Weekly Shonen (08/18/16)

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Final Chapter (Death & Strawberry)

The final chapter officially ends a 15 year series that I have mostly enjoyed and I’m sad to see it end. With the ending of Bleach, it now joins Naruto as the second of the “Big Three.” This leaves One Piece as the final member left. Bleach has sold more than 84 million copies and is know for its art style. I initially had a hard time getting into the series. The first few chapters were slow. However, the art style drew me in and I began to like the series.

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There wasn’t much to this chapter. Orihime and Ichigo get married and have child Kazui Kurosaki and so do Renji and Rukia. Their daughter, Ichika Abarai arrives and introduces herself to Kazui. He surprises her, when he shows her that he is also a shinigami. I wonder what abilities, Kazui has considering his mother unique abilities. Overall, I greatly enjoyed the series and while the ending disappointed me I’m glad to have read the series. Thank you, Kubo.


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My Hero Academia

Chapter 103

The Exam

Hanta expresses his confusion regarding Inasa reasoning behind not enrolling in U.A. A female teacher arrives and makes jokes with “Erasing Hero.” Her name is “Smile Hero,” and her Quirk was is Roaring Laughter. Her Quirk forces her opponents to laugh against their will, messing with them from a cognitive and motor skills. Ms. Joke asks Shouta “if he told his class about something that happens every year at the Provisional Hero License Exam; Shouta replies he hasn’t.”

15 (6)

Meanwhile, “Mera of the Hero Public Safety Commission,” introduces himself and explains what the Provisional Hero License Exam entails. He tells the students that “only 100 of them will participate in the Provisional Hero License Exam.” He tells them “that they will first compete in a preliminary round to determine the 100 then compete in the Provisional Hero License Exam.” The preliminary round is designed to test the speed of the students.”

16 (7)

In the preliminary round, every student “will take three targets and paste them somewhere on their bodies where others can see, except their feet and armpits.” Each student is given six balls and is expected to use them to hit targets. These targets will light up when it is hit, once three are lit, the student is considered as lost and disqualified. Only the third target will matter, meaning that whom ever lights up the final of three targets gets the credit. Each student will need to get two people each to pass. So far the start to the exam has been interesting and I’m excited.


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One Piece

Chapter 836

The Vivre Card Lola Gave

Nami remembers Lola and is surprised who her father is. The giant tells Charlotte Cracker to let him go and that he wants to see his daughters, Lola and Chiffon. Nami realizes that while at Thriller Bark, she was given a vivre card for Big Mom, from Lola. Randolph interrupts riding on a crane.

Cracker states that Big Mom sent him to take care of Luffy. Brulee arrives on a enormous tree named King Baum. Baum states that “no one they have targeted has emerged from the Seducing Woods alive.” Brulee shows Luffy that Chopper and Carrot are trapped in her mirror. She drops the mirror, shattering it with Chopper and Carrot appearing unharmed.

041 (2)

Cracker begins to attack the giant, he responds by saying “he could be his father, but Cracker says that he, like Big Mom, considered her 43 husbands as outsiders to the family.” Cracker attempts to decapitate him with a sword. Luffy, blocks the sword and forces him to let go of the giant. The giant reveals that his name is Pound and he and Nami flee. Nami pulls out the vivre card. it begins to glow, scaring the homies. The homies can’t “oppose Nami due to feeling Big Mom’s powerful soul around her.” Luffy is knocked into a tree homie by Cracker. Cracker uses his devil fruit ability to increase his number of limbs. Nami tells Luffy that they don’t have the time to “go all out, but Luffy replies that he knows no other way of fighting.

07 (7)

Another good chapter. We learned that Cracker was sent to defeat Luffy by Big Mom. Cracker’s bounty is revealed to be 860,000,000 Beli and his Devil Fruit ability allows him to multiply his limbs. I think the battle between, Luffy and Cracker should be good. I think the biggest concern is the broken mirror. I can only assume that Brulee can create more and somehow they will escape. 



Weekly Shonen (07/24/16)

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Chapter 683

The Dark side of two worlds ends

Yhwach destroys part of Sokyoku Hill, he questions why Ichigo didn’t have Orihime heal him. Renji attacks him and activates his Bankai, Sou Zabimaru. Yhwach quickly severs his arm and destroys his Bankai. Aizen appears, attacking with Kyoka Suigetsu intervening. Yhwach teases him for fighting for the “losers.” Aizen uses Hado #99, Goryutenmetsu. A large dragon destroys the ground surrounding them, he them rushes forward. 

07 (4)

Yhwach points out that Aizen sword is cracked, then sends him flying backward with an energy blast. Ichigo appears behind him and Yhwach blows his arm off and single handily stops his Zanpakuto. He notes that even Aizen was ineffective. He shatters Tensa Zangetsu and blows a hole into Ichigo’s chest. However, it appear that this was an illusion and Aizen made it appear that he was Ichigo. 

14 (5)

Aizen is interested in this development, considering the fact that Yhwach was so certain that he wasn’t susceptible to the effects of Suigetsu. Ichigo impales Yhwach from behind and uses a powerful, Getsuga Tensho. This chapter was all about Aizen, fans have been anticipating an Aizen, Yhwach clash. Unlike most of the Shinigami, I believed that Aizen would be a challenge for Yhwach. This fight is already more interesting than Ichigo initial fight with Yhwach.


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My Hero Academia

Chapter 100

Special Moves

Class 1-A are excited about getting to create their own special moves. Cementoss explains that the Gamma Gym was created by him and he can use his Quirk to alter the gym to fit the needs of the students. Shouta explains the need for special moves. He explains that the “Hero License Exam,” is designed to test the “aptitudes” in “intel gathering, judgement, mobility, leadership and communication.” However, fighting ability is the most important. 

08 (4)

Midnight gives an example of a special move, like Kamui Woods, Lacquered Chains Prison. Shouta decides that during the summer break the students will spent developing there Quirks and special moves. He suggests that they update their costumes to accommodate their new abilities. Cementoss prepares the gym and Ectoplasm clones himself to spar against the students. Izuku is confused, he’s unsure what his special ability should be. 

101 (1)

He decides that he will focus on his costume, instead of his special move. He thinks that he could upgrade his costume to protect his arms. Tenya and Ochako head to the development studio. Ochako wants to improve her ability to help her with her floating ability so that she could be more effective in hand to hand combat. Meanwhile, decided that she wants to minimize the effect of his, Recipro Burst. An explosion from the development studio sends Izuku flying. Mei Hatsume is responsible. She lands on top of him, surprising Izuku.


I’ll be interested to see what special moves the students come up with. It appears that Izuku will always have difficulty with his Quirk. I still believe that Katsuki will become a bad guy or anti-hero eventually. I also happy to see new costumes because the old ones weren’t that good. 

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One Piece

Chapter 833

Vinsmoke Judge

In the Germa Kingdom, several Germa 66 agents are excited to see Sanji and Jajji fight. Yonji tells an engineer that he “told Sanji off and he attacked him leaving a dent in his head.”The engineer uses his “press machine,” to fix Yonji’s face. The Germa 66 agents are surprised by Sanji’s strength. Sanji kicks at Jajji, who blocks the attack. Jajji uses his lightning spear to attack Sanji. He states that the only reason he return was to protect his crew.

08 (5)

Jajji tells him that reneging on their pact with Big Mom, will cause her to seek vengeance. Sanji recalls his troubled childhood. He remembers the abuse he received at the hands of his brothers and his father indifference to it. In the present Jajji attacks Sanji with his spear. Sanji blocks it with his, Busoshoku Haki. This surprises Jajji and the Germa 66. Jajji leaps up and Sanji counters with Diable Jambe. 

13 (6)

Jajji blocks and grabs Sanji. He slams him to the ground and kicks Sanji with his electrified foot. He uses his shoe blaster against Sanji. Sanji uses Diable Jambe again, as Jajji commands his men to create a wall to block it. Sanji hesitates and Jajji takes advantage of the situation, piercing his agents body sending Sanji flying backward. Reiju aids Sanji, healing his wounds. Jajji tells him that the Germa 66 would give up their lives for him. 

16 (6)

Jajji explains that the alliance with Big Mom, is a guarantee of  their conquest of the North Blue. He reveals that he doesn’t want to lose his most “precious sons,” and he rather sacrifice Sanji. While distracted, Sanji is trapped by Reiju. She places a “World Noble,” collar on his wrists to prevent him from escaping. This chapter of One Piece was well done. I was shocked to see that Sanji has learned Haki. His relationship with his family seemed obviously due to childhood abuse. I wonder if Sanji will sacrifice his hands for his freedom. I don’t think Luffy will allow it. 


Weekly Shonen (07/11/16)



Chapter 003 – The Chuunin exam begins

“I will walk a different path from my Papa and become the Hokage.” – Sarada

As mentioned in previous post the Boruto series is starting with a retelling of the Boruto movie. The art style either got better or I have become accustom to it. Regardless, I didn’t dislike the art as much. I really liked the son of Gaara, Shiki. He seemed to be the perfect combination of his uncle, Kankuro and his father. He can use the Puppet Technique and Iron sand. However, his siblings are stylistically afterthoughts. While they are considered to be great talents, especially Yodo, they seem to be simplistically designed compared to Shiki. 


