Weekly Shonen – One Piece Chapter 1042, JJK Chapter 177, and MHA Chapter 346

One Piece Chapter 1042

The Victor Needs no Epithet

Chapter 1042 of One Piece begins with X Drake stabbing the CP0 agent. The agent is surprise Drake’s interfering who responds that “he follows his own justice.” The agent uses Shigan to break free and puncture a hole in Drake’s throat. On the rooftop of Onigashima, Luffy and Kiado continue to fight. Kaido is having difficulty tracking Luffy’s punches as his punches alter there trajectory. On top of that Luffy’s attacks hurt.

Kaido, still drunk, transforms several times to try to avoid more damage. He enters his full dragon form and even “eats” Luffy. Kaido takes Luffy into the air, opens his mouth, and fires a Bolo Breath at Luffy. Strawhat avoids the attack and prepares to use the last of his Gear Fourth. He lands a devastating blow against Kaido with his Gomu Gomu no: Over Kong Gun. Luffy rushes to get another strike against Kaido before he runs out of strength but Kaido recovers first and hits him with another Thunder Bagua. Suddenly, the Cipher Pol Aigis Zero (CP0) from before interferes in the fight. Previously the agent was told that Gorousei gave them the order to “eliminate Straw Hat Luffy to prevent him from defeating Kaido.” Using Iron Body he distract Luffy, leaving him open to being hit by Kiado.

Yuta prepares to call Rita.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 177

Sendai Colony, Part 4

Ryu Ishigori and Yuta Okkotsu begin their fight, with Ryu displaying his mastery of curse energy. Ryu claims that he’s been left “unsatisfied” and he hopes Yuta can solve this problem. Yuta and Ryu’s fight is explosive. The sorcerers clash with a barrage of punches. Yuta is repelled by Ryu’s attack sending him flying through the air and through the top of a nearby roof. Ryu then attacks with Granite Blast which Yuta deflects barehanded. With Ryu caught off guard, Yuta manages to strike him with a punch. However, Ryu deflects this with ease.

Vulnerable in the air once again, Yuta is attacked from behind by Takako Uro. She explains that she doesn’t “hit the person, but the surface of the sky.” She can hit her opponent when she “breaks” that surface. Uro uses Thin Ice Breaker, once again sending Yuta flying into a building. Pissed she’s interfering in his fight, Ryu attacks her with Granite Blast but Uro rotates the sky around her and reflects the blast at Ryu. Yuta returns. Ryu deduces that he’s used Reverse cursed Technique “each time he, Uro, and Kurourushi use their big moves,” causing him to be “bottoming out.” With little option Yuta calls Rika.

My Hero Academia Chapter 346

Super Hyper Unfair Broken Stage

Dynamight, Suneater, Nejire Chan, Edgeshot, Best Jeanist, and Mirko prepare to battle Tomura Shigaraki on the newly constructed floating U.A. fortress. The original intent was to have Deku there as well, but without him they’ll have to make due. Shigaraki realizes that he’s the only villain in the floating sky. He tries to use his Decay quirk to attack the heroes but he’s blasted into the air and knocked into an electromagnetic barrier. Best Jeanist grabs “carbon fibers” and returns Tomura back to the battlefield. Jeanist explains that “no matter how superhuman he may be, a strong enough current will cause his body to stiffen up momentarily, giving them just enough time to react.”

The heroes don’t have the power that Shigaraki possess so they need to be smarter. The fortress is designed to be Tomura’s “coffin in the sky,” with the Development Class repairing the battlefield as Tomura destroys it, Creati making new parts, and the combination of Phantom Thief, Eraser Head, and Manual “erasing” Tomura’s Quirks, U. A. has created a detailed counter to Tomura’s many abilities. However, Tomura’s left hand begins to transform into a bunch of fingers. With his body nearly complete Tomura might still be too much to deal with.

