One Piece Chapter 903: Is Luffy now the fifth emperor?

The 903rd chapter of One Piece, “The Fifth Emperor” focuses on the aftermath of the Strawhat’s battle with the Big Mom pirates. One Piece is one of if not the best action anime/manga out there and it’s often a pleasure to read those chapters. However, Oda does excel at telling a story that effective builds the One Piece universe, reminding the readers what’s at stake and how large the world actually is.

After a major arc many pirates receive different amounts in what’s called a bounty. For those who may not know, a “bounty is issued by a government official or by the Marines.” It’s amount is determined by the strength or the danger level the pirate presents.

Most pirates actually like bounties as it’s potentially high amount is a symbol of their strength to the world. The bounty is a tangible symbol of the stories progression. For example in the beginning of the series Luffy was excited to receive his first bounty, which after defeating several top pirates in East Blue was 30 million berry.

Watching his bounty and his crew-mates bounties increase represented their grow both in strength and experience. In this chapter Sanji’s bounty increases to 330 million berry, he’s joyful because it has surpassed Zoro’s 320 million berry bounty. However, he’s not so happy that his bounty seemed to increase due to his familial connections.

Another tool that Oda uses to expand the world and basically recap the recently ended arc is the newspapers. This chapter shows several major characters reading about the exploits of the Strawhat pirates, one of the first news items the paper reveals to the masses is that Luffy now “commands” a fleet of 5000 subordinates, called the “Straw Hat Grand Fleet.” This fleet is formed by seven organizations that have pledge to serve under Luffy.

The fleet’s membership includes, seven divisions, the Beautiful Pirates are First Division and are commanded by Cavendish. The Second Division is led by Bartolomeo and features his Barto Club, the Third Division features the pirate crew, the Happo Navy, the Fourth Division, the Ideo Pirates lead by Ideo, the Fifth Division is headed by the Tontatta Tribe, and their armed forces the Tonta Corps.

The New Giant Warrior Pirates are a five member pirate crew that make up the Sixth Division, lead by Hajrudin. Finally, the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet that features 56 ships, they’re the Seventh Division. We see that Dalton, Dr. Kureha, Crocodile, Cavendish, Bartolomeo, the Firetank Pirates, Blackbeard, Van Augur, Doc Q, Avalo Pizarro and Princess Vivi.

We get to see Koby and Helmeppo as they save the Riku family. I’ve been excited to see the progression of these two, the series obviously focuses on pirates not marines and only in conflict do we get a since of their strength. Helmeppo now possesses Kenbunshoku Haki, and Koby is strong enough to deflect torpedo’s underwater, he’s now a Captain.

The series now heads into the “Reverie Arc,” the 13th story arc of the series and will focus on the royalty gathering for Reverie. This chapter revealed so much and I would recommend reading it, some highlights included Sanji receiving a Raid Suit, Zeus abandoned Big Mom for Nami, Kaido is angered at Luffy for ruining his operations, Big Mom is angry that Morgan (the newspaper writer) suggested that Luffy had defeated her.

The World Economic Journal calls Luffy the fifth Emperor, placing him in the league with the Yonko, Shanks, Big Mom, Kaido and Blackbeard. Brook reveals that he made an error in reporting Luffy’s bounty earlier, and that it’s actual 1.5 Billion berry bounty, the largest known so far in the series.


My Hero Academia: Season 3 Episode 2 Review

After the premiere episode of My Hero Academia, that featured mostly flashbacks, Wild Wild Pussycats is a spectacular episode. This episode moved the story forward seamlessly and blended comedy and action. The students of UA High begin their training camp, Shota informs the class that they will be tested. Neito taunts Class 1-A for apparently failing their finals exams. Itsuka knocks him out and drags him into the bus.

Class 1-A stops on a mountain top, they meet the pro-hero team: the Wild, Wild, Pussycats. Pixie-Bob and Mandalay reveal to the class that traveling through the “Beast Forrest,” is required to reach the lodge at their base. When Mandalay tells the students that they ” have to hurry and get there by noon if they are to receive lunch, ” they rush to get on the bus. Pixie-Bob uses her quirk to knock the student’s off the ledge.

She also uses her quirk to create monsters to attack the student’s. One tries to attack Mineta as he tries to pee, but Izuku saves him. Together with Shoto, Tenya and Katsuki, Izuku destroy the first monster. The entire class works together to defeat a host of earth monsters, they reach the lodge late. However, the Pussycats don’t seem to care and congratulate them anyway. Izuku introduces himself to a bratty boy named Kota. He’s the nephew of Mandalay and clear hate heroes. He punches Izuku in the scrotum as Tenya weirdly puts it.

After dinner, Class 1-A head to the hot springs were Mineta predictably pervs out and attempts to climb the wall to sneak a peek at the girls. Kota stops him as he gets to the top and knocks him off the wall. He falls ass first into Tenya’s face. As the girls cheer for Kota he sees them nude and falls off the wall, Izuku saves him. He asks Mandalay ” why Kota seems to disapprove of heroes despite being so young. ” She explains that ” Kota’s parents were pro-heroes who died in the line of duty. Kota dislikes heroes because he believes his parents left him, as they would not have perished had they not been heroes.”

The following morning Shota explains that their real training “begins now.” He has Katsuki throw a ball from the “quirk apprehension test” the distance that he throws the ball is the same as it was months ago. Shota states that ” while the student’s mental prowess and stamina have improved, their quirks have not.” Meanwhile, we see that the League of Villains are planning their next move. Dabi following Stain’s ideology says that ” the villains will send a warning shot that will tear down false heroes from their high horses and pave the way to a bright new future.”

This episode was much better than the first one, even though I completely understand why the recap episode was needed. Regardless, this season is off to a great start. The introduction of the Wild Wild Pussycat’s was great, they are particularly Pixie-Bob funny characters. This episode has many comedic moments, mentioning that the “beast forest” sounds like “something out of Dragon Quest.” I usually find Mineta to be annoying, but this episode I thought he was the center of much of this episodes humor. We don’t spend much time with Class B, and considering the size of the Class A-1 we have, it’s seems implausible to expect to get familiar with another class at all. Anyway, the heighten presence of villains have created a sense of urgency, I wonder when they will strike.

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One Piece Chapter 898 Review: I promise I’ll be there

Big Mom Pirates vs Germa 66

The Big Mom Pirates are seemingly no match for the Germa 66, particularly Sanji’s siblings. They marvel at the enhanced “bodies” of Germa 66, Oven asks what happened to Nusstorte, the 12th son of the Charlotte Family. Ichiji revealed that he was “thrown into the sea,” along with the “cloud of fleas” that tried to swam them. He dismisses that attempt as being ridiculous due to the “superior technology” of the Germa 66. Mont-d’Or desperately calls his brother after learning of his defeat. Niwatori blames Pekoms for this because of his betrayal, Nusstorte is shown floating in the sea.

