Cop Craft Episode 12: Recap and Review

Season 1, Episode 12: Two Worlds, Two Justices

Zelada kidnaps Kei and Tilarna, putting them to sleep. Tilarna awakens and shes not pleased. Kei is being questioned by FBI agent Chan. Zelada plans on using Chan to start the war between the humans and Semanian community. Zelada and Chan talk about the conspiracy they created with Marla Mozeleemay. The assassin was named Ethan Dole and he was a marine that disappeared while in the Semani world. He returned with knowledge of magic and swordsmanship. Tilarna realizes that Leeze was probably responsible for training Ethan. Zelada tells her that he “fears for the future of Leto Semani,” the world for Semanian. He believes that the Semanians and Earthlings much “hate each other.” He wants to protect Semani from humanity. From the weapons, tools, porn and even the music. Basically the “danger” isn’t just violence, but cultural. He reminds Tilarna of Sir Elbaji, that became corrupted by humans.

Zelada believes that despite his killing innocent people, he at least hasn’t “given in to decadence.” Zelada is basically being elites here. He thinks that Semani culture is superior to humans and is being tainted. Meanwhile, Chan interrogates Kei for the picture of Marla and Ethan. He offers Kei $50,000. Kei escapes and confirms that Randall is dead. Elsewhere, Tilarna tries to convince Zelada that he needs to accept change. Zelada is disappointed. Tilarna challenges him. She tells him to go ahead and kill her but he failed to convince her that he’s right, so how can he convince the masses. In theory she right, but if he can make the two races fear eat other he won’t need to convince them of anything. Zelada tries to kill Tilarna. However the two work together and even switch weapons, tricking Zelada and killing him. The partnership between Tilarna and Kei, acts as a form of symbolism. Showing that the Semanian and Human can work together for a greater good. It’s a little on the nose but effective regardless.

Finally, whether to turn Marla in. The decision from Tilarna was never going to be to keep it a secret so her answer was surprising. It’s the right one too, but a small part of me wanted her to make the wrong decision. It would have been more interesting. Tilarna decides to “trust the people”. She remains the partner of Kei and Roth is sworn in as mayor. The racist cop apologies to Tilarna suggesting that her decision to trust the people was the right one. I can’t say that Cop Craft was a well made anime due to it’s dreadful animation. However, the series did manage to get me to overlook that weakness (something I rarely do), with it’s enthralling story. I think that it could have been better if they made the racism more apparent at the beginning of the series. I also think that they should have tease the conspiracy throughout the entire season, instead of leaving it completely in the middle, then picking it back up. It would have been more effective that way. Overall, I’m glad I ignored my animation sensibilities for this anime. I probably won’t make a habit of it, but it was worth it.

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  1. The ending was certainly nice. And yeah, the show’s animation was subpar, but I agree that the story and characters made it worth watching. There were definitely some weird pacing issues, though. I hope enough other people cared about Cop Craft enough for it to get a second season.

    1. I think that the animation may have scared some people off. Hopefully, enough of us stuck with it to earn a second season.

  2. I can understand wanting to protect your race from terrible human music, but what’s so bad about porn? 🙂 Despite some rough animation, which you mention, I liked Cop Craft. A nice twist on a police show with a nice mix of funny and dramatic stories.

    1. I liked the buddy cop element. I think it was well done.

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