  • Shiki is confident in his teams abilities
  • We see Metal Lee train and he’s a lot like his father
  • Sasuke teaches Boruto, “Shurikenjutsu.”
  • Sai and Shikamaru are Chuunin exam administers
  • Boruto “cheats” with Kote during the exam


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Chapter 681 – The End two world

“We’d come to repay our debt to him” – Ginjo

Yhwach enters the portal leaving, Ichigo in “despair.” The fight was a major disappointment. I don’t know what the point of restoring Ichigo’s Bankai. Yhwach will simply destroy it again right? Of course this is Bleach and we know that Ichigo will become strong enough, simply because he can. I did find Haschwalth reaction to Yhwach “betraying” him. I think he has accepted his fate but may still want Yhwach to lose. I was surprised that Tsukishima and Ginjo returned. I hope Ichigo’s next encounter with Yhwach goes better.


  • Yhwach shatters Renji’s Shikai
  • Haschwalth offer’s to transfer Uryu’s wounds to himself
  • Together with Orihime, Tsukishima restore Ichigo’s Bankai

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Weekly Shonen (06/26/16)

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Chapter 679


Yhwach states that “The Almighty,” “allows him to transform the future.” He states that “it is no different from Ichigo and Orihime’s powers because he can also influence only what he can see, which is the entirety of fate.” Yhwach says that “Ichigo has only been able to overcome his despair and change his fate up until now because he was there.” He dares Ichigo to change his fate and he will “chop it down.

05 (5)

Meanwhile, we shift to Haschwalth verses Uryu. He reveals his Schrift is “The Balance.” This ability “allows him to distribute misfortune to the fortunate and redirect all misfortune that would occur to him into his Freund Schild, a shield on his arm.” Uryu asks Haschwalth “if he wants to see his Schrift.” Haschwalth assumes that Uryu would have used his Schrift by now, if it would have won him the battle. Uryu reveals it’s name as “The Antithesis.” His wounds disappear and reappear on Haschwalth.

08 (1)

He explains his ability, “to reverse something that has already happened between two targets, such as damage inflicted.” Haschwalth surprisingly says that his ability “may be the only power capable of stopping Yhwach.” Uryu is shocked, he wants to know “if this has something to do with the true power of The Almighty. Uryu attempts to leave the area. Haschwalth uses “The Balance” to reverse the damage Uryu sent back to him earlier. He notes that his ability is a poor match up for Uryu.

03 (7)

Yhwach dominates Ichigo, grabbing him by the head. He’s surprised by Ichigo’s lack of fight. Yhwach drops him, then claims “that all Ichigo accomplished was providing him with some entertainment before preparing to take back the power he had given to Ichigo.”  So far this fight is underwhelming. It’s clear that Ichigo is going to be “saved.” I am going to assume his father saves him and Uryu’s father does the same for his son. The fact that Ichigo’s new Bankai was so easily defeated, but I wonder what Kubo will do to save Ichigo from Yhwach’s broken powers.


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One Piece

Chapter 830

He Who Gets Bet On

Jinbe informs the Sun Pirates that he wants to “join the Straw Hat Pirates because he believed Luffy would become Pirate King and bring peace to Fishman Island.” Much to his surprise and pleasure he receives an unanimous, yes. The Fishmen, however are concerned with Big Mom’s reaction. Fellow fishman Aladine, is slated to be married to Charlotte Praline, the 29th daughter of the Charlotte Family.

0021 (1)

She yells at him assuming he would abandon her. Jinbe asked Praline “if they would incur Big Mom’s wrath by leaving, and she replied that nobody who has tried to leave has survived.” Presently, Big Mom talks to Jinbe about his cutting ties with her, she says “that she will lose a valuable and powerful resource, so it is only right that Jinbe loses something as well.” A roulette wheel is spun, featuring images of “arms, legs, heads, and crowns on the slots.”

005 (1)

Luffy and the others wait for daylight on “a solid sea of sweet syrup.” Pedro says “that the sea will start flowing again at daybreak but has frozen for the night, and the team tries to unfreeze it.” Carrot reveals that Pedro “was once a pirate with Pekoms,” although Pedro says “he only accompanied Pekoms halfway.” Pedro said that they were on a mission to find poneglyphs for Nekomamushi. Pedro states that “he had heard Nekomamushi and Inuarashi showed the Straw Hats the Road Poneglyph on Zou, which surprised him, as they had not shown it to strangers since 26 years ago when they showed it to the Roger Pirates.”


Pedro fells that this shows that Nekomamushi and Inuarashi have faith in the Straw Hats. He tells them “that Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph will be useful to them after they defeat Kaido, thus they should steal it while they are here.” He asks Luffy to “buy him time to sneak in and steal it while they rescue Sanji,” Luffy agrees. The following morning the crew arrive at Whole Cake Island. Nami intends to go past the security, and Luffy sees someone standing on the coast. This chapter was exciting mainly because the prospect of Jinbe joining the Straw Hat crew. This feels right and I hope it actual happens. Clearly, Jinbe might lose a limb to do it. I think that he will be willing to do so.



My Hero Academia

Chapter 96

Home Visit

The Hero Billboard Chart JP, (a chart that tabulates the rankings of Pro Heroes in Japan twice per year).They announce that “All Might’s true form has had Japan and even the Hero Headquarters in America are in an uproar.” They also announce that All Might will be retiring. Best Jeanist, the Number Four Hero, is taking a sabbatical from Hero duties. The Number 32 Hero, Ragdoll Quirk was stolen, altered and is now considered to be “unfit for duty and thus her Pro Hero career has been put on hold indefinitely.”

003 (1)

At U.A, Mr Principal thanks All Might for defeating All For One. He points out “that since All Might is no longer able to fight, the parents’ of the U.A students as well as society are anxious and worried about the safety of the children.” Mr Principal and Blood King will visit “the parents of Class 1-B while Shouta and All Might will visit the parents of Class 1-A as part of the plan.” He plans on changing U.A to a boarding school.


Shouta and All Might visit Kyouka Jirou’s house, Mr Jirou is concerned about “his daughter being put in harm’s way under U.A’s supervision and isn’t too fond of sending her daughter to U.A’s dormitories. Shouta admits that U.A has been negligent in their duties and vows to correct them as well as raise Kyouka into a fine Hero.” Kyouka, reveals that tells her father has “already agreed to the relocation of the students after seeing All Might’s fight with All For One, happy that her daughter will grow into a powerful Hero like All Might.”

009 (1)

Shouta and All Might then visit the home of Katsuki Bakugou. His mother agrees to the U.A’ students’ relocation, they begin arguing with each other while his father tries to calm them down. Katsuki’s mother notes that “Katsuki’s rashness along with his gifted abilities, has resulted in him being pampered and getting shallow praise for what he has which has resulted in his arrogant nature.”However, his mother is happy that “Shouta sees her son for who he is instead of his gifted abilities.” As they leave the Bakugou household, Katsuki asks All Might “what Izuku is to him.” All Might lies, telling Katsuki that “Izuku is a student to him who has great potential just like Katsuki.” Katsuki doesn’t seems satisfied but goes inside and thanks All Might.

011 (2)

All Might visit’s Izuku’s home alone. This leaves Shouta to visits the rest of Class. All Might talks to Izuku and his mother. He asks Izuku’s mother for her permission to send Izuku to the U.A dorms. However, she is against it. She explains that “she is worried about her son since his Quirk damages him rather than helps him and is deeply concerned about her son’s future as a Pro Hero after witnessing All Might’s brutal battle, unable to bear the fact that Izuku will also have to face such bloody battles with no hope possibility of full recovery. Inko states that she has no confidence in U.A and is unable to entrust her son to them.”


I think that Katsuki is jealous of Izuku relationship with All Might, and this might become a larger problem. He may even become a villain or anti-hero as a result. It was surprising that Izuku mother refused to allow him to attend. Although, lets be honest All Might will end up training him anyway. However, his mother has a point. If his Quirk damages him, how can he have more taxing battles and be alright. It’s a question that I will be interested in hearing the answer to.


Weekly Shonen (06/05/16)



Chapter 002 – Training Begins

Sasuke contemplates taking on Boruto as a disciple. He challenges Boruto to perform the Rasengan. Confident, Boruto see’s no challenge in this. Sasuke flashes back to a conflict he has with 2 Otsutsuki clan members. The following morning Boruto awakens Konohamaru, he ask’s him to teach him the Rasengan.

03 (3)

He agree’s to teach him. Boruto instantly takes a dislike to the training, but he does learn the Rasengan. The size of his Rasengan is disproportionately small compared to normal. This infuriates him and he throws the Rasengan and leaves. Sarada tells her father that he’s being too strict. He tells her he intends on training Boruto.

05 (3)

Boruto runs into Katasuke, and tells him the situation he’s having. Katasuke offers him the Kote as a solution. Boruto uses the Kote to generate a normal Rasengan. Sasuke isn’t fooled, but doesn’t let Boruto know it. Over a bond fire Boruto asks Sasuke what Naruto’s “weakness” was. Sasuke tells him that Naruto is “full of weaknesses,” but he managed to overcome them.

27 (1)

Sarada, Mitsuki and Boruto meet and discuss their intention to participate in the chuunin exam. Meanwhile, Kinshiki and Momoshiki defeat Killer B and absorb his chakra. They detect Kurama within Naruto and decided to attack him next. This series so far is just a retelling of the Boruto movie. If you saw the movies this series so far is probably a disappointment.


At this rate we won’t get new content until 5 or 6 chapters. That means months, considering the fact that this series is released on a monthly basis. In addition to that the art is still not good enough for me. I will continue with the series however, I have high hopes for the series.