Neito Monoma (Phantom Thief) is really having a moment. He’s the most irritating character but his Quirk is useful. The heroes wouldn’t have much of a change without him. However, it also makes him a target and I don’t think it will end well for him. With this being the final arc of the series I’m expecting a number of deaths, Neito might be sacrificed. I hope they let other characters shine instead of leaving everything to Bakugo, Deku, and Todoroki. It already appears like the top ranked heroes, Endeavor, Mirio, and Best Jeanist are going to have important roles in this battle. U. A. has step up a powerful team against Tomura, so far this arc is starting off well.


Weekly Shonen – Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 175

Sendai Colony, Part 2

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 175 concludes the battle between Yuta Okkotsu and special grade cockroach: Kurourushi with an unusual ending. Yuta cuts the arm off of the special grade, then pins it to a rock with his sword. Yuta overwhelms Kurourushi at first forcing the curse to be on the defensive. Yuta is able to deduce that he’s being watched by Ryu Ishigori and Takako Uro. He realizes that they’re likely players with “high scores,” but he doesn’t want to reveal that he can use the “reverse cursed technique.” Kurourushi asks him why he’s “interfering.” Yuta responds by questioning “why he’s eating people,” to which the curse says it’s because he likes “the taste of iron.” Kurourushi then uses Blinding Earthen Insect Trance which surrounds Yuta with a tornado of insects.

Yuta exterminates the insects, but when he and the curse clash he’s hit by a projectile from the sword. Suddenly, two cockroaches emerge from Yuta’s shoulder. As he kills the insects, the special grade hits Yuta directly in the chest with his sword. Yuta is damage greatly and coughs up blood. Ryu and Takako assume that it’s “over.” With no choice remaining, Yuta uses reverse cursed technique and converts it into “output,” delivered via his mouth. As Ryu notes, it’s a gross way to kill Kurourushi but it was necessary. Takako says to Yuta that it “seems like you can use reverse curse technique” shocking Yuta as the environment distorts.

Yuta Okkotsu is more powerful and skilled now than he was in Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 0. His abilities have improved enough to largely dominate a special grade curse. In the end however, even Yuta had to use reverse cursed technique. Keeping his abilities a secret from future opponents is a sound strategy but it does have it’s dangers. It’s not made clear why Yuta wishes to hide his abilities but I can only assume he wishes to surprise his enemies. It’s too late now. With Rika still hidden, Yuta may only have one wild card left. Takako seems to have reality distorting or altering abilities. Yuta will probably need to use Rika leaving the civilians in danger.


Weekly Shonen Jump (February 8th 2022) – MHA prepares for war, Law and Kid battle Big Mom, and Yuta faces a giant Cockroach

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My Hero Academia Chapter 342

“The Extreme Quiet Before The Storm”

The heroes prepare for war in My Hero Academia Chapter 342
The heroes prepare for war in My Hero Academia Chapter 342

All For One’s spies mention their new orders, “fan the flames of discourse amongst the general public.” Their hope is to force Deku out of U.A. At the Heights Alliance, All Might, Naomasa Tsukauchi, and Nezu inform them that they’ve prepared for the upcoming “second war.” The following morning, Nezu tells the civilians that “Tomura will make his big move in 4 days.” Class 1-A thanks the civilians and leave. One For All’s spies are excited to see Deku leave, assuming that their mission is now “guaranteed to succeed.”

Class 1-A arrive at a new fortress built by Cementoss, Power Loader, and Ectoplasm, called “Troy.” The students head to their dorm rooms. Ochaco and Deku finally have a heart to heart after all the chaos. After thanking her, Deku and Ochaco discuss her encounter with Himiko Toga. Ochaco is confused by her conversation with the vampiric villain. Ochaco can’t forgive Toga for he actions but still sees that she’s human. Deku has a similar issue with Tomura. My Hero Academia is closing loose ends and setting up the last conflicts.