Sanji and Luffy

While the Strawhat’s continue to try to escape they are contacted by Sanji. He tells Jinbe that they should “pass by the harbor” and he will be there with Luffy. On the Island, Sanji easily defeats many of the Big Mom Pirates as he escapes with Luffy. Brulee tells them ” not to permit the Straw Hats’ escape,” she reveals to the Big Mom Pirates that Luffy actually defeated Katakuri. This news ruins the image that Katakuri as being “unbeatable.” Oven becomes enraged and he attacks Luffy and Sanji but Ichiji counters with Sparking Valkyrie. Charlotte Yuen tries to attack Sanji but Yonji crushes Yuen’s staff.

Sanji and Luffy “escape”

Sanji begins to escape through the air, several snipers shoot at him. Niji flies and grabs Sanji as the explosion from a missile go off. He travels with Sanji at high speeds, while attacking several Big Mom Pirates with his Tachyon Blade: Henry Blazer attack. Niji throws Sanji and Luffy at the Thousand Sunny, as they fly over Cacao Island, Oven contacts Snack, Brownie and Joconde to deal with them. However, Reiju has already taken them out with her poison. Smoothie’s fleet is being pinned down the Germa. Carrot notices Sanji flying towards them. I predicted that Germa 66 will come and save the Strawhat’s, it was just impossible for them to save themselves. However, I am weary of this potential happy ending. I think someone important will die and it will likely be Sanji. That said Sanji’s father wasn’t anywhere in this chapter, so he could risk his life and save Sanji, finally showing that he cares for his son.

Pikachu Mug Cup

One Piece Chapter 881 Review: Room of Waves

Master helmsmen Jinbe

It wasn’t always clear to me what Jinbe’s official role would be on the Strawhat’s crew was, but he will be the helmsmen. The Strawhat’s never had an official helmsmen, with Nami, Usopp and Chopper all taking the role. A helmsmen is the person that steers the ship. Jinbe is unsurprisingly capable in this regard being a fishman with experience on the seas. Jinbe has been shown in the anime as being able to steer a ship out of the way of cannon fire. In this chapter, Jinbe manages to use these skills to save the Strawhat’s from death. He use the “green room,” which is described as “a short lived pocket made inside the crest of a wave.”

Luffy in the Mirror-World

Luffy’s is notified by Nami that they have survived and smashed all the mirrors. Communicating through a mirror shard, Nami informs him that they will be meeting Sanji at Cacao Island in about ten hours. Katakuri attacks Luffy, who swallows the shard of glass. He informs Nami that they need to hurry, Katakuri reveals a trident made of mochi. He mocks Luffy suggesting that he knows what his last words are going to be. Luffy responds with those words, saying “he will not die here.” The real question regarding this part of the arc is what is Luffy going to do that can defeat Katakuri. It is the tendency of many shonen manga that the main character will ALWAYS find the strength to win. However, One piece at least occasionally allows Luffy and others to be defeated. It seems implausible that Luffy will “win” this fight, but he will likely escape somehow.

One Piece Chapter 880 Review: Chance of Escape: 0%

The Substitute Wedding Cake

Sanji, Pudding, and Chiffon arrive at Chocolat Town on Cacao Island and begin the preparation for the wedding cake. The top 31 chef’s of Whole Cake Island are present and Pudding extracts a roll of memory from head chef Buche, erasing the memories, ” of the wedding incident and led them to believe that the two of them got married smoothly; the reason that the cake was destroyed was because of bad weather.”

Meanwhile, Sanji sketched the new wedding cake, to the surprise of the head chef’s. They are impressed by Sanji’s ability to craft the “perfect” cake. I think that considering the likely inability of Strawhat’s defeating the Big Mom pirates, the new cake will be the peace maker. Big Mom is so irrational regarding cake that this substitute cake will not only stop her, but will probably love Sanji and by extension the Strawhats, letting them go.

The Strawhat’s are in deep trouble

In the Mirro-World, Katakuri is surprised that Perospero is still alive. Perospero then mocks Pedro’s sacrifice calling it “pointless.” Luffy is floored after being damaged by Katakuri, Brulee awakens as he tells her to send more troops to the Sunny to burn it down. Their sisters Mascarpone and Joscarpone have mirrors that lead to the Sunny, Luffy attempts to destroy those mirrors, but fails.


Katakuri continues to dominate Luffy with mochi leg, Luffy manages to dodge. He grabs some shards of a broken mirror calling out to Nami on the Sunny. He tells them to break the two mirrors that remain on the Sunny. However, Carrot points out to Nami that Big Mom has created a massive homie out of a wave. Seeing the wave Nami tells Luffy the they “might be done after all.” The Strawhat’s are in an impossible position, they’re outmatched and outsmarted. I don’t think that Luffy is capable of beating Katakuri. However, I’m certain that either, Jimbe will fight Big Mom buying them time or Brooke will use the Coup de Burst escaping immediate danger.


One Piece Manga Review: Chapter 876, Pudding Appears

Big Mom’s near invisible

The massive lighting attack created by Nami and Zeus fails, as Big Mom is seeming unaffected. In her wedding cake obsessed trance she continues to walk in a straight line while in the hole, created by the lighting, by eating through the earth. Big Mom resurfaces, forcing the Strawhat’s to flee.

Pudding arrives

Chiffon and Pudding finally reach the Strawhat’s, Pudding goes through erratic mood swings falling in love with Sanji and then threatening to kill them. Luffy becomes annoyed by her behavior, a wonders if she can be trusted. Chiffon takes the lead, informing Sanji that they need to make a cake to stop Big Mom from rampaging. She says “they will make it in Chocolatown on Cacao Island,” the other Strawhat’s are expected to dodge Big Mom while this cake is being made.

Chopper and Brook verses Big Mom Pirates

Chopper and Brook face off against many Chess soldiers easily defeating them, however, they keep coming through the mirror in Nami’s room. They decide that the mirror needs to be broken. The Big Mom pirates still believe that the lighting bolt destroyed the Strawhat crew. Brooke refuses to listen to them, as Luffy and the others arrive at the Sunny.

Another good chapter, as the Strawhat’s don’t initially escape danger but have a plan that will likely save them. On thing I’m noticing in this arc is the abundance of “disorders,” or uncontrollable behavior. Big Mom, Pudding and Zeus, are susceptible to uncontrollable urges. All these behaviors get in the way of their goals. I predict that Sanji will make a cake so good that either Big Mom will want to capture him permanently or she will let the Strawhat’s go free as thanks.