02-03 (1)


Chapter  676 – Horn of Salvation

Orhime notices Ichigo’s new form. She remembers his form from his fight with Ulquiorra. She calls to him and he responds with a smile. He reassures her that he’s still the same. Yhwach notices that Ichigo has combined the power’s of a Quincy and Hollow. However, he must maintain balance or lose control.

10-11 (2)

Ichigo destroys the top of the palace. Yhwach call’s his power “magnificent.” He successfully block’s Ichigo’s attacks. Ichigo responds by using Gran Rey Cero, cutting Yhwach. This chapter read quickly. Visually, I don’t like Ichigo’s new form. I feel’s lazy and the one horn seems strange. His abilities however are cool and I will be interested in seeing more of them. This fight is far from over, but I like the way it started.

16-17 (3)

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One Piece

Chapter 828 – 1 and 2

Luffy and the others learn that Purin is one of Big Mom’s daughters and that she’s engaged to marry Sanji. Purin is surprised to learn that Luffy and the others are Sanji’s crew-mates. She warns them that “they will be killed if Big Mom discovers their presence.” Purin reveals some details of the Charlotte Family. She says “the Charlotte Family is compromised of 129 people (Big Mom, her 43 husbands, 39 daughters and 46 sons), and that Big Mom’s children have all been raised to understand that she will arrange their marriages to grow the strength of her crew.

02 (4)

Chopper ask Purin “if she had met Sanji yet. Purin is flustered by the question and blushes, responding that she had met him once.” Pedro suggests “binding and gagging” Purin so she won’t reveal that they are in Totland. Purin shows a map to Sanji, she tells the Strawhat’s that she doesn’t wish to get in Sanji’s way. They are stunned to hear that “Sanji turned down a woman.” Luffy even beings to cry. She arranges to bring Sanji to the Strawhats. However, she warns them that “Big Mom will never willingly let Sanji go.”

09 (1)

The Strawhat’s return to Thousand Sunny. Pekoms disappears and leaves a warning telling them to “turn back.” Luffy doesn’t care and he tells everyone that they “will continue ahead.” On Broccoli Island, Germa 66, ends a war in a manner of a few hours. They retrieve their payment for defeating they enemies of the victorious side. The Vinsmokes learn that “Sanji has already arrived on Whole Cake Island.” The elder Vinsmoke says that “he can’t wait to see Sanji again, but is called out as a liar by the other. They promise to arrive on Whole Cake Island on the day before the wedding.

15 (2)

The Germa 66 are clearly ruthless. I think this will infuriate Luffy at some point. Big Mom family is interesting, and I hope we get to see some of her powers more in-depth. I think Purin may join the Strawhat’s as Sanji’s wife or she will die saving him. Regardless, Sanji will likely have to face-off against his siblings.

16-17 (4)


Weekly Shonen (5/2/16) Recap & Review

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One Piece

Chapter 825

The WE times comic strip


Vito explains Germa 66 

Monster Gun “Vito” explains how he admires Germa 66. He reveals that there is a comic, Sora, Warrior of the sea. It is published by the government in the “World Economic Times.” He implies that the comic is likely a source of government propaganda, design to manipulate young children into idolizing the Marines.

03 (1)

The Strawhat’s need Sanji

It can be easy to forget that the Strawhat’s travel by sea. Mainly, due to the fact that they spend most of their time on land. However, Sanji’s value is reveal in how Luffy massively, failed to make a satisfying meal and used too much food to do so. Furthermore, when Luffy catches a large fish, his ignorance of cuisine leaves the crew in danger as they consume the poison skin of the fish.


The story has been progressing slowly in this chapter, however we get some more information regarding the Germa 66, the Firetank Pirates and Big Mom’s ship. Luffy becoming poisoned is clearly going to become a hindrance to the Strawhat’s success. Sanji’s seems to have moved past his “love” of his soon to be bride, and declares that he will not be marring anyone. Overall, another good chapter.




Chapter 672

Son of Darkness

Gerard lives

Gerard has taken a beating from three captains and still lives. This latest form appears to be his last. Hitsugaya and Kenpachi seem at their limits, however, there are other Shinigami left to fight mainly Byakuya.

Ishida is down

While I’m confident in Ishida’s ability, I never though he would fail to lay a scratch on Haschwalth. Anyway, there’s no way he dies so it will be interesting who comes to his rescue.


The final battle begins

Ichigo and Yhwach are going to start their inevitable battle. What surprised me was Ichigo apparent belief that Orhime is going to be important to his victory. I highly doubt that she will factor in that much. However, he powers were always unique and may help in blocking Yhwach’s ability to “see” the future.


I already predicted that Gerard would die yet. I was right. While Kenpachi and Hitsugaya may be exhausted, I think Byakuya has more than enough strength to continue. I’m excited to see his “new” Bankai. Shinji, Rukia and Renji are also still able to fight. I think that they may not be necessary but could help if needed. While, I usually dislike switching from fights, I think in this case it was refreshing. The main question I have remaining is, What’s Orihime suppose to do?



Weekly Shonen (4/10/16)

011 (6)

One Piece

Chapter 822

Descending the elephant

Zunisha’s wound is bandaged by Chopper. Miyagi wonders where Zunisha’s is going, and wants to ask it. Meanwhile, in Kurau City Momonosuke tells Kin’emon that “he wants to stay behind on Zou, to communicate with Zunisha and learn more about the Kozuki family. Kin’emon is understanding, but say’s that there are some people are waiting for him in Wano country. Inurashi offers to protect Momonosuke from Kaido. Kin’emon states that there will be four separate teams.

09 (12)

Luffy’s team will rescue Sanji, Kin’emon’s team will return to Wano country, Nekomamushi’s team will find Marco, and Momonosuke and Inurashi will remain on Zou. The team’s will communicate via Den Den Mushi’s that Franky will make. At the Whale forest, Pekom’s home is destroyed and he call’s to Luffy from underneath some rubble. He tell’s Luffy, that he ate the, “Kame Kame no Mi,” devil fruit. He was given the a shell made out of diamond as a result.

05 (9)

Pedro offers his services to Luffy and joins his team. Usopp gives Nami an upgraded clima-tact, which includes all of Nami’s weathering devices. When it’s time to go Luffy, shocks everyone by jumping off of the Zou with Sanji’s rescue squad in his arms. Finally, we see Nefertart Vivi as she and her father head to sea. This chapter moves the story along nicely. It’s revealed to us which devil fruit Pekom’s consumed. We are also told that Franky will be building new weapons to fight Kaido, Zoro will find some Samurai for Luffy and Nami receiving her Clima-tact. I think it’s clear that all of these factors will play into the future battles. it will be interesting to see how Luffy’s team will successfully infiltrate Big Mom’s ship.

17 (15)

01 (16)



Chapter 669

Yaiba 2

Kenpachi, uses Bankai causing a massive explosion of energy. Kenpachi is revealed to now have, red skin, an altered sword and horns. Gerard is unimpressed, and punches toward Kenpachi. He responds by biting Gerard’s knuckle and tearing off his arm. Gerard remind’s Kenpachi that his arm will regenerate. Kenpachi doesn’t respond, and cuts Gerard’s shield in half, taking his forearm as well., Kenpachi overpower’s Gerard, cutting him in half vertically.

02 (18)

Kenpachi’s Bankai was surprising. No one could have predicted his new “demonic” form. However, most Bankai’s add something more that increasing the power and speed of the shinigami. I think a lot of fan’s will be disappointed. Ichigo’s Bankai change his Zanpakuto’s from a larger sword to a smaller one. As for the change in appearance, Ichigo, Rukia and Renji all change there appearance when they use their Bankai. Granted it’s not as dramatic as Kenpachi’s change. Overall, Kenpachi’s Bankai looks cool. With Kenpachi finally revealing his Bankai, that leaves Shinji, Yumichika, The Zero squad (never confirmed dead), Aizen and Ichigo’s new Bankai.

08 (7)

Weekly Shonen (3/31/16)


Fairy Tail

Chapter 479

Who you should show the

greatest respect to is.


I criticized the previous chapter for neglecting Lucy and not allowing her to fight on her own. However, she does shine in this chapter. Natsu and Lucy take on Jacob and he dominates them in hand to hand. Jacob decides to destroy the guild with his ability. Lucy tells Jacob that his comrade’s, “Brandish and Lackey”.

15 (8)

He release them and Lucy quickly took advantage and used Gemini spirit. She clones Lackey, receiving some criticism from the other because Lackey isn’t strong. However, she has a different plan in mind. She uses “Marin’s “Rules of the Area” to cancels out Jacob’s “Transport.” This results in the entire guild returning. Natsu defeats Jacob with Blaze Dragon King’s Demolition Fist. I really like this chapter it was a quick fight, but I like the cleverness of Lucy.

18-19 (1)



One Piece

Chapter 821


It seem completely logical to me that Zunisha, could “speak.” I mean this is One Piece after all. Jack’s plan of attack made sense, but his assumption that a giant elephant didn’t. Luffy’s connection to previous great warrior’s in One Piece (Gol D. Roger, Kozuki Oden) wasn’t too surprising. However, Momonosuke’s connection was, although he is the son of Oden.


Regardless, Zunisha’s story was interesting, but we didn’t get details. Momonosuke finally gives Zunisha’s the order to attack. Zunisha uses it’s massive trunk to demolish, Captain Jack and his crew. After everything calms down, Luffy announces that the Strawhats will be departing. Finally, we see Scratchmen Apoo as he informs Kaido that they lost contact with Jack.