One Piece Chapter 1039

Top Billing

Law ends Big Mom’s era

Momonosuke continues to try to pull Onigashima away from the Flower Capital as he hears a voice calling to him. Elsewhere, Yamato and Kazenbo fight continues. This chapter is mostly the fight between Big Mom, Law, and Kid. The two Captains bicker but manage well against Big Mom. Kid’s Punk Corna Dio attack breaks Big Mom’s right arm and a few ribs. The Yonko uses her Soru Soru no Mi abilities to heal her arm. Despite the damage they’ve inflicted, Law and Kid are reaching their ends. Law tells Kid that “the next round’s going to be the last one.”

Big Mom uses new moves called Maser Saber and Misery against Law and Kid. Misery is a homie that resembles a giant woman made out of fire and lightning. She can fly and uses her massive size to crush Big Mom’s enemies. Kid assigns a “south pole” to Big Mom and “north pole,” to a wall forcing the two to collide. After dropping a tower on her, Law stabs Big Mom through the chest with his sword and makes it so long that it pierces through the island and hits Wano’s surface. She sends Misery to attack Law, but Kid uses his Damned Punk attack to fire an massive energy blast at Big Mom. As her head burns, Law declares her “era is over.”

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 174

Sendai Colony, Part 1

Yuta Okkotsu battles a swarm of cockroaches

In the Sendai Colony, Yuta Okkotsu kills Dhruv Lakdawalla, a powerful Shikigami user. He had a stand off with, Ryu Ishigori, Takako Uro, and the cockroach spirit, Kurourushi. With Dhruv dead, Takako assumes Kurourushi will “make it’s move.” Yuta was protecting a number of civilians from Dhruv. Suddenly he hears a buzzing sound and tells the civilians to “hurry.” A swarm of cockroaches kill several people before Yuta is able to deflect them. According to Yuta, each cockroach haws “cursed energy” and are “reinforced.”

The swarm pursues the fleeing civilians but Yuta has Rika block the swarms path. He then eliminates all of the roaches with an attack. Kurourushi finally appears. Without Dhruv, the cockroach spirit is free to attack. Kurourushi has an “endless appetite,” with Yuta preventing it from eating, it now has focuses on him. Yuta contemplates which new rules are needed to prevent players like Dhruv and Kurourushi from leaving the barrier. He believes that a “means of communication,” and a “way to travel between colonies,” are needed to gain more control. I’m excited for the upcoming battles with Yuta. He’s long been a hyped character and I wanna see what new skills he’s learned since Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 0.


Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 0: Introducing the second strongest sorcerer Yuta Okkotsu

Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Jujutsu High is a prequel series focusing on Yuta Okkotsu. A special grade cursed human, Yuta is cursed by a special grade vengeful cursed spirit, Rika. Six years previously, Rika’s head is crushed in a horrific car accident. She attaches herself to Yuta, protecting him from harm and keep his loved ones away. She “protects” him in an aggressive and violent manner. When four bullies harass Yuta she stuffs all of them into a locker together. After this incident, he joins Jujutsu High as one of four first-years under Gojo Satoru, along with Maki Zen’in, Panda, and Toge Inumaki. Maki Zen’in is a cursed tool user, Toge is a cursed speech user that can only speak in rice ball ingredients, and Panda is an abrupt mutated cursed corpse (but this isn’t mentioned or explained in the volume).

Yuta is quickly sent, along with his classmates to investigate the disappearance of two children at a school. Gojo creates a curtain, a barrier technique that hides anyone inside from outsiders and leaves them to exorcise the curses alone. The three curses attack Yuta and Maki. However, as Maki explains, “curses team up if they are weak.” She exorcised them with one strike. Most of the curses in the school are afraid of Yuta. Suddenly, a massive curse appears. It flings them into the air and swallows Maki and Yuta whole. He reveals that he has no control over Rita and doesn’t know when she’ll appear.