One Piece: Big Mom goes on the rampage

The citizens of Sweet City recover from the damage caused by the explosion of the Tamatebako, with the Whole Cake Chateau in ruins, along with the wedding, wedding cake and Vinsmoke assassination plan. They are all uncertain what the cause of the explosion, meanwhile, Katakuri has sent squads to hunt after the Straw Hats, Fire Tank Pirates and the Germa. He asks Brulee to accompany him, as he plans to kill Luffy.

Smoothie interrupts them to announce that they need to flee, Big Mom is behind her, as her eating disorder caused her to begin a rampage. Big Mom has a dead Opera in her hand, shocking the Big Mom pirates. All of their lives are now in danger, as Big Mom attacks indiscriminately. Perospero foolishly lies to her telling her that there’s a second cake and the Strawhat’s stole it. Big Mom warns him that if he’s lying she will kill him. She summons Zeus and rides it towards the Strawhat’s.

Katakuri and the others are relieved but know that Perospero only bought the some time. Pudding arrives and reveals a plan to make a chocolate chiffon cake, she seems to back to her evil ways and hopes that Big Mom kills Sanji. The Strawhat’s are rushing to escape and ride a newly sewn together King Baum, they cut through the Seducing Woods. Big Mom quickly catches up to them and she demands the cake back, wielding Napoleon in sword form.

Opera’s death isn’t very important nor was it surprising he was already proven to be a traitor. However, the danger Big Mom represents to her own family seems to create a rather tense environment. Normally she’s irrational and selfish, in her current mentality she’s even worst. Perospero basically commits suicide by lying to Big Mom, but manages to save the Big Mom pirates at the expense of the Strawhat’s. I feel that one of the Strawhat’s will sacrifice themselves to buy them time, the best bet will be that it’s Pedro.

One Piece Chapter 871: the tamatebako explodes

The Germa Kingdom steps up

The Strawhat’s and the others would be dead without the Vinsmoke family stepping up and defending them. Judge attacks Big Mom directly with his spear, she simply breaks the spear with her teeth. She counters with Zeus, while promising to use his scientific powers for her benefit. One strange response to his defeat at the hands of Big Mom was his children, Niji and Yonji. The Vinsmokes are suppose to be emotionless, but they seemed to be willing to sacrifice themselves for their father.

Luffy versus Big Mom

One of the appealing aspects of the One Piece series is that there are numerous characters that are incredibly strong. Big Mom being a Yonko puts her on another level compared to everyone else. However, newer pirates like Luffy are rising up in the ranks, so it’s interesting to see how he stacks up. The answer apparently is not well. Luffy decides that he wants to punch her “just once,” he activates “Gear Fourth,” but it’s easily block by Big Mom.

Tamatebako is a deus ex machina

This may be a premature claim, as we haven’t seen the results of the explosion, but how else will everyone escape from this dire situation. I think its a good thing that Luffy and the strawhat’s aren’t strong enough to defeat Big Mom yet. However, I think it’s telling that Luffy stated that he will defeat Big Mom AFTER he beats Kaido. Considering that even Big Mom believes that he’s unbeatable, I think Oda is suggesting that within the story will see Luffy defeat him before doing the same to Big Mom. Whether, this occurs or not remains to be seen of course.

One Piece: Did Big Mom eat everyone?

Carmel’s uses Soru Soru no Mi

During Linlin’s rampage she manages to severely injures Jorl, Carmel then uses her soul to give the flames caused by Linlin human characteristics. She names the newly anthropomorphize fire, Pandora. Carmel claims that Pandora is a sun god and has made everything right. Jarl is unsatisfied and attempts to kill Linlin in her sleep. Carmel begs him to let her leave with Linlin and he tearfully (due to his brothers likely death), and let’s them go. Linlin becomes hated in the giant race around the world. It turns out that Carmel originally had the Soru Soru no Mi and used it to suggest that the Gods have influence in the real world. She seems to have succeed in convincing the masses of the fact.

Mother Carmel is a fraud

Carmel begins a new sheep house, she goes to the World Government, telling CP-0 agents that she was willing to sell Linlin for a high price. Carmel reveals that she has sold several high quality orphans as spies. Carmel is called the “Mountain Witch,” and has been a trafficker of orphans. She lies to the children, raising them to be sold later to the Government. It’s somewhat shocking that Mother Carmel turned out to be a fraud. I wonder what happened to the orphan sold to the government. Are they resentful? It’s possible that they had a much better life with the government?

Linlin eats her friends and Mother Carmel?

The most confusing and potentially troubling is what happens during Linlin’s sixth birthday or more accurately what appears to happen. Linlin is given a large amount of Selma called “croquembouche.” She gorges herself on the selma and she claims to have had the “greatest birthday of her life.” When she opens her eyes to thank them, she realizes that they all have “disappeared.” The clear assumption is that Linlin ate all of her friends. The best evidence for this is the fact that Mother Carmel disappears along with the others and we know that Linlin has her Soru Soru no Mi devil fruit ability. It seems logical that in consuming Carmel she could have consumed he abilities as a consequence.

Big Mom’s past revealed

Big Mom’s abandonment

Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom, she’s abandoned by her normal sized human parents ate the age of five. It’s stated by her father that she has already caused many “causalities.” They hope that the “holy mother,” will save her. Linlin remains still in the spot that her parents left her all night. At this point you can’t help but feel sorry for her. While, she remains ignorant of her harmful behavior, it’s clearly understandable that her parents felt it was necessary to abandon her.

Introducing Sister Carmel

We flashback to a century ago when two captains of the Giant Warrior Pirates, Dorry and Brogy, are about to be executed, Sister Carmel saves them. She argues that the killing of the giants will result in a war on humanity. She aims to create a racial harmonious world, establishing the Sheep’s House. 37 years later she finds Linlin and offers her a home. The other children with Sister Carmel teases Linlin, stating that she naive to believe that her parents are returning.

Linlin tries to fit in

Initially, Linlin is happy to find that she now lives in an environment made to accommodate her size. Linlin reveals that while she has an innocent view of the world, but her massive strength and ignorance of how the world works causes her to cause undue harm. Linlin attempts to stop the fight between a bear and wolf, she is able to discern that fighting is wrong, but doesn’t realize that putting the wolf and bear together in a cage will come at a cost.She continues to try and “help,” others but only manages to hurt them. She breaks the bones of Eyri, attempting to squash a mosquito.

Her ignorance of the other races results in her trying to help by tearing limbs or fins off of the longarm tribe and merpeople. One important constant is Sister Caramel’s forgiving Linlin for everything. Linlin gets a taste of selma and after begin asks to fast, Linlin can’t control her hungry and goes on a rampage, destroying the village Elbaf. Lord Yorle has decided that he cannot forgive Linlin this time, attacking her. This chapter has garnered some sympathy for Big Mom, but it’s only small. She may not be intentional in her behavior, however, she is a major threat to society. I predict that during the battle Sister Caramel gets killed by Linlin.

