The God of High School Episode 8: Recap and Review

Mira and Daewi celebrate Mori's birthday
Mira and Daewi celebrate Mori’s birthday

Who is Park Ilpyo?

Park refused to disqualify Jegal Taek because he may be the “key.” In episode 8 of The God of High School, “close/friend” the second matchup begins between South Jeolla and South Chungcheong. Park Seungah faces off against Nam Gungdo. After discussing strategy with her team, Park K.O’s Nam with a powerful kick to his jaw. The most important member of the team is Park Ilpyo. Mira and Daewi discuss Park and his team. It’s revealed that Daewi has been suspended due to interfering with the fight with Jegal Taek. The final fight between Park Ilpyo and Gwin Gi.

Mori quickly notices a logo on the back of Park Ilpyo. After some rude trash talk from Gi, Park tells him that he can’t win. He releases his aura, attempting to scare Gi, however, it fails. Park uses taekkyon. He hurts Gi and decides to release his charyeok. Park continues to use his taekkyon, dodging Gi’s attacks. He strikes Gi in the face with a kick, knocking him out. Mori remembers the logo as being one like the military symbol his grandfather wore. On the way home the trio discusses the tournament and the need for them to get stronger. Mori doesn’t want anyone else’s power. Of course, he’s much stronger than Daewi and Mira so he may not need such power.

Park and Mori meet and after sparring quickly, Park mentions that he wears the jacket to honor Mori’s grandfather. In flashbacks, Park remembers the death of his father and the abandonment by his mother. Feeling abandoned and alone he meets Jin, who has a baby Mori strapped to his chest. He gives Park a book of taekkyon secrets. That moment changed Park’s life and he feels that he “owes him everything.” Suddenly, Mori is attacked by Jegal. Park blocks it with his bare hand drawing blood. After warning Mori, he leaves promising not to hold back next time. The next day, Judge Q attacks Park Mujin for allowing Sim Bongsa’s wife and kid to die. 

Mori’s grandfather is in danger

Park easily defeats Q, leaving him with the bill for the destruction he’s caused. We learn that Bongsa’s wife and child are alive, having been replaced with the Marionette by Judge P. Later, Q runs into Daewi, who offers to cook for him in exchange for training. Mujin and the Judges prepare for an attack by Nox. Mujin allows the Commissioners to release their “limiters” and weed out the “traitor.” Both the Nox and Mujin mention God a lot. Religion seems to be visually present in The God of High School but not specifically acknowledge. Mori remembers the last time he saw his grandfather. It was on his sixth birthday. Saddened Mori tells his grandpa that he doesn’t want any friends or need any friends. His grandfather tells that’s ridiculous.

Mira and Daewi arrive to celebrate with Mori. They eat, play, and share cake. It’s a sweet moment especially because Mori seems to be genuinely lonely. The following morning Mori receives a letter with a picture of his grandfather in chains. Once again I feel the fights were too short. Regardless, I was happy to see that Mori is finally learning the value of friendship. However, the problem starting to see is the possible ignoring of Mira, specifically when it comes to her fighting ability. Daewi is going to get trained by Judge Q and Mori is being trained by a member of the Six. Mira needs to get some kind of training to get stronger. I would hate it if she became the weak link in the trio. I hope I’m wrong. 

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