Inside the curse with them are the two children. However, Maki notices that both of them are cursed and will likely die. Infected by the curse, Maki passes out. One of the boys begs Yuta to rescue them. She regains consciousness and asks Yuta “why he came to Jujutsu High?” Yuta hoped that joining the school would help him believe that “it’s okay to keep living.” Maki encourages him to “exorcise the curses,” and the rest will follow. He calls for Rika and asks for her help. Rika rips through the giant curse, freeing Yuta to carry the two boys and Maki. All three survive and Yuta questions whether he’s the one that cursed Rika.

Rika’s curse form

Is Rita Orimoto a manipulative monster?

Gege Akutami details several facts about Rita that make her look manipulative and evil. First, her parent died under separate but mysterious circumstances. Her mother dies “suddenly from unknown causes” when she was five. Her father disappeared while mountain climbing with her. Gege writes Rika stole the wedding ring she gave Yuta from the grandmother who thinks she killed both her parents. Is she guilty? Did she become a curse because she was already monstrous? Gojo questions how a girl “with no history of sorcery in her family became such an immensely strong curse?” Due to her strength, exorcising her is nearly impossible, so they focus on “unraveling” instead. Gojo explains to Yuta how to unravel. Since he’s the one that’s been cursed, he needs to “untie” the millions of knots of cursed energy, “one by one.”

To accomplish this, Yuta must learn to channel Rika through his Katana, learning to master it by repeating the process. Yuta trains with Maki to master this technique. He’s sent on his second mission with Toge Inumaki, the only Grade 2 sorcerer among the first years. Gojo believes it’s important for Yuta to learn the “different ways to exorcise curses.” Inside, Yuta and Toge encounter curses that resemble a school of fish. They combine, only for Toge to make them explode with his cursed speech. His cursed speech allows him to embed his words with cursed energy, forcing those he commands to obey him.

Yuta Okkotsu receives a Katana from Gojo Satoru.

Of course, this is Jujutsu Kaisen so the mission isn’t going to be that easy. A more powerful curse appears behind them. It says “Zomba” and creates a flash of light creating a hole in the ground. With his throat already hoarse, Toge says “get twisted,” causing the curses arm to twist violently. Toge and Yuta retreat, but the curse doesn’t move. Feeling brave, Yuta approaches the curse. After sensing Rika, the curse becomes enraged. Yuta attacks, combining channeling Rika while dodging the curses “Zora” attacks. He’s able to cut the curse but it’s too shallow. Realizing he’s out of his depth he manages to get Toge throat medicine. Toge kills the curse with the command, “get crushed.” Watching from the distance is Geto Suguru, who hoped to see Rika in action.

Non-sorcerers are just monkeys

In chapter 3 of Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 0, Geto Suguru takes center staged. He hates non-sorcerers and refers to them as “monkeys.” He’s willing to exorcise curses from them so he may collect more curses and he will help others for money. Geto calls them, “curse-collecting monkeys,” and “money-collecting monkeys,” respectively. He calls a meeting with his “commanders” and tells them to prepare for the age of Jujutsu Sorcerers and the end of Jujutsu High. Geto and his “family,” Larue, Mimiko, and Nanako show up at Jujutsu High inside a pelican-looking curse. He quickly approaches Yuta, praises his power, and asks for Yuta’s help “killing all non-sorcerers.” Yuta not buying what he’s selling, especially after he insults Maki. He declares war. At the Crucible for curses, Shinjuku in Tokyo on December 24th the “Night Parade of a Hundred Demons will commence.”

He plans on releasing one thousand curses in two locations, daring the jutsu sorcerers to risk their lives to protect the non-sorcerers. Despite Geto’s large number of curses, it’s deduced that he’s unlikely to have too many curses over grade 2. With the Jujutsu Society and Jujutsu High getting involved, Geto calculates his odds of victory at “less than 20 percent.” However, if they can kill Yuta and take Rika, then those odds increase to 99 percent. He correctly predicts that Jujutsu High would leave Yuta behind.