Weekly Shonen (09/30/16)


My Hero Academia

Chapter 109 – Rescue Maneuvers

The examinee will be conducting rescue missions, for the next exam. They will be graded on their ability to be effective in rescuing the civilians. The civilians are trained in rescue maneuvers, the are part of a company called HUC (Help Us Company). Mera states that the civilians are disguised as ” injured victims and are scattered throughout the disaster site.”


The examines are graded on a point system, if the students are graded above average, they will pass. Izuku and Tenya realized that this exam is modeled after the Kamino Incident. As the exam begins, they are told about the scenario for the exam, basically  a “large scale destruction of buildings have resulted in large numbers of victims. The damage to the roads are severe and the emergency unit will be considerably late. Until the emergency unit arrives, all rescue activities will be left to the Heroes and they must save every life they can.”


The doors open and the examinees begin to rescue the civilians. Izuku, Ochako, Tenya, Minoru and Mina first encounter a crying baby, “who screams that his grandpa has been crushed.” The crying baby docks points from Izuku for his response to the situation. The baby tells Izuku that, he should “check if he can walk and his breathing and notes that he is bleeding. The child tells Izuku that is he wants a Provisional Hero License then he must be able to access the condition of a victim and take instant action.”


Shouta believes that Class 1-A would fall behind in the exam. The child tells Izuku that:

“The child tells Izuku that in addition to rescuing and providing relief, all authority and responsibility is on his shoulders and must smoothly act as the intermediary in rescue operations. In order to save lives, Heroes must be good at all sorts of things. The child questions Izuku’s tolerance towards the fear, pain and anxiety of the victims since he found Izuku’s first response to be terrible. The child’s advise reminds Izuku of what All Might does; telling the victims that everything is all right since he has arrived. Izuku gets back into focus and realizes that this exam isn’t a check point; everything he is doing is a part of chasing his dream to be a Hero.”


Izuku finally springs to action and check’s the child’s vital signs. He activates One For All Full Cowl, and takes the child to the first-aid station. Ochako realizes that her feels for Izuku is a distraction, and aims to focus more on being a hero. The chapter ends with a mysterious figure stepping on the disaster site. A very interesting chapter, I found the baby to be way to intelligent, considering his age. However, his advice was spot on and I think it has aided Izuku so far. I wonder if the Class 1-A will all pass this exam as well. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.



One Piece

Chapter 841 – To the East Blue

It’s telling that I was surprised that Judge feed Sanji at all, certainly feeding him fancy food from person chef’s. Although, I would imagine that has more to due with the idea that no child of his would eat like a commoner. Sanji remembers cooking for his sick mother, he requested cooking tools and books. 



Sanji horrible siblings discover he didn’t die, and beat him up in his cell. His sister doesn’t participate and help him heal afterwards. Reiji insists that she is not on his side, but continues to help him. She claims that her brothers are rendered incapable of sympathy due to their body modification, she is difference. 



Reiji aids Sanji in his escape, while he is trying to leave his father catches him. Sanji pulls a knife out on him, and threatens to kill his father. Judge seems to like the fact that Sanji will flee and live elsewhere. Sanji escapes on a ship to the East Blue, in tears. Meanwhile, in the Seducing Woods, we find that a fat Luffy has been consuming the biscuit soldiers. 


Luffy has taken to eating his soldiers and aims to exhausts Cracker. However, Cracker believes that Luffy will eventually suffer from all the eating. Considering the depressing story of Sanji’s childhood it is a relief to see some of the comedy this series is known for. I have found that the balance between the seriousness and humor is part of what makes this series so great. I’m happy that we seem to be returning to the present and Luffy. 



Weekly Shonen (07/24/16)

01 (10)


Chapter 683

The Dark side of two worlds ends

Yhwach destroys part of Sokyoku Hill, he questions why Ichigo didn’t have Orihime heal him. Renji attacks him and activates his Bankai, Sou Zabimaru. Yhwach quickly severs his arm and destroys his Bankai. Aizen appears, attacking with Kyoka Suigetsu intervening. Yhwach teases him for fighting for the “losers.” Aizen uses Hado #99, Goryutenmetsu. A large dragon destroys the ground surrounding them, he them rushes forward. 

07 (4)

Yhwach points out that Aizen sword is cracked, then sends him flying backward with an energy blast. Ichigo appears behind him and Yhwach blows his arm off and single handily stops his Zanpakuto. He notes that even Aizen was ineffective. He shatters Tensa Zangetsu and blows a hole into Ichigo’s chest. However, it appear that this was an illusion and Aizen made it appear that he was Ichigo. 

14 (5)

Aizen is interested in this development, considering the fact that Yhwach was so certain that he wasn’t susceptible to the effects of Suigetsu. Ichigo impales Yhwach from behind and uses a powerful, Getsuga Tensho. This chapter was all about Aizen, fans have been anticipating an Aizen, Yhwach clash. Unlike most of the Shinigami, I believed that Aizen would be a challenge for Yhwach. This fight is already more interesting than Ichigo initial fight with Yhwach.


03 (10)

My Hero Academia

Chapter 100

Special Moves

Class 1-A are excited about getting to create their own special moves. Cementoss explains that the Gamma Gym was created by him and he can use his Quirk to alter the gym to fit the needs of the students. Shouta explains the need for special moves. He explains that the “Hero License Exam,” is designed to test the “aptitudes” in “intel gathering, judgement, mobility, leadership and communication.” However, fighting ability is the most important. 

08 (4)

Midnight gives an example of a special move, like Kamui Woods, Lacquered Chains Prison. Shouta decides that during the summer break the students will spent developing there Quirks and special moves. He suggests that they update their costumes to accommodate their new abilities. Cementoss prepares the gym and Ectoplasm clones himself to spar against the students. Izuku is confused, he’s unsure what his special ability should be. 

101 (1)

He decides that he will focus on his costume, instead of his special move. He thinks that he could upgrade his costume to protect his arms. Tenya and Ochako head to the development studio. Ochako wants to improve her ability to help her with her floating ability so that she could be more effective in hand to hand combat. Meanwhile, decided that she wants to minimize the effect of his, Recipro Burst. An explosion from the development studio sends Izuku flying. Mei Hatsume is responsible. She lands on top of him, surprising Izuku.


I’ll be interested to see what special moves the students come up with. It appears that Izuku will always have difficulty with his Quirk. I still believe that Katsuki will become a bad guy or anti-hero eventually. I also happy to see new costumes because the old ones weren’t that good. 