Another solid One Piece chapter. The climax of this arc ended surprisingly quickly. However, I doubt Captain Jack is dead. While, I enjoyed this arc I’m glad we are moving on. I’m excited to see what happens with Luffy, the Strawhat’s and the Yonko Big Mom and Kiado. Luffy intent’s to avoid them, but I doubt he will especially if you consider his personality.



04 (10)


Chapter 668

Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Personally, I find Gerard’s power silly. Many of the abilities of the Sternritter’s where like his (in term’s of plausibility). According to him, Gerard’s power The Miracle “gives form to the desires and emotions of the masses, which is what increased his size and made Hoffnung unbreakable.” Hitsugaya wastes his time trying to “help,” but does take notice of Kenpachi’s removal of his eye patch.

01 (15)

The “plan,” Byakuya and Hitsugaya formed was obviously doomed from the start. Nobody is going to get in Kenpachi’s way. Gerard, finally gets the upper hand an knocks Kenpachi to the ground. Yachiru Kusajishi appears, she tells Kenpachi that “that the fun has only just started,” and “that Kenpachi would be able to cut down anyone if he used her properly.” Kenpachi finally uses his Bankai.

16 (4)

Some might criticize Kubo for ignoring the standards the he created for obtaining a Bankai. Considering the fact that:

To achieve Bankai, one must be able to materialize and subjugate their Zanpakuto spirit. Materialization means the opposite of getting dragged into the Zanpakutō’s inner world: the wielder needs to summon the Zanpakutō’s spirit into the physical world. It usually takes 10 years or more to achieve, plus the experience needed to master it. Despite the Zanpakutō spirit being subjugated for their Shinigami to learn Bankai, the Zanpakutō also becomes stronger and learns Bankai at precisely the moment their Shinigami learns it. Even though Bankai is the final stage of a Zanpakutō, it does not mean the Shinigami’s growth ends there. A Bankai, especially one recently obtained, can evolve even further as its Shinigami gets stronger.

Bleach Wiki

However, two characters have been able to achieve Bankai in an alternate manner.

Ichigo Kurosaki and Kisuke Urahara are the only known individuals who have attained Bankai through a far shorter, yet much more dangerous method. Using a special device created by Urahara, which forcibly materializes a Zanpakutō spirit (thus bypassing a large portion of the training), they attained their Bankai within three days instead of the normal hundreds of years. After successfully testing the device and achieving Bankai, Urahara stated training by using this method for more than three consecutive days could prove to be fatal, which is why Ichigo was forced to achieve his own Bankai within three days.

Considering, that both Urahara and Ichigo are war potentials like Kenpachi, it makes sense that he could achieve bankai differently. He has already been established as a Shinigami of extraordinary ability, often defying logic. It will be interesting to see how his Bankai and relationship to Yachiru are explained. Most importantly I can’t wait to see Kenpachi’s Bankai.

17 (12)

Weekly Shonen (02/11/16)


Fairy Tail

Chapter 472

Laxus vs Wahl

Laxus strikes Wahl sending him flying. Wahl counters by fusing copper and zinc into nine bullets. He fires them at Laxus, who destroys them with lightning. Gray and the others notice, Wahl analyzes Laxus and notices something regarding his organs. He asks him, “how is he still alive”. He claims that lightning will do nothing to effect him. Ezra and Kagura head to the “port”, to defeat one of the 12 Spriggan.


The Sky Sisters faced off against Dimaria, she claims she could kill them both with a “snap of her fingers.” Wahl and Laxus continue to battle and he completes his analyzes of Laxus. He concludes that he is “afflicted by large quantities of magic barrier particles”, however, Laxus is still top tier in Fairy Tail. He transforms into his assault mode and estimates that it would take only 90 seconds to defeat Laxus.  As Assault Wahl begins his attack while Laxus clutches his chest in pain.


It seems apparent that Laxus is destined to die during this war. I don’t know why but I have a good feeling about this. He of course is going to defeat Wahl. I think that this fight could be epic. As for the other fights have been set up and look to be interesting. Anyway, I can’t wait and wonder how cool Red Lightning is going to be.



One Piece

Chapter 816

Dog vs Cat

Franky, Robin, and Brooke rush to stop the Samurai. Meanwhile, Duke Inuarashi is alerted to Samurai from the Bariete’s bells. He heads to the Capital, as the Samurai assume the bell is to welcome them. Kinemon and Kanjuro meet up with Momonosuke. In the Whale forest, Luffy and the others are running to stop the big trouble that results from when Master Nekomamushi and his army clash with the samurai. Nekomamushi arrives in Claw city looking for the samurai.

08 (1)

However, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi spot each other. They become distracted, allowing the Straw Hats to reach the samurai. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi exchange barbs, then blows. Kinemon shouts for them to stop, revealing himself in the process. He asks them “where Raizou is,” Nekomamushi and Inuarashi stop fighting and bow in front of Kinemon. They state that “Raizou is safe,” shocking the Strawhat’s. The minks apologies to the Strawhat’s for lying, but they were willing to allow their kingdom to be destroyed to protect their friend.


This chapter was very surprising. We  assumed that Raizou was an enemy and so were the samurai. This chapter played with that fact and I was anticipating a battle between the samurai, Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, and the Strawhats. However, if you consider the work that the Strawhat’s did gaining the trust of the minks, I would be strange to destroy that so quickly. Anyway, the fact that Raizou was there the whole time was surprising. Finally, who is Raizou.

10 (4)


Chapter 662

God of Thunder 3

Askin decries the fact that he can’t die. He asks Yoruichi her opinion as she is clearly in disarray. He reveals that she was caught in a “giftball”, of Reishi, oxygen, and nitrogen. She appears to be unable to breathe and can barely move. Askin is surprise that she is still living at all. Yoruichi believes that Askin was going easy on her. He denies this, implying that she is just that powerful. She looks toward her brother who clearly isn’t in good shape. Askin gets close to her, proving her inability to move.

09 (2)

Urahara arrives just in time and comments on her ass. She responds by kicking him in the jaw. She chastises him for objectifying her, he concedes that he was vulgar. Askin and Urahara exchange pleasantries, as Askin reveals that Urahara is one of the “exceptional ones.” Yoruichi, springs into action, Askin is unsure what Urahara did. He remembers that Yhwach told him that “there are 5 battle powers belonging to exceptional individuals.” Ichigo has a “latent ability,” Kenpachi has “fighting strength,” Ichibee has “wisdom,” Aizen has “reiatsu,” and Urahara has “means.”

13 (3)

Askin calls Urahara the “variable strategist of perpetual adaptation.” Yoruichi asks Urahara what he did, he response sheepishly “it’s a secret.” He gives her “5 mins”, she uses her Raijin Senkei Shunkou. Urahara quickly appears behind her, telling her she should “it.” She refuses to use the “form,” calling it indignant. Urahara calls her decision unfortunate. However, Yoruichi isn’t able to do much of anything towards Askin. Urahara comically presents a sign that reads, “as soon as I peel this off, you’ll transform.” He does and she transforms into Flash God Super Transformation.

17 (5)

Urahara returns finally. It seems that Yoruichi should have been able to defeat Askin on her own, especially considering that she has the Flash God Super Transformation. Although she has been know to be stubborn. The comedy of this chapter was great. I love the dynamic of Urahara and Yoruichi. Askin will likely transform. Whether this results in Urahara being needed to fight or not remain to be seen. However, I really want to see both Yoruichi and Urahara’s Bankai’s. 

Weekly Shonen (01/28/16)


One Piece 

Chapter 814

Let’s go see Master Nekomamushi

Luffy is unsurprisingly shocked. Brooke and the others explains the situation with Sanji. They wonder about his family and what their involvement is. Zoro is less concerned about Sanji and more concerned with Kaidou. He also is upset with Sanji for “bring another Youkon”, into their lives. Luffy suggest that they “ask Sanji” themselves. He suggests that they visit Big Mom.


The Straw hats concluded that they could ask Peko. The head to the Whale Forest to see Nekomamushi and Pekomamushi. Chopper heads to help Nekomamushi and Luffy talks to Pekom. Nekomamushi is chastised by Chopper for his behavior. Nekomamushi didn’t obey Choppers rule to prevent himself from re-injuring himself. He injurers himself and end up back in a hospital bed. Pekom explains that Big Mom and Sanji’s father organized the married.


We find out some surprising news regarding Sanji’s family. The Vinsmoke are a family of Assassins. I think it’s interesting that for so many chapter we haven’t actually gone into the background of Sanji. I don’t think Pekom can be trusted, yet. Would he be leading the Strawhats into a trap or would he actually betray Big Mom?

17 (3)

03 (3)


Chapter 660

The Visible Answer 

Jugram Haschwalth challenges Ishida to “prove” that he is loyal by killing Ichigo and the others. Haschwalth tells Ishida that he can already see how he responds. Ishida attacks Ichigo and he dodges. Ishida collapses the ground underneath, Ichigo and the others. Ichigo asks Ishida why he joined the Quinces. Ishida shows him a “Sun Key and he “explains that it will allow Ichigo and his friends to get down to the Sun Gate connected to the Human World.


He says that he intends to “stay behind and destroy Wahrwelt.” Ishida explains that “the chips he has scattered will activate and obliterate the city.” Ichigo asks him “why he has to do this alone, prompting Ishida to reveal that only his Reiatsu can activate them because they were handed down to him by Soken Ishida.” I think that no one can really be surprise that Ishida “betrayed”, the Quinces. 