He attacks the school, where Maki and Yuta are alone. Gojo teleports Toge and Panda to protect them while he deals with the curses. They quickly break into the curtain and attack Geto. Toge appeared to land a direct hit with the command “crumble away.” Geto appears to have been crushed, leaving a massive crater. Suddenly, Geto emerges restored by one of his curses. Yuta appears at the scene. Maki, Panda, and Toge are severely injured, as Geto cries tears of joy after witnessing young sorcerers aid one another. Yuta snaps, releasing Rika for the second time, declaring that he will kill Geto.

Yuta Okkotsu vs Geto Suguru

Geto uses a lot of curses to attack Yuta hoping to weaken him with low-quality curses. Meanwhile, Yuta tries desperately to heal Toge, Maki, and Panda. Rika jealous of Yuta’s concern for Maki grabs her. Yuta tells her to handle Maki with care. Rika tearfully apologizes. They return to face Geto. Yuta and Rika use a blowhorn to copy the Inumaki family’s cursed speech. Yuta uses it to tell the curses to “die.” Witnessing this power excites Geto.

Elsewhere, Gojo and the others fight Geto’s commanders. Miguel manages to disrupt Gojo’s technique with a special cursed rope. Gojo gets pissed and blows a hole in a giant curse scaring the commanders. Back at Jujutsu High, Rika and Yuta fight Geto, who has finally taken them seriously. However, Yuta is still learning to use curse energy while fighting Geto. He breaks his katana when he embeds too much curse energy into it. He still manages to land a hard punch on Geto. In response, Geto releases one of the 16 special grade curses, Imaginary vengeful spirit Tamam-no-mae Incarnate and combines 4,461 curses into one technique – Maximum: Uzumaki. Yuta gives Rika a hug telling her that he loves her and they’ll be “together forever.” It’s creepy but works to strengthening Rika.

Yuta and Rika fight Geto Suguru

The rest of the fight is off-page, but Rika and Yuta severely damage Geto. As he stumbles out of an alley, he encounters Gojo. It’s implied that Gojo kills him. At the school, Yuta awakens to see Panda, Toge, and Maki are alright. His pact with Rika causes the curse to shatter. It turns out that he’s a distant relative of Gojo’s and someone named Michizane Sugawara‏‎. Gojo reveals that Yuta is actually the one who cursed RIka. He wanted her to survive her accident and unintentionally made her into a curse. Remorseful of his actions, he tearfully apologizes to Rika and everyone else. She forgives him, revealing “she was happier than she ever was alive,” and heads to the afterlife.

Love is the most powerful curse of all

Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Jujutsu High is an exciting addition to an already amazing series. We explore two of the most mysterious characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen series, Yuta Okkotsu and Geto Suguru. If you only watched the anime then you know that Yuta is only mentioned. To see his origin and the source of his massive power was satisfying. Volume 0 answers this question but leaves others. The biggest one is why love is considered such an issue. Gojo notes in the first chapter that he “always thought love manifests the most distorted curses.” The love between Rita and Yuta is the core of their power and devotion to each other. If curses are formed from humanity’s fear, then maybe it’s the fear of losing a loved one that manifests powerful curses?

Rika is freed from Yuta’s curse

Knowing what happens in the rest of the manga currently, at some point the evil ancient sorcerer Kenjaku transplanted his brain into Geto’s dead body. It would have been an excellent time to at least show how and when that happened. Geto Suguru reminds me of Bleach’s Aizen. He always steps ahead of his opposition, predicting his opponent’s every move. Unlike Aizen, Geto isn’t all-powerful as Yuta and Gojo are clearly stronger than him. Finally, I would have liked more clarity regarding who Michizane Sugawara is and why being related to him is such a big deal. Most of these questions will likely be answered in the manga at some point but they could have been explored here. Regardless, Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Jujutsu High is worth your time. Check it out.