Cop Craft Episode 11: Recap and Review

Season 1, Episode 11: Transitional Crises

Riots spark in town after the assassination of Cole Mozeleemay. After the assassination of Khan as well, Domingo Tourte is the last mayoral candidate standing. According to Kei, he’s a “typical right-winger.” His rhetoric gets him bashed in the media a lot. He has managed to gain a following regardless. Kei suggests that it’s because he’s “easy to understand.” Tourte engages in typical racism, suggesting that Semanian, “don’t understand Earth law.” This apparently causes them to be lawless and poor. Tourte complains that the Semanian are “stealing jobs and money from hardworking Earthlings.” Tourte view is one that is common when politicians are anti-immigration.

They (the Semanian) are living on Earth, “reaping the benefits of Earth’s advance civilization.” After the confrontation between Tilarna and Tourte, Kei asks him an interesting question. Would Tourte consider himself an Earthling or a politician? Tourte answers, politician. It’s an odd answer to an odd question. When Tilarna asks why he asked the question, he reveals that the question was derived from a conversation he had with Roth. During that conversation Roth said that he was “more an Earthling than he was a police officer.” Kei believes that this is why he was willing to abandoned his job as a police officer, because he was “concerned about Earth’s future.” As I predicted in my previous review, Marla Mozeleemay, wife of Cole, enters the race.

She acts as a moderate, proposing increased wages for Semanians, expanding job training programs and new free clinics. Tilarna suspects correctly that Marla is responsible for the assassination of Zoey. However, this would likely result in Tourte winning election with his anti-semanian views. Suddenly, Kei gets a suspicious call from a reporter. He goes to meet him in the park. He gives Kei a photo of Marla with the assassin. Randall begins to panic as he’s now a target. They’re surrounded by FBI, one of which is dead. Special agent Ronald Chan arrests the two of them. Tilarna realizes that all the agents except Chan are dead. As they’re thrown into the van, they see the wizard Zelada in the driver’s seat.

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  1. This episode echoes modern politics and shows how flawed democracy is. Often voters have to choose between two poor candidates. We have the xenophobic guy who gets hate for openly spouting his views. His opponent acts more reasonable, but has skeletons in her closet.

    1. I completely agree. Although the “skeletons” Marla has in her closet is murder, which are politically motivated, but generally not typical in today’s politics. LOL.

      1. I dunno. The Epstein death is highly suspicious and he was awfully close to Clinton hehe.

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