13 (1)

However, the fact that Ishida couldn’t predict that Haschwalth would “see” his plans, seems uncharacteristic. He usually is a step ahead, and I’m going to assume that he does actually has a plan to counter Haschwalth sight. I think that the narrative will shift to one of the early fights, before returning to this one. Overall, the chapter just started explaining the plan Ishida has and I’m interested.

17 (2)



Weekly Shonen (1/21/16)


One Piece

Chapter 813

The Tea Party Invitation

Chopper and Nami are stunned at the news of Sanji’s impending nuptials. Sanji wonders why he is being asked to marry now. I appears that Sanji’s family is very well off and organized a sort of arranged marriage. It is revealed that Sanji is expected to marry one of Big Mama’s daughters. Bege suggests that by marrying, the Strawhat crew will be underlings of Big Mama. Sanji dismisses this, as Luffy would never allow it.


Sanji writes a note to the Strawhats, revealing that he won’t be returning. He saves Brooke, Nami, and Chopper from Bege’s castle. Nekomamushi appears behind Bege, he realizes that he’s outmatched and flee’s. Despite what the letter state, Brooke is given the impression that Sanji won’t be returning.


We get a lot more information regarding Sanji’s family background. I think Sanji will be rescued, as it appears that the Zou arc will end soon. Will the “Big Mom” arc be next, hopefully. If I’m correct then we’ll get more information regarding Big Mom, her powers, and her crew. It would be interesting to see Luffy, face off against a Youkon.





Chapter 659

There Will be Frost

We are teased with the arrival of Hitsugaya. He introduces himself and Gerard does the same. True to his usual form Hitsugaya dodges, and instantly uses his Bankai, Daiguren Hyourinmaru. From this point we switch to Uryu, who remembers his father conducting an autopsy on his mother. This revolting event causes Ishida to change his mind about becoming a doctor.


Meanwhile, in the present Haschwalth confronts Ishida. He seems to imply that Ishida is a traitor. He says that he found many little “chips”, Ishida planted all over Wahrwelt. Haschwalth challenges Ishida to prove, “he’s not a traitor” and draws his sword. Ishida moves backward to evade Haschwalth’s attack. He ends up coming face to face with Ichigo. 


I think that Kubo is doing something interesting. In previous fights (Mayuri verses Pernida), he focused on one fight to it’s completion. Now he’s seems to have decided to jump from fight to fight. Doing so he’s setting up several fight simultaneously. I think he will focus on one fight once he establishes the initial contact. I always found the fact that Hitsugaya always favors his Bankai strange. He’s similar to Byakuya in this manner. However, I think he might be better suited to try to fight with his Shikai first.


Weekly Shonen (12/18/25)



Chapter 656

God of Thunder

Askin reveals that Lille was given a special powers by Yhwach. He explains that Schutzstaffel was lead by Lille. Pernida and Gerard weren’t given any special powers and were rumored to be part of the “Spirit King.” He also reveals that Gerard was rumored to be the “Spirit Kings heart.” Askin suspects that they rumors may not actually be true. Askin reveals that he has “defeated” Ichigo, as he lays flat on the ground.


Orihime and Chad arrive to aid him. Chad uses Brazo Derecho de Gigante, but he and Orihime get trapped in Askin’s Poison Pool. He tells them that the “pool” doesn’t kill, but allows him to take advantage of the situation. He explains that he has chosen “Reishi“, resulting in the Chad, Orihime and Ichigo becoming “overcome by the weight of Reishi.” He goes into greater detail regarding his ability, but is interrupted by Yoruichi.


She criticizes him for tell everyone about his powers and suggest that he’s being disrespectful to his opponents. Askin becomes annoyed and attacks her. She easily dodges and activates Shunko, Askin uses his Heilig Bogen, before saying that “a woman’s value lies in her style and presentation.” He shoots two arrows at her and she dodges one and catches the other, throwing it back at him. She connects and then hit Askin with Shunko Raijin Senkei.


I’m excited at the idea that Yoruichi takes on Askin. I’m annoyed at Askin, who seems to explain his powers every-time we see him. Yoruichi hasn’t fought a battle in a long time, and I hope that she does face off against him. Hopefully, she finally uses her Bankai. As for Askin he has so far manage to “defeat“, Ichigo and Grimmjow. How he manages to do so isn’t really a sign of his physical power, but of the nature of his ability. I can’t wait to see if Yoruichi defeats Askin once and for all.



One Piece

Chapter 810

The Curly Hat Pirates Arrive

Jack’s human form is revealed and he looks impressive. Nekomamushi comments on the rarity of the of the ancient form of Zou Zou no Mi. Jack says he is surprised that their are still warriors left on this island. Nekomamushi warns Jack, telling him that he should have left. He says that they have enough “warriors to rival a big nation.” He tells Bepo that he doesn’t need to get involved. Bepo responds that despite being a pirate he is a Mink and he will protect his home.


For 5 nights and days they battle, to a standstill. On the fifth day, Jack finally used the poison gas weapon. The gas quickly spread across the country incapacitating many. Jack took advantage and he and his followers begin torturing the Minks. They constantly ask them the location of the “Warrior from the Wano Country”. On the sixth day, Jack left the island leaving behind some subordinates.


Inu-Arashi tells them that Jack’s leaving was an “act of a savior.” He explains that Jack only left after the country to help Doflamingo. This means that Luffy and the others were indirectly responsible for his departure. In a flashback we see what occurred when the Straw Hat crew arrived. Brooke and Nami save a female squirrel Mink, Tristan. Brooke uses Soul Parade Eisbahn. They arrive to witness the crucified Nekomamushi and Inu-Arashi. Pedro calls out “to the Curly Hats and begs them to heal Inu-Arashi and Nekomamushi, as their injuries are fatal and they cannot be allowed to die.


Based on the events of this battle I highly doubt that Jack is dead. The events were interesting and I think that my interests in who the “Warrior from the Wano Country is.” I think it’s unfortunate that the Strawhat Crew won’t get to face off against Jack and his entire crew. 

16-171 (1)

Weekly Shonen (10/22/15)


One Piece

Chapter 804

Adventure in the Country on the back of an Elephant

Raizou the ninja falls from the sky, knocking Kinemon and Kanjuro off of Ryuunosuke. They quickly announce that they are fine. Ryuunosuke seemed incapable of turning around to retrieve them so the Strawhat crew continue forward. Ryuunosuke struggles to climb the elephant but manages to succeed. It is praised for a valiant effort and appears pleased as it disappears.


Everyone mourn’s Ryuunosuke, except Zoro and Law. Luffy’s marvels at the site of the towns. Zoro and the others notice that the entry gates have been smashed open. The landscape appears to have been destroyed by a large beast. Zoro is quickly attacked by a “Bunny Girl” named Carrot. Carrot attacks Zoro and manage’s to dodge his attack while in mid-air. 


Her fellow “mink’s women”, comes crashing out of the forest. She tells Carrot that the are needed in the “Whale forest”. Usopp realizes that she is wearing Nami’s clothing. This chapter was a nice introduction to the land of Zou. I liked the comedy that appeared in this chapter that is typical of series. The minkmen’s animal like appearance is curious. Are they like the fishmen? Are the devil fruit users? What happened to Nami? I’m getting excited for the future of this arc.






Chapter 648

The Theater Suicided Scene 2

Shunsui finally reveals his Bankai. However, first we get some conflict between Askin and Ichigo. Askin confirms that while he didn’t “kill” Grimmjow, he did defeat him somehow. Clearly, Askin needs to be defeated by someone that fights differently than Grimmjow or Ichigo. I have no idea who that person would be, but Grimmjow’s fighting style does seem to match Askin’s. Anyway, while they were talking the notice a change in the environment. This causes Ichigo to wonder what’s going on with Shunsui.



Meanwhile, Lille appearance changes but notes that the “skies have darkened“. Shunsui asks him to “tell him what the world around him looks like to him“. Lille states that “it has gotten a little darker“. Lille appears unafraid as he flies into the air, he proclaims “that a messenger of God feels no fear“. He breaks off part of the city as he attacks Shunsui. Lille decides that if he kills Shunsui then the effect of the Bankai will end. He is stunned that he has sustained wounds identical to Shunsui’s. Shunsui reveals that this is the first stage (Dan) is called “Hesitating sharing of the wound”. This stage has the effect of causing any wounds that are inflicted on the opponent to be shared and the opponent will be unable to die.



Shunsui quickly activates his second Dan “Bed of Shame”. This stage causes his opponent to be “stricken with an incurable disease”. He then reveals his third Dan, “Dangyo’s Abyss”. Shunsui and Lille are engulfed in a cube of water waiting for their reiatsu to expire. This chapter felt rushed. I could have done without the Askin update. However, we do get to see Shunsui’s Bankai and it is powerful. It appears to counter said power by being a double edge sword. Is this the limit of his Bankai? Are there more Dan’s? Will he die to kill Lille? Hopefully we’ll get an answer in the next few chapters.



Weekly Shonen (6/11/15)


Chapter 700+7

Genetic Slaves

Shin reveals that his “sons“, are “just” genetic clones of himself. He tells Sakura that she worry, as they are “nothing more than expendable substitutes“. Sakura is appalled at Shins treatment of his clones, comparing him to Oorochimaru. Shin reveals that Oorochimaru was once his master. He says that he was one of Oorochimaru test subjects, in order for Oorochimaru to create his own clones. He explains that the clones were created from his “teeth and nerves“, showing that he no longer has any teeth. Meanwhile, Naruto uses Sage mode to try to locate Sakura. He’s unable to sense Sakura’s chakra at all. Sasuke and Naruto explain the theory that Shin was somehow related to Oorochimaru. They decided to bring Sarada and Chocho along with them as they search for Oorochimaru hideout.