19 (2)


One Piece

Chapter 833

Vinsmoke Judge

In the Germa Kingdom, several Germa 66 agents are excited to see Sanji and Jajji fight. Yonji tells an engineer that he “told Sanji off and he attacked him leaving a dent in his head.”The engineer uses his “press machine,” to fix Yonji’s face. The Germa 66 agents are surprised by Sanji’s strength. Sanji kicks at Jajji, who blocks the attack. Jajji uses his lightning spear to attack Sanji. He states that the only reason he return was to protect his crew.

08 (5)

Jajji tells him that reneging on their pact with Big Mom, will cause her to seek vengeance. Sanji recalls his troubled childhood. He remembers the abuse he received at the hands of his brothers and his father indifference to it. In the present Jajji attacks Sanji with his spear. Sanji blocks it with his, Busoshoku Haki. This surprises Jajji and the Germa 66. Jajji leaps up and Sanji counters with Diable Jambe. 

13 (6)

Jajji blocks and grabs Sanji. He slams him to the ground and kicks Sanji with his electrified foot. He uses his shoe blaster against Sanji. Sanji uses Diable Jambe again, as Jajji commands his men to create a wall to block it. Sanji hesitates and Jajji takes advantage of the situation, piercing his agents body sending Sanji flying backward. Reiju aids Sanji, healing his wounds. Jajji tells him that the Germa 66 would give up their lives for him. 

16 (6)

Jajji explains that the alliance with Big Mom, is a guarantee of  their conquest of the North Blue. He reveals that he doesn’t want to lose his most “precious sons,” and he rather sacrifice Sanji. While distracted, Sanji is trapped by Reiju. She places a “World Noble,” collar on his wrists to prevent him from escaping. This chapter of One Piece was well done. I was shocked to see that Sanji has learned Haki. His relationship with his family seemed obviously due to childhood abuse. I wonder if Sanji will sacrifice his hands for his freedom. I don’t think Luffy will allow it. 


Weekly Shonen (11/27/2015) Part 1

Fire Brigade of Flames Chapter 009 Cover
Fire Brigade of Flames Chapter 009 Cover

Fire Brigade of Flames

Chapter 009

What the 8th Chases

The “Special Fire Brigades” commenced an investigation of the “intruder”, Joker. Meanwhile, at the 8th Special Fire Brigade, Akitaru watches a newscast. He comments that “no news of Joker”, was to be “expected.” Shinra responds that the brigade “is hiding something.” He questions whether the “Fire Brigade organization” is actually “fighting on behalf of the people.”


Akitaru tells Shinra the origins of the fire brigades. The Brigades were formed from three organizations the Fire Defense Agency, Tokyo Military, and the Holy Sol Temple. He reveals that each organization has its own “power dynamic”. The 1st squad, the power of the holy sol temple is centered around members of the temple. The 2nd squad reports directly to the military. The 5th squad is a company, Haijima Heavy Industries.


Haijima provides the Fire Brigades with all the weapons. The company has a monopoly on the manufacturing of these weapons and vast wealth, with substantial resources. Each and every squad is still responsible for the “souls of the Flame people“. The squads don’t share information with each other. Akitaru concludes that the organizations generally are “just.” However, he maintains that he has suspicious of them as well.


Shinra asks the purpose of the 8th squad. Akitaru says that the 8th squad was “forcibly created with members from the fire defense agency”, they’re purpose is to investigate squads 1 through 7. Shinra begs to “work on the investigation”, Akitaru says he’s glad that Shinra was assigned to the 8th squad. Takehisa Hinawa reveals the results of the powder that Joker used. He concludes that the powder is “ash” from the flame people.


Meanwhile, Joker discusses the events of the tournament. His associated say’s that the 8th squad is different from the other ones. The 8th squad receives a call of a “dog in the tree.” They discovered that the “dog” was Mamoru from 119. He flies down and tells Shinra that he “was passing out balloons at a local event” and, “some college students took him for a ride“. He discusses the serial killer who was a firefighter. The firefighter, Setsuo Miyamoto is released due to his insanity. The family of the victims are understandably angered.


Miyamoto thinks to himself that the “laws are such a farce”, and the “very foundation of this country would be in trouble if a firefighter like me were found guilty”. He instantly bursts into flames and screams for help. The families mocked him and he kills them with the flames. The 8th brigade is informed of the new flame person, who appears to have maintained his mind. This chapter has added a great deal of information to the story of the series. I’m curious about the other brigades that weren’t mentioned. This chapter managed to answer several question while bringing up some new ones. I’m excited to read the next chapter.





Fairy Tail

Chapter 463

Black Carpet

The members of Fairy Tail are shocked with the actions of Natsu. Laxus thinks he was being “hot-headed”, and Gray considers changing their plans. Ezra stops them, telling them to let “Natsu handle Zeref.” Gray questions her sanity, but she has confidence in Natsu ability. Gray say’s that she “puts too much trust in him.” She wonders why Gray “thinks so little of Natsu” after all they been through. 


Lucy stops them, and they decided to rely on Natsu. Meanwhile, Natsu and Happy arrive in front of the army. Natsu attacks the army head on. Natsu easily dominates the soldiers, and uses his “Roar of the Blaze Dragon King.” He defeats 973 soldiers according to Zeref, but 999,027 remained. Zeref and Natsu are prepared to face off. 


This chapter didn’t add much, but the quickness of the Natsu and Zeref encounter was surprising. I imagine that Natsu and Zeref fight will be saved till the last moment. It’s more likely that we’ll go through all the other fights before we conclude with Natsu versus Zeref.





Fairy Tail

001Chapter 462


Makarov Dreyar tells the members of Fairy Tail that they have managed to fend off the enemies vanguard. However, he was still concerned about being attacked from “all sides”. Some of the members of Fairy Tail feel that the other guilds helping will allow them to achieve victory. Makarov decides that it will be “their duty to accept the assistance from other guilds”. Meanwhile, Brandish is harassed by some of the Fairy Tail members, and Lucy tells them to go.


Brandish is asked by Lucy, about referring to her as “Layla’s daughter”. She asks her about her mother, but she refuses to. She tells Lucy to kill her, as it “may be her only chance.” Outside, we see an ally of Brandish preparing to free her. Elsewhere, in the far west of Magnolia, Zeref is told of the defeat, Azir and Brandish suffered. Warren reveals information from the Eastern Front, the Bosco’s nation’s guilds have been defeated.


Everyone in the guild is shocked. However, the army from the north is being intercepted by Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus. Port Hargeon are being “liberated”, by the combined efforts of the Mermaid Heel and Lamia Scale guilds. This leaves the East and West, needing defending. Mirajane, Elfman, Lisanna, Gajeel, Levy, and Lily are sent North. Natsu, Gray, Juvia, Wendy and Laxus will head South.


