, maybe asking more invasive questions.

Cop Craft could have gone further than they did. Detectives McCloud and Ivanov help with the investigation. They find the fence, Gavin in the Lady Chapel (which apparently is the only place where criminals gather). Gavin says that the nobles are now into Earth porn. The dialogue is crass and juvenile. Kei gets a new car and quickly forgets his attachment to the old one. Cecil reveals that Kei had lost his sister a decade ago. At the sting they capture the cargo, but one of the criminals escape. Tilarna drives Kei’s new car and crashes it. They capture the criminal though. Once again, this series introduces something that will probably matter later. Kei’s dead sister. It’s likely that Tilarna will be inappropriate and ask Kei about his sister. No new ground is broken in this episode, but a silly light heart episode was welcomed.

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Cop Craft Episode 4: Recap and Review

Episode 4, In the Air Tonight

Kei and Tilarna face a difficult task of disarming the fairy bomb, while defeating Zelada. Kei grabs the bomb and is quickly attacked by Zelada. He’s invisible and begins to attack Kei with blue flame form the sky. Kei gets hit and is badly burned. Somehow Kei is able to sense Zelada’s location and manages to shoot him. Visible, Tilarna is able to attack Zelada and cut his arm off. Rather than be defeated by Tilarna, he decides to jump off the roof, seemingly to his death. Tilarna accepts her death and plans to die with Kei and the fairy. She and the fairy were friends before and she came solely to rescue her. However, the fairy decides to sacrifice herself. As a result Kei is healed.

The incident is quickly wrapped up and Tilarna goes home. For a second I though she was actually gone, quickly however, she returns to partner with Kei. The time between her leaving and returning wasn’t clear to me, but it doesn’t really matter. Anyway, Tilarna and Kei resume their partnership. On their first raid together, Tilarna cuts off the finger of a criminal. This understandably pisses of their new boss, who’s a major asshole. He is racists toward Tilarna. However, the problem with racism in this series is that it doesn’t feel threatening, only rude. So far the this series isn’t really convincing in its portrayal of racism. Are there different laws? Is there oppression? It needs to be better established before I can take it seriously.

Anyway, the contents collected from the raid features a mummified Semanian woman. They take it to Cecil for examination. Tilarna isn’t sure that it’s safe for Cecil to examine the mummy. Cecil sends her assistant to scan the body. While Tilarna is abusing the civil liberties of a criminal, he tells her that the corpse is from “Doras Derill.” She becomes alarmed and rushes to save Cecil. Meanwhile, Cecil walks in on the mummy killing her assistant. Tilarna arrives just in time to fight against the “vampire.” It’s unclear whether she’s actually a “vampire” in the traditional sense, but we’ll find out. I’m a little on the fence with this series. It started so well, but now I’m not so sure. I don’t know. I give it a few more episodes before I decided one way or the other.

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Cop Craft Episode 3: Recap and Review

Learning to walk like a “high class woman”

Episode 3, Midnight Train

For some reason Tilarna decided to trust Father O’Neil to help her fit in, rather than trust Kei. He dresses her in skimpy clothing and teaches her to “walk” like a “high ranking woman.” Brother Kenny is surprisingly concerned for her safety and calls Kei. While she’s at the bar, Elbaji begins to hit on her. He fails. He later reveals that he’s Dennis Elbaji, which doesn’t surprise Tilarna obviously. She in turn reveals that she is a Knight looking for the fairy he stole. He refuses and sets his me to attack her. When they draw their guns, she cuts off their arms.

The fairy bombs

Elbaji draws his sword and quickly defeats Tilarna. He then kidnaps her, hoping to get some answers. In the car, Elbaji asks Tilarna, “if she knew the name of Earth’s God.” He responds, “money.” He claims to have “converted” to the religion. He bring her to a temple where the Wizard Zelada is waiting. He offers to torture her for information, but conveniently leaves. Kei is watching from a far but decides to intervene. Meanwhile, Tilarna escapes and find the room where the fairies are kept. Inside she is discussed to see fairies and some limbs of fairies in jars.

Tilarna asking Kei to trust her

Kei arrives, giving Tilarna her sword back. She and Elbaji fight. Tilarna wins, only to discover that the bomb was a fake. Zelada has taken the real bomb. They catch up to him and arrests Zelada. However, Chief Roth arrives and shoots Tilarna. Roth reveals that he’s been informing Zelada of the investigation, deliberately gave him an inexperienced partner (Tilarna) and killed Rick. Their goal is to create hatred between Earth and the Semanians using terrorism. When Tilarna gets up, Chief Roth is distracted long enough for Kei to shoot him. Zelada heads to Forest Tower, the tallest building in the city.


Kei and Tilarna race to stop the bomb, dodging traps as they do so. When Tilarna sees the bomb she calls the fairy, Leahyah. Things are getting more interesting in each episode. We learned that Zelada have meet previously. They both were involved in a war between the humanity and the Semanians. Tilarna and Kei’s relationship really got closer in this episode. He saved her during her fight with Elbaji, by returning her sword. He also twice showed her trusted her, when he allowed her to fight him on her own and trusted her to warn him about Zelada’s traps. With Kei losing his friend (Rick) and his father figure (Roth) he’s going to need to trust someone.

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