Elsewhere, Shin tells Sakura that she “shouldn’t grieve“, he says that “living beings essentially never die“. He explains that “reproductive cells“, help create a “system of perpetually surviving and living on into the future, eternally“. Sakura becomes enraged at Shin’s explanation, he does further explain that its “not just about transmission of genes between parent and child“. He says that “in order for humans to evolve, war is essential“, and this is why “the akatsuki exists”. Naruto, Sasuke and the girls follow Yamato. He tells them that he can’t leave his post, in case Oorochimaru shows up. Sasuke and Naruto meet with Jugo and Suigetsu and a youthful Oorochimaru. Chocho (comically) is uncertain whether Oorochimaru is a man or a woman. Sasuke accuses him of being a part of the scheme. Oorochimaru explains that Shin is “obsessed with Itachi”, though he isn’t an Uchiha. Oorochimaru explains that Shin, ” possesses a very unique physical body which accepts, anything transplanted into it without rejection”.


Oorochimaru says that Shins clones are “like Kage Bunshin that don’t disappear”. Naruto asks him, “what happens when your done using them”. Oorochimaru basically explains that they are like children and if you want them to disappear “you have to kill them”. Oorochimaru explains that “humans are slaves to their genes”, he agrees to help them find Shin. Sarada asks Suigetsu about her “mother”, in which he responded that “he didn’t know that Sasuke was that much of pimp”. He decides to do a DNA test, proving once and for all that Sarada is the child of Sasuke and Karin. Sarada unsurprisingly enraged at the reveal, a tearful tells Naruto that she no longer “gives a shit about” her parents anymore.

Shin’s ability is interesting, and the return of Oorochimaru was a surprise. However, Oorochimaru involvement with Shin wasn’t a surprise in the slightest. The ending of this chapter was very surprising, I didn’t think Sarada would end up being Karin’s daughter. Now I very interested in how that happened. Sakura obviously would know that Sarada isn’t her child (biologically), but considering that Sasuke hasn’t been around his daughter at all may explain why he might not know. Is it possible that Karin gave Sarada to Sakura. Maybe, Oorochimaru tried an experiment to create a clone or child of Sasuke. Karin was always obsessed with Sasuke, maybe she stole some of his DNA somehow and created Sarada. I don’t know, but I’m interested to find out.

07 22


Chapter 630

The Twined Twilight

Grimmjow attacks Askin, stating that “it’s one down”. Askin begins to run out from under the rumble of Grimmjow’s attack. Grimmjow tells him to “get back here”, Askin says he’ll come back “if he promised not to turn him into a lump of flesh”. Grimmjow questions why Askin is running, since he supposedly came to fight. Askin responds that he didn’t “come here to fight, that he came to massacre them”. He says that he planned on doing it stealthily and covertly. Askin asks Grimmjow to join him in killing Ichigo, Grimmjow responds by turning his hands into claws and attacks.

Meanwhile, in Wahrwelt, a member of the Wandenreich “reports the activities of the Schutzstaffel to Haschwalth”. He asks if Uryu was included and wanted to know which way he went. He tells the Wandenreich to follow Uryu. Haschwalth notes that “it was a bad to leave Ishida to his own devices”, he feels that a sternritter should always be watching him. Before the Wandenreich could leave he is killed by Bazz-B. He attacks Haschwalth with Burner Finger One, Haschwalth evades his attack.

05 10

He notes that the damage to his body wasn’t due to enemies but from Yhwach’s Auswaehlen. Haschwalth explains that “it was genocide”, so lost “their Quincy: Vollständig or their lives depending on whether or not they managed to avoid the beams of light”. Haschwalth claims to have sympathy for Bazz-B, but he’s not buying that. Bazz-B uses his Burner Finger Two,  Bazz-B notes that “Haschwalth will gain Yhwach’s power and proclaims his intention to kill him along with Yhwach’s power”, he then begins a flashback recalling his childhood.

Let’s just be clear Bazz-B is going to get slaughtered, by Haschwalth. The flashback is going to be the death curtain so to speak. However, we might be able to get a glimpse of Haschwalth powers. Grimmjow verses Askin might be interesting, considering how their fight styles are very different. Haschwalth mistrust of Uryu makes sense, I certainly expect that he will betray Yhwach at some point. This chapter was quick and didn’t really expand on the story, but set up the battle between Bazz-B and Haschwalth.

06 (1) 15

Weekly Shonen (6/4/15)


Chapter 629

Gate of the Sun

Yhwach explains why he will be calling his new castle Wahrwelt (New world Castle), Haschwalth states that “he will ensure all the intruders are killed so Yhwach does not have to see them“. Meanwhile, Shunsui and Urahara comment on the appearance of Wahrwelt, they say that its “gaudy” and designed to be intimidatingAs they begin to head towards the castle Urahara notices Mayuri is missing. Mayuri leaves a doorway, noting “that it will be easier for him to move on his own with Nemu“. He is surprised when Kenpachi appears behind him, he explains that he had “missed the first entrance” and “is glad that Mayuri opened the door again“. Kenpachi notes that “he might cut Mayuri by accident“. Mayuri responds that going their separate ways “means that he doesn’t have to concern himself with inept, incorrigible simpletons as they dig their own graves”.



Kenpachi response was “just who these simpletons“, Mayuri says (with his usual thinly veil insult), “if you use that brain of your you’ll figure it out“. Ichigo’s group moves toward the castle, Ichigo comments on “how odd it is that they cannot form footholds with Reishi“. Sado suggest that “they move in groups after having lost the element of surprise”, Grimmjow says that “more people will only make their movements easier to spot“. As Ichigo notes that someone has arrived, Askin decries his luck “for getting Ichigo’s group”, he is attacked by Grimmjow. Meanwhile, Bazz-B ,Liltotto and Giselle notes that “the Gate of the Sun is still standing” before saying that “they will put an end to both Yhwach and Haschwalth“.

08 01 (3)


One Piece

Chapter 789


The civilians of Dressrosa continue pushing the Birdcage, the Royal Plateau begins getting “carved up”. King Riku and Tank Lepanto assist in the pushing and Riku “commends everyone for helping save Dressrosa“. Rebecca tells Viola “to stop attacking Doflamingo“. Viola uses a “roundhouse kick” on Doflamingo, but he blocks it and states “that he would not hesitate to kill Viola despite her once being a Donquixote Pirate“. Doflamingo takes over Viola and Rebecca, using her to attempt to kill Viola. They implore Doflamingo to stop, he mocks them in return. The Birdcage, has continued to shrink limiting were they can move. The Colosseum gladiators continue pushing on Bartolomeo’s barrier, and Kyros wonders “where Rebecca is“.

01 15

Gatz uses a Den Den Mushi and broadcasts his voice across all of “Dressrosa”. Gatz reminds everyone of “the star of that day’s Corrida Colosseum tournament“. Cavendish finally realizes that Law is gone. Gatz reminds Dressrosa of the accomplishments of “Lucy”. Rebecca begs for Lucy help, Gatz also reveals that Lucy is Monkey D. Luffy. He recalls the takeover of Dressrosa ten years ago by the Donquixote Pirates. He tells everyone that, “Luffy has promised to knock out Doflamingo in one blow“. The citizens cheer in response and Gatz taunts Doflamingo, he calls him “a false king and telling him that Dressrosa would be his execution ground“. Gatz then says that “it will only be ten seconds before Luffy comes back“.

12 04

Meanwhile, as the effects of the Teardelions wear off, Hajrudin, Dagama and Ideo begin to pass out. Mansherry begins to cry regretting “giving them false hope“, but Kabure tells her that “she has saved many lives with her powers“. Doflamingo stabs Gatz using a “sheet of string“. Gatz falls as a result of his attack, Rebecca reaches Viola, who tells “her crying niece that she would not hate her for this and that she did nothing wrong“. Law uses his powers to “switch” Luffy with Viola, he breaks her sword with his forehead. Doflamingo screams out Luffy’s name.




Chapter 700+6

Unevolving Species

Uchiha Shin uses his Sharigan to guide the weapons towards Sasuke. Sasuke deflects them with his sword, he stabs at Shin. Shin grabs the sword letting his son gain an advantage to get a attack that was successful. Sasuke uses his Rinnegan to switches places with Shin, he uses Katon Goukakyuu no jutsu. The elder shin uses his son to take the majority of the damage from the attack. Shin comments on the ability of Sasuke’s eyes, he finally names himself as Uchiha Shin. Sarada comments that “he had the same name as his son“. Sasuke tells Naruto to “take care of the children“, Sasuke attempts to attack, but Shin “manipulates his sword to attack Naruto“.

01 (1) 02


Naruto claims that he will be fine, he’s shocked that Shin’s ability worked against Sasuke’s sword. He deactivates his cloak releasing the weapons. Shin uses them to attack Sarada, Sasuke shield’s his daughter with his body, he ends up being paralyzed by them. Shin claims that a “species which doesn’t evolve will inevitably be destroyed“, before attacking Sasuke. Sakura arrives striking him with her strength and saving them. Sakura apologizes to Sarada, but Sasuke says “he’s the one who should be apologizing“. The Jubii like creature uses the space time jutsu to teleports the two Shins along with Sakura to their base. The elder Shin asks Sakura to transplant his injured son’s liver to repair the damage she caused.