However, Natsu seems to have disappeared. Erza decides that she will go to the South in his place. Lucy and Cana are left in charge of Brandish. They conclude that Zeref is traveling with the army in the West. However, the biggest concern is from the East. The send their “strongest forces”, they send the “Four Heavenly Kings of Ishgari.” Warren locates Natsu who is flying toward Zeref, yelling that “it’s time you and I finish this dance.”


So far this setup chapter has me excited. I love that the guilds are teaming up and fairy tail is joining them. However, I think Fairy Tail headquarters are being left vulnerable. I’ll assume that Lucy and Cana will fight against Brandish and her accomplice. The biggest revelation in this chapter is that Natsu will take on the entire West army by himself. I think he’ll defeat some of his opponent’s but will eventually be saved by the rest of the guilds.

Fairy Tail

01 (1)

Chapter 461

For whose sake is that perfume?

Evergreen asks Ichiya, “were in magnolia the whole time”? He responds that he was in Magnolia for a week. He explains that he was “completing Christina’s maintenance and refueling”. They thank him, he then stands on the head of the defeated robot. Freed quickly springs into action, telling Ichiya to “watch out”. The head explodes but he is saved by the Thunder God Tribe, who use their bodies to shield him from the damage.



Gray and the others react to the explosion. Ichiya is grateful and begins to cry. Meanwhile, in the south of Fiore waters off Hargeon we see a fleet of ships. Dimaria asks the real Wahl to stop his insane laughter. Wahl concedes that “this battle has exceeded his calculations”. He reveals to Dimaria that Brandish has been captured. She finds this information to be comical. He doesn’t think that letting a “small-time guild make fools of us”.



He created a Hyper Long Range Anti-Matter Magic Cannon and aims directly for Fairy Tail headquarters. Warren senses the magic coming from Wahl, they begin to panic and evacuate. Ichiya arrives and uses Christina as a shield. He contacts other guilds and calls them to help protect their continent. All the Mages prepare to join Fairy Tail in battle. I’m excited to see this upcoming battle and who comes to face off against the Alvarez Empire. Wahl seems to be a very formidable opponent. However, I’m sure Fairy Tail will be victorious.




Weekly Shonen (11/05/15)

Fire Brigade of Flames

Chapter 006

Malice to know the truth

Shinra faces off against a mysterious man who claims to have knowledge of his mother and brothers death. At first Shinra believes he may be a trap in the tournament. However, he quickly dismisses the assumption. He demands that no harm comes to the brigade members. The man activates his power as he threatens to “kill” them. Shinra responds by attacking him.

02The man is unharmed by Shinra’s assault, he tells him that if he can “entertain” him he’ll tell him about the fire. Meanwhile, outside we see a new member of the second Brigade. This new member admits that he is actually “afraid” of fire, and that is why he joined the Brigade. His hands light on fire and in a panic he releases a barrage of missile like fire. He destroys the floor of the building, resulting in Mika falling on to of Arthur.


Elsewhere, Shinra and the mysterious man continues to fight. Shinra is surprised by the man’s use of “sand”. The sand explodes and the man dominated Shinra in combat. As he is about to “kill” Shinra, the eerie smile Shinra has appeared on his face. This causes the man to conclude that the “fight” was “better than expected”. He rewards Shinra by telling him, that his brother is still alive.


I not too familiar with these characters yet. Some I’m not really invested in the revelation that Shinra’s brother is still alive. This chapter did introduce some intrigue. How does the mystery man’s sand explode? Is it really gunpowder? Why is the new recruit afraid of his own fire powers? Is Shinra’s mother still alive? Why is his brother? I’m excited to see what the answer are.





One Piece

Chapter 806

At the Belly Fortress

Zou erupts with water, Robin warns Law and the Strawhat crew the they are in danger and they should gain higher ground. Kanjuro and Kinemon use a cat to climb the leg of Zou. They panic as the water comes rushing toward them and the cat begins to melt. Meanwhile, in the whale forest Wanda tells Luffy that the “eruption” is the elephant Zunisha bathes itself in water twice a day.



The “rain” is really just “seawater” and the cities have “filtration devices” that carries water into aqueducts. Carrot notes that fish usually gets sucked up in the water. This means they often don’t go without food. Bepo tells Luffy to inform Law of their whereabouts. Carrot tells Luffy while she bites his ear that Bepo is a native but also a pirate so he’s being watched and can’t leave.


Meanwhile, in the Claw city Usopp is panicked by the sharks found in the flood water. Franky and Robin deduce what Wanda already confirmed about the elephant and it’s behavior. Usopp searches for the others, he locates Luffy as Carrot bites him and panics. Wanda remembers what Jack did while in search of someone. She explains to Luffy that Jack was responsible for an attack on four ships escorting Doflamingo. He was presumed dead and has seemingly survived.


Law uses Shambles and teleports the rest of the Strawhat crew ahead of Luffy and Wanda. The head to the fortress and enter. Chopper wakes up Nami ecstatic that Luffy and the others have arrived. She appears to be sleeping on a large sheep like Mink. Luffy and the other Strawhats are meet with cheers, much to their surprise. Wanda explains that the Minks aren’t “human-hating”, they actually just see humans as “hairless monkey mink’s”. Nami runs towards Luffy and beings to reveal what happened to Sanji.


This chapter was well done. The story progressed nicely and I’m glad that we didn’t have twenty chapters to get the Straw hat crew back together. The character of Jack is an interesting character and it’s unclear when he was “killed”. Not to mention who he’s searching for. I think there’s no chance that Sanji is dead. While Nami was tearful, she wasn’t before she hugged Luffy and neither was Chopper who is very emotional. Overall, another great chapter can’t wait till the next chapter.

17 (1)

03 (1)


Chapter 650

The Theatre Suicide Scene 4

Lille transforms into a more grotesque, but I think better-looking form. Shunsui notes that he didn’t image that Lille would have survived his throat being cut. He seems to resign himself to his defeat. Lille appears to enjoy the “despair” he sees Shunsui. He says that “weapons cannot kill” him, that “he’s immortal” and “he’s invincible”. He believes himself to be “God’s instrument of divine privilege”.

06 (1)

He attacks with an arm he manifests and attacks with a devastating beam of light “Sabaki no Koumyou” toward Shunsui. Lille notices that Shunsui still managed to dodge his attack. Shunsui calls to Sakuranosuke and tells her they may need to escape. She responds that Lille is immune to the Karematsu Shinjuu and they are left without any options. Shunsui appears to fall asleep as someone call for him to “wake up”.