12 (1) 08 (1)

Weekly Shonen (5/28/15)


One Piece

Chapter 788

How I fight

We start this chapter, 3 minutes before the bird cage reaches the central district. The citizens begin to panic as the speed of the contraction of the cage increases. The Colosseum gladiators aim to that out Doflamingo, along with the cage. Doflamingo tells them to “bring him Straw-hat“. Gatz concludes that it is likely that there will be many casualties, but he will not “hand Luffy over”, until he recovers. Gatz looks surprised as Law arrives, telling Gatz that he will take care of Luffy. Meanwhile, at the southeast part of town (Sebio), Bartolomeo uses his barrier to help the gladiators push against the cage. Robin and Leo join in to aid, Mansherry releases “Teardelions” (fruits created from her tears). They are able to heal instantly, as they float through the air landing on the citizens. However, the healing effect is limited and the healed will return to their original injured state. Mansherry flies through the sky on the back of Kabu, spreading her tears further.


Hack and Usopp appear in front of the citizens. He tells all the citizens “who still have strength left to go to the eastern and western streets to help push the Birdcage“. He tells them to “believe in his friends“. Rebecca is searching for Doflamingo, she see Viola standing in front of him. She warns Rebecca to “not get any ideas“, Doflamingo asks her what is she here for. Viola decides that she will face off against Doflamingo, stating that “one of them are going to die today“. Franky and the dwarves continue to push against the cage, Zoro, Kin’emon, and Kanjuro use their haki embedded swords. Zoro states that “the Birdcage is probably slowing down“, he hears someone walking behind them. Issho arrives to help, stating that “he will help them“. Marines aid in the efforts and so do the citizens. Suddenly, the Birdcage stops, it quickly begins moving again. However, everyone has gained hope as Rebecca calls for Viola, with Luffy still needing one minute.




Chapter 700+5

The World to Come

Sasuke attacks Sarada, teary eyed and frightened she yells “Dad”. Stunned Sasuke realizes that it was his daughter. Naruto arrives chastising Sarada for leaving on her own. Sasuke yells at Naruto for “bring children with him“. Chocho thinks that Sasuke must be her father, due to his looks and attitude. Sarada tells Sasuke that she has something to ask him. She asks him if Sakura is her “real mom”. Shizune fills Sakura in on the situation, telling her that she needs to head to the  mountain pass. Sasuke asks her “what happened”, she appears angered at this question. She says that Sasuke is “never around”, and it would “kill him to spent time with her and her mother“.  She asks “what he has been doing this entire time”, he tells her it “doesn’t concern her”. Sarada runs out, Naruto, flashes back to a meeting between the Kages.


Sasuke reveals his concern regarding Kaguya and the White Zetsu. He says that he investigated any traces or remnants of Kaguya. He says that he found that a “ninja gave birth to the white zetsu”. He says that this could mean a potential threat greater than Kaguya. The Kages decides that they shouldn’t alert the general public yet, because its just conjecture. Sasuke decides to go at it alone and conduct a secret mission. Naruto asks Sarada to listen to him, he tells her that Sasuke is a “ninja, greater than any other”. Meanwhile, Shin’s father reveals his face as they head to the revival of the Akatsuki. Shin appears behind Naruto and Sarada, attacking. Naruto counters the attack, Shin’s father rushes forward, but Sasuke blocks his way.




Chapter 628

New World Orders

Shiji is shocked that they are in Wandenreich City, not the royal palace. Urahara confirms that the location is indeed the royal palace based on the coordinates. Shunsui, clarifies stating that “the royal palace as we know it got destroyed“. Shunsui then confirms that Yhwach has reached a new level of power. Sui-Feng points out how “the streets seem to go around something and how there is nothing above them“. Sui-Feng states “the palace has fallen and Yhwach has everything in his hands“. Yoruichi explains that because they were in the Garganta, they were spared the effects of Yhwach’s power. Yoruichi sense’s her brother, to the surprise of Ichigo and his friends.


Yushiro attempts to leave to go meet Yoruichi, only he fails to create footholds and falls. Renji catches him and Byakuya notes that “they will likely find it hard to create footholds out of Reishi here because the Reishi concentration is much higher than it was before“. He suggests that it was “likely altered to favor the Quincies“. When Byakuya states “that the Soul King is likely dead“, Shunsui acknowledges the reishi of Ichigo and the others. He also notes that “they merely need to defeat Yhwach and find another Soul King“. He tells the Gotei 13 to “move out”, before they move a new tower emerges. Yhwach is informed of the arrival of Ichigo, the others and the Gotei 13. Yhwach seems to ignore this information, as he calls his new castle Wahrwelt.

17 (1)



I think this weeks chapters were light on serious action, but a three stories progressed nicely. Mansherry’s teardelions could have been broken, at least they added a flaw in this ability. One problem with this power is that it appears to be indiscriminate. What would happen if Doflamingo gets touched by one of these “delions”. He would be heal of course (if only temporarily), but so could Law and Luffy. That situation is possible, but unlikely. Fujitora aiding everyone and the marines was surprising, however they wouldn’t survive without helping so everyone wins. Viola stepping up to fight Doflamingo was surprising, but she only needs to hold him off for a minute so her strength doesn’t need to be high.

In Naruto it is revealed that there may be a greater villain than Kaguya. I hated her, so I’m hoping that the next villain isn’t like her. Sasuke’s treatment of his daughter was better than I thought. He was still a little dismissive of her and her feelings, but I was okay with that. Shin and his father did become more interesting. How did he get so many sharingan’s? Does he use the same technique as Danzo? I don’t see Naruto and Sasuke being troubled by Shin and his father, but I don’t think they are going to try to win. Hopefully, we get some fighting that’s a little drawn out. That said I highly doubt it. Finally, Sakura I personally like her, but is she going to help or just get owned? I hope not, but we’ll see.

So, Yushiro is Yoruichi’s brother not her sister. Let’s be honest he looks like a girl, but that’s manga right? The exchange between Yoruichi was comical and generally enjoyable. This chapter was mostly explanation of what Yhwach did to the former Royal Palace. I found the explanation to be acceptable. I wonder what the consequences of the new world, will be in battle. The Shinigami Ichigo and his friends are at a disadvantage due to Yhwach’s alteration of the Royal Palace. This seems fair considering that the Sternritter are out numbered. Finally, where’s Aizen?

Weekly Shonen (5/22/15)


Chapter 627

The Creation

Ichigo and his friends prepare to face off against Yhwach. Yukio surprises everyone when he tells them “that he does not intend to leave the box when they arrive“. Ganju is outraged, he points out “that everything will disappear if they lose, but Ichigo merely tells him to stop before agreeing that Yukio should stay here“. Ichigo tells Riruka to “stay here as well because her powers will only make the battle more dangerous”. Ichigo thanks her for “keeping the Valley of Screams“, she stays even though she is reluctantly to do so. Ganju notes the Ichigo “has matured“.

Meanwhile, in the Seireitei, the buildings in Wandenreich city begin to crumble. The Shinigami are surprised whats happening, Shinji Hirako expresses anger that the Quincies always seem to change the situation before they can act. Urahara notes that the gate is completed to the . Yoruichi informs the rest of her group that they have arrived. Urahara announces the completion of the doorway, as Ichigo looks through the Garganta to see the Wandenreich city. The landscape of Wandenreich has changed, but Yoruichi sees the stake marking the palace remained. She realizes that, Yhwach has changed the palace.

06 12 1110



Chapter 700+4

Chance Encounter 2

Chocho is happy to see that Naruto, the Seventh Hokage, has arrived to rescue them from Shin Uchiha. Shin activates his Mangekyo Sharingan and attacks Naruto with a kusarigama, Naruto blocks this attack with chakra arms. Kurama tells Naruto that its, “about damn time, he let loose“. Naruto attacks Shin, but he dodges to Naruto’s praise. Shin retreats, using dimensional transportation. Naruto tell’s the girls to continue traveling with him as it’s safer. Sarada denies Chocho’s assumption “she was the target”. Sarada gives Naruto the lunch box that Boruto gave her.

During lunch, Naruto tells Sarada about her father in stories that are “skewed” in his favor. Naruto tells her that Sasuke was his rival, she feels comfortable with Naruto. They approach a temple to meet Sasuke, Chocho collapses due to exhaustion and decides to get some rest. Sarada lies to Naruto, telling him she needs to use the restroom. She awakens her Sharingan and enters the temple excited to meet her father. However, Sasuke  doesn’t remember her ad draws his sword at her, asking if “she’s affiliated with Shin“.



One Piece

Chapter 787

Four Minutes Away

Sabo kicks Jesus Burgess in the back who declares that “he will be the one watching Luffy’s back“. Burgess realizes that Sabo and Lucy are one and the same. Burgess begins to attack Sabo, claiming that he will take the “Mera Mera no Mi” from him. Gatz carries Luffy to safety. The gladiators facing Doflamingo are easily defeated, he calls for Luffy to “show himself“.

The citizens continue fleeing as the cage shrinks, Zoro and Franky attempt to destroy the birdcage. The gladiators who fought against  Donquixote family are healed by Mansherry. Doflamingo, speeds up the Birdcage resulting in “only three minutes” being left even though  Luffy still needs four minutes to recover.