09 (1)

Nanao appears telling Shunsui “not to speak”. She tells him to “bring out her Zanpakutou”, and that there is “no time to hesitate”. She tells him to “forget the promise he made to her mother”. Lille appears behind Nanao and attacks. Both Nanao and Shunsui escapes again, as Lille claims that his “eyes are drying out” and closes them. Shunsui is surprised to hear that Nanao knew about her mother. Shunsui agrees to “give back her Zanpakutou”, Kyoukotsu.

17 (2)

This fight between Shunsui keeps getting more and more exciting. I knew that Shunsui wasn’t going to die, but I’m surprised to the degree that he can still move. Since the second Zanpakutou wasn’t his how could he use it. Does Nanao have a Bankai? Clearly we’ll get some answer next chapter. At least the transformation of Lille into a Dragon with an owl head was better than his previous form. However, that should tell you how bad that form looked.

02 (1)

Fairy Tail

Chapter 459 and 460

Weakness & Pegasus Descends

Ezra falls from the wreckage of the airship. Natsu rushes to her rescue and catches her before she hits the ground. While laying on the ground, Ezra raises her fist in triumph causes Natsu to smile. Meanwhile, the pollen stirred up by Ajeel’s sandstorm causes Brandish to become overcome with hay fever. Cana takes advantage of this opening and knocks her out. Gray and the other’s encounter Wahl Icht and his robot’s. The robot’s begin to attack and it quickly becomes clear to Gray that the robot’s all are exploiting their weaknesses.

001 (1)

Wahl Icht explains that his power is “weakness”. As its name indicates his magic allows for the creation of robot’s that can exploit his enemies weaknesses. Elsewhere, at the Kardia Grand Cathedral Freed, Evergreen and Bickslow encounter Icht. Icht creates some weakness robot’s and they counter their magic. When Evergreen uses her Stone Eye’s it fails. Icht reveals that he is also a Machina (machine race). Ichiya uses his Thunder Perfume to attack surprising everyone.


Icht analyzes Ichiya and determines all of his many weaknesses. He concludes that Ichiya has too many weaknesses to focus on. Ichiya uses his Thunder Parfum: Direct Inhalation technique, followed by Manly Thunderbolt of Justice. Icht tells Ichiya that he is immune to electric magic and has conquered his own weakness. He counters with Vortex Charge, then transforms into a new form. At Laxus’s request, Freed maintains his Jutsu Shiki  barrier. Laxus tells Freed that he was coming to aid him.


Elfman requests that they switch and battle against the opposite robots. Before Icht kills Freed, Natsu reveals that the army of the west was defeated. This allowed Freed to release his barrier and go on the fun offensive. At the same time, Ichiya uses his ability and together they defeat Icht. The Fairy Tail Guild rejoices as they survived the first assault. I’m just getting back into Fairy Tail and I enjoying this series again. I will be reviewing Fairy Tail for now on. 


Weekly Shonen (10/29/15)

One Piece

Chapter 805

The Mink Race

We pick up right where we left off in the last chapter. Usopp and Franky are still unclear on “what” the Mink are. In order to get a better view, Carrot leaps high into the air showing off impressive ability. She’s able to locate Luffy fighting in Whale Forest. Wanda  tells the Strawhats the rest of the crew is dead in Right Belly Forest. Zoro and the others (except Usopp) calm down as they don’t believe that their comrades would die easily.


Law uses his vivre card to locate his crewmate Bepo. Bepo is a Polar Bear and also a member of the Mink tribe. Meanwhile, Bepo begs Luffy and Bull Mink Roddy to stop fighting. A Gorilla named BB (Blackback) wonders why the “electro” isn’t affecting Luffy. Jean Bart attempts to stop the fight, but he is stopped by BB. Carrot and Wanda arrive and pacify BB and Roddy with a banana and cape respectively. Wanda gets the guardians to “fall back” and tells Luffy he’s lucky the moon wasn’t out.


Luffy tells Bepo and the rest of the Heart Pirates that Law is alive. The other Strawhats search Crow city searching for signs of life. They find evidence of foul play. They conclude that something happened in the last week or two to cause the city to fall into ruin. Wanda reveals to Luffy that Jack is responsible for the damage found in the country. An earthquake erupts as Wanda tells Luffy that she will take him to his friends.


The Mink tribe seems to be a very powerful race. It is unclear how they became human beast or if they are born that way. We get very little explained but are left with more questions. Who’s Jack and why did he rampage? What happened to Crow city? What became of the other Strawhats? One thing I know for sure none of the Strawhats had been killed.




Chapter 649

The Theater Suicide Scene 3

Lille fails to swim to the surface and he begins to panic. Shunsui tells him that he “literally threw them into the deep end to drown“. He states that he is in the “same boat” as Lille. He said that “one’s body temperature and resolve both go down upon hitting the cold water“. Shunsui asks his Zanpakuto spirit, Sakuranosuke, if “he is right about there being a man who could not keep his promise and a woman who could not forget her love for him“.


She accuses Shunsui of being an “ass kisser”, as he compliments her. Sakuranosuke notes that Shunsui is injured before claiming that “this is what he gets for wearing another woman’s clothing“. She states that “she has sworn to remain by Shunsui’s side until the end because she is his sword“. Lille asks Shunsui “who he is talking to” as he asks Shunsui “if he thought this was enough to defeat him“. He states that a Shinigami’s Bankai isn’t enough to defeat him.


Lille rushes toward Shunsui, who notes that “the light at the end of the tunnel is the thread of regret as he circles a white thread around Lille’s neck“. Shunsui uses his “Final Dan” as he decapitates Lille with “Thread cutting shears, bloodstained windpipe”. Lille’s body sinks further into the abyss, as Shunsui begins coffin up blood. He falls backward into the lap of Sakuranosuke. Sakuranosuke,  states that they “both look and act very similar before noting that they have won“. However, they conversation is interrupted when Lille delivers a blast piercing through Shunsui’s chest. A face of energy appears as Lille reminds Shunsui that “a Shinigami’s Bankai cannot kill him“.


Wow. I have to admit that I was surprised at the twist at the end of this chapter. Shunsui’s Bankai seemed to be so powerful that Lille didn’t stand a chance. Now the fight between them has gotten very interesting. Would Kubo kill off two Captain Commanders in the series? If you watch the filler anime you would be aware that his Bankai has two females. Where does she fit in? I’ll admit that I don’t care for Lille at all and there is no way Shunsui dies. Someone saves him either it’s his second katana or Nanao. However, a fight I thought was rushed now has much more going for it.



Fire Brigade of Flames



Fire Brigade of Flames is a new manga series (in week 6) serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine. It’s written and illustrated by Atsushi Okubo, the creator of the Soul Eater series. In the series, humans are susceptible to the “human combustion phenomenon“. Humans appear to randomly bursts into flames. It’s currently unknown whom will become engulfed in flames or when it will occur. The 8th Special Fire Brigade are tasked with extinguishing the “Flame Humans” and the purifying of their souls.


  • Flame Human – is a first generation victim of the Human Combustion Phenomenon. The Flame Humans become mindless and aggressive. They’re capable of throwing fireballs and gain increases in strength and speed. Their appearance charred while engulfed in flames. The only way to kill a Flame Human is to “attack their core in the chest”, humans pray for the purification of the human victims.
  • The second generation – have an adaptation to the flames and can manipulate and control them. They can alter the flames of the first and third generation.
  • The third generation – are the most advanced fire users. Unlike the second generation, they can ignite flames at any time. The appears to currently be a limitation on this ability. Mainly the user must focus on a single object.



  • Shinra Kusakabe – Shira is a teenager that hopes to become a hero. He has an odd smile, he grins at inappropriate times. He is a “third generation“, he apply’s fire to his feet. This allows him to run at faster speeds and jump greater distances. He leaves ashes in the form of footprints, resulting in the nickname Demon’s Footprints. As a child, Shinra’s home burned down, killing his brother and mother. He was considered to be responsible and was perceived as being monstrous.
  • Arthur Boyle – is another third generation. He’s arrogant, disrespectful and is obsessed with knighthood. He and Shinra are rivals and tend to constantly bicker. He has mastered his abilities to the point that he can generate fire to the fourth state of matter, plasma.
  • Akitaru Obi – is the 8th Special Fire Brigade Battalion Commander. He is brave and exercise often. He trains daily so that he is successful helping people.
  • Maki Oze – is a second generation, first class fire officer in the 8th Special Fire Brigade. She is a hopeless romantic and an exceptional fighter.
  • Takehisa Hinawa – is another second generation. He’s the Company Commander of the 8th Special Fire Brigade. He’s tough on his comrades.
  • Iris – the Sister of the Holy Sol Temple. She’s very kind and has an almost sisterly relationship with Maki. Unlike her comrades she has no fighting capability.


Weapons & Abilities

  • Two-Style Fire Fighting Axe Revision (The Thrusting) – the user covers the axe with white steam and stabs a Flame Human in their core. (Debut Chapter#01)
  • Special Fire Extinguishing Bullet – a gun that shoots pressurised foam bullets. The foam dissolves the flames by surrounding the target. (Debut Chapter #00)
  • Pusupusu – utilizing a pre-existing source of fire, a second generation can create a sentient flame. In combination with Meramera a gigantic fireball can be created.
  • Meramera – similar to Pusupusu. (Debut Chapter #02)
  • Nekomata – a third generation can create flames around their body giving the appearance of a cat. Their speed and movement is increased. (Debut Chapter #05)



So far we only have 6 chapters. We are introduced to the characters and told about the dangers that the 8th Special Fire Brigade. The Brigade has completed three missions.

  1. Suppress a Flame Human in the Train Station. We are first introduced to the Brigade as they extinguished (kill) a man that attacks the train station.
  2. Rescue a factory employee. In the Torigoe District the Brigade (now with Shinra) attempt to stop a man’s wife named Saeko. Shinra shows off some of his ability when he single handily defeats her.
  3. Stop Mikako’s father. In the Iriya district, Mikako’s father becomes a Flame Human. Her mother became one the previous year. Her father behaved oddly, not moving at all. This allowed Arthur to easily kill him. However, a mysterious third party seems to have interfered in this mission attempting to injure the Brigade.



So far I’m enjoying this series. I loved Soul Eater and this series appears to feature some of the elements of Soul Eater. I’m already engrossed in the story and curious how the plot plays out. The current abilities are a little lackluster, however, I imagine that this will change over time. The art style of Atsushi Okubo remains unique. I love his use of shading which creates dynamic art. I will be reviewing this series on a weekly basis. Hopefully, you’ll check out this series and enjoy it like I do.



Weekly Shonen (10/22/15)


One Piece

Chapter 804

Adventure in the Country on the back of an Elephant

Raizou the ninja falls from the sky, knocking Kinemon and Kanjuro off of Ryuunosuke. They quickly announce that they are fine. Ryuunosuke seemed incapable of turning around to retrieve them so the Strawhat crew continue forward. Ryuunosuke struggles to climb the elephant but manages to succeed. It is praised for a valiant effort and appears pleased as it disappears.


Everyone mourn’s Ryuunosuke, except Zoro and Law. Luffy’s marvels at the site of the towns. Zoro and the others notice that the entry gates have been smashed open. The landscape appears to have been destroyed by a large beast. Zoro is quickly attacked by a “Bunny Girl” named Carrot. Carrot attacks Zoro and manage’s to dodge his attack while in mid-air. 


Her fellow “mink’s women”, comes crashing out of the forest. She tells Carrot that the are needed in the “Whale forest”. Usopp realizes that she is wearing Nami’s clothing. This chapter was a nice introduction to the land of Zou. I liked the comedy that appeared in this chapter that is typical of series. The minkmen’s animal like appearance is curious. Are they like the fishmen? Are the devil fruit users? What happened to Nami? I’m getting excited for the future of this arc.






Chapter 648

The Theater Suicided Scene 2

Shunsui finally reveals his Bankai. However, first we get some conflict between Askin and Ichigo. Askin confirms that while he didn’t “kill” Grimmjow, he did defeat him somehow. Clearly, Askin needs to be defeated by someone that fights differently than Grimmjow or Ichigo. I have no idea who that person would be, but Grimmjow’s fighting style does seem to match Askin’s. Anyway, while they were talking the notice a change in the environment. This causes Ichigo to wonder what’s going on with Shunsui.



Meanwhile, Lille appearance changes but notes that the “skies have darkened“. Shunsui asks him to “tell him what the world around him looks like to him“. Lille states that “it has gotten a little darker“. Lille appears unafraid as he flies into the air, he proclaims “that a messenger of God feels no fear“. He breaks off part of the city as he attacks Shunsui. Lille decides that if he kills Shunsui then the effect of the Bankai will end. He is stunned that he has sustained wounds identical to Shunsui’s. Shunsui reveals that this is the first stage (Dan) is called “Hesitating sharing of the wound”. This stage has the effect of causing any wounds that are inflicted on the opponent to be shared and the opponent will be unable to die.



Shunsui quickly activates his second Dan “Bed of Shame”. This stage causes his opponent to be “stricken with an incurable disease”. He then reveals his third Dan, “Dangyo’s Abyss”. Shunsui and Lille are engulfed in a cube of water waiting for their reiatsu to expire. This chapter felt rushed. I could have done without the Askin update. However, we do get to see Shunsui’s Bankai and it is powerful. It appears to counter said power by being a double edge sword. Is this the limit of his Bankai? Are there more Dan’s? Will he die to kill Lille? Hopefully we’ll get an answer in the next few chapters.