Weekly Shonen (05/08/15)

One Piece

Chapter 785

Even if your legs break

Monkey D. Luffy strikes Doflamingo with a punch, he shocks the citizens with his power. They cheer him on, Cavendish reacts saying “what a transformation”, and is impressed by Luffy’s strength. Law is relieved that Luffy had an “ace up his sleeve”, but he states that “Luffy is overusing his Haki”. Jesus Burgess watches from a far, while being followed by Koala, wondering whether he should “follow or wait”.


Viola communicates with her father, updating him on the fight between witness Doflamingo and Luffy. At the SMILE Factory, Franky and the dwarves evacuate. The Birdcage having reached them, Franky realize that the Factory is made of sea stone. Zoro, Kin’emon, and Kanjuro arrive riding on one of “Kanjuro’s sparrows”. Zoro tells Franky that “they are going to try to stop the Birdcage and buy everyone some time”. The dwarves are impressed, and Franky considers Zoro’s plan and appears to suddenly gets an idea.

02gvhghMeanwhile, Luffy feels the need to hasten his attack, before “gear fourth just might hit its time limit”. He uses “Gomu Gomu no Double Culverin“, Doflamingo use his ability “Off-White Thread” to counter. Doflamingo goes on to reveal that there’s another “Devil Fruit” ability called “Awakening”. He explains that “in rare occasions, one’s abilities “awaken” and begin to affect not just their own body, but their surroundings”. The buildings around Luffy begin to turn into strings, shocking Luffy.

153434We go forward 20 minutes, the birdcage continues to shrink. An old woman trips and falls, telling her granddaughter “she has reached her limit and couldn’t run anymore”. She tells her “to leave without her, but her granddaughter refuses”. A man screams for “someone to give him a hand”. Everyone begins to panic, then the former King of Dressrosa, Riku speaks to them through a Den Den Mushi.

16-17fKing Riku states that “today’s shocking events have not been a dream, and that for ten years they have suffered under Doflamingo’s rule“. He tells the citizens that “all the Donquixote Pirates have been defeated save for Doflamingo himself, and Luffy is battling him right now“. He reminds the citizens that whether “Luffy wins or loses, the battle will be over in a matter of minutes, and begs his former subjects to keep running and survive, since they still have hope“. Riku’s words cause the old woman to get up and run as fast as she can, along with several other hopeful citizens. Luffy say’s that he has “run out of time”, and he uses “Gomu Gomu no Leo Bazooka“.




Chapter 700+2

The Boy with the Sharingan . . .

Sasuke is attacked by a mysterious boy, with the sharingan. The boy disappears in a storm of leaves, as Sasuke asks “who he was“. Meanwhile, Sarada is still looking at the photo of her father an his former team. She reveals to Shizune “that she knows that there is no record of her birth in Konoha“. Shizune becomes evasive, which further complicates the situation.

02ereWe join Chocho, as she eats with her parents. She criticizes her father for “showing a bad example for her“. She asks her mother if what she said was, “code for fat“. She tells her mother sarcastically, that “it must be nice showing all that compassion and understanding from her ivory tower“. Sarada interrupts their meal, she and Chocho move to another table. Chocho explains “that she doubts her parents are her real parents“.

03yuyThey are interrupted by Mitsuki, who interjects that they are suffering from “tragic heroine syndrome“. He explains that it’s a “condition that is said to afflict young girls of a certain age who lack a certain self-awareness as they try to establish their sense of self…“. Sarada runs off, she decides to simply “find her father herself or ask the Seventh Hokage”. Naruto receives a message from Sasuke, via his eagle. He reads Sasuke’s message and contacts Kakashi to inform him on what he has discovered.

12sKakashi believes that the mysterious boy must be an Oorochimaru experiment. Naruto goes to meets with Sasuke, leaving a shadow clone in his place. Sarada aims to follow Naruto, surprisingly Chocho arrives stating that she “bet’s my real dad is a total hottie”.




Chapter 625

Living Jaguar

Grimmjow returns, claiming that “it’s been fuckin forever…Kurosaki”. He leaps out of the Garganta, asking Ichigo “how many years has it been”. He takes note of the fact that Ichigo’s “scars have healed”. He draws his sword, Grimmjow claims he “can’t go and die . . . not until he guts him”. Ichigo picks up Zangetsu, but Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck (Nel) interrupts them.

02vbvbShe leaps over Grimmjow and rushes to Ichigo. She explains that “Urahara made her an armband that allows her to transform into her adult form at will”. Nelliel reminds Grimmjow that she was ranked higher than him in Aizen’s army. Grimmjow, however points out that the numbers “don’t mean dick”. However, a voice tells them to enter a black box.

jasRiruka Dokugamine, is the voice, and Yukio Hans Vorarlberna, who points out that “the box is one of his abilities“. Everyone enters, Yoruichi explains everything explaining “that the Soul Society and the Human World are connected by the Dangai“, before revealing “that there are pockets known as the Valley of Screams where escaped souls gather“. Yoruichi explains how these “have been used as storage spaces before revealing that Urahara sought out Riruka and Yukio for their unique abilities in order to create a space that could move between realms and space, which will allow them to sneak into the palace for a surprise attack“.

12gfgIn the palace, the elite Sternritters wait for Yhwach to absorb the Soul King and increase his power. Yhwach appears to have completed his transformation standing next to two empty halves of “the Soul King’s cocoon”. The week off was worth the wait. First, the conclusion of the fight between Luffy and Doflamingo appears to be coming in the next chapter. For some reason I don’t feel 100% confident that the fight is over. Luffy is running out of gas and I wonder how he would win if the fight with Doflamingo isn’t completed.

17kjgfI don’t know how long the promotion manga for the final Naruto movie will be, but I’m interested in the characters that have introduced. I’ve already mentioned Chocho, but Sarada is becoming more so. The storyline between Sarada and her “mother”, but I’m interested in the story around her. Shinzune’s reaction to her question was strange, and hinted at something more. Grimmjow is one of my favorite characters, his rude attitude is enjoyable.

Urahara seems to always have a plan, and to be honest maybe that’s problematic. Why, because none of the characters ever really struggle. Ichigo either reaches new powerful, heights or Urahara comes up with a perfectly tailored plan. Regardless, none of that is likely to change at this point in the series. I wonder what it means that the Soul King has been absorbed. Obviously, Yhwach is stronger, but does he become the new “linchpin”? Furthermore, it appears that the Ichigo’s side of the war outnumbers Yhwach’s,Yoruichi, Urahara, Ichigo’s friends, Aizen and the other sternritters. I’m not complaining, just wondering how the fights will match up.

Weekly Shonen (3/6/15)

One Piece

Chapter 779

The Last Fight

Zoro flashes back to his training with Mihawk, who told him “that having chips on the blades of his sword is an affront to his honor” and “he should use Busoshoku Haki to prevent it“. Everyone reacts to Pica’s defeat, and the SMILE Factory is destroyed by the Dwarves. Kyros releases that they must leave Doflamingo’s defeat Luffy and Law.

002,When it is noted that Doflamingo’s “main forces only have three members left“, Viola corrects them telling them that there is “only two left now because another battle has just been decided“. Luffy defeats Bellamy with one hit. Luffy stands over a K.O’d Bellamy and recalls their fight. Bellamy hoped that his decision to attack Luffy, would get “Doflamingo to remember him“.

Luffy stated that “Doflamingo only wanted Bellamy to be pitted against him and die from the beginning, which Bellamy admitted was likely correct before claiming it is his dying wish to fulfill this“. Bellamy told Luffy to “just stand there and die if he did not want to fight back before leaping toward him“. Luffy punches Bellamy with a “Busoshoku Haki-hardened Gear Second punch“. He loudly screams Doflamingo’s name, who notes that Luffy is in for a “rude awakening“, when he sees Law’s “lifeless corpse“.

016-017Finally, we are getting to the main attraction, Luffy verses Doflamingo. Is Law dead? I doubt it? However, I think that if he was killed by Doflamingo that would enrage Luffy to the point where he would definitely, beat the hell out of Doflamingo. Other than this set up, most of what occurred was cleaning up. When Luffy is pissed he is almost impossible to defeat, I can’t wait till the net chapter (coming in two weeks).




Chapter 618

The Dark Arm

Aizen asks Shunsui “What’s wrong“, suggesting that he should use the other two keys. Shunsui unlocks Aizen’s left eye and ankles, and asks him “how it feels“. Aizen states that Shunsui “has not changed“. Shunsui asks Aizen “if he wants to leave“, Aizen says “he never asked Shunsui to free him“. Aizen notices that Shunsui has “more keys” within his body. Shunsui says that the key to “Muken has been buried in is heart“.

iiiiAizen notes that the “Central 46 predicted that he might kill Shunsui for the keys and that he would be trapped within Muken forever if he did“. Shunsui asks Aizen to sit in a chair, so he could take him to Seireitei. An attendant attempts to bind Aizen, and has his hands destroyed. Aizen asks him “if he wishes for him to lend his powers to Soul Society“. Shunsui says they “simply in a situation where the advantages and disadvantages are similar for them“.

06iYhwach try’s to destroy the Soul King, again but Ichigo stops him.Yoruichi places a  barrier around the Soul King and Mimihagi. Meanwhile, Yhwach asks Ichigo “why he is getting in his way despite being the one who cut the Soul King in half and notes Ichigo’s Quincy blood cannot forgive the Soul King’s existence“. Ichigo says “he came here to protect all of three realms“. He uses “Getsuga Tensho” on Yhwach, he knows that Yhwach blood flows through his body. He states “this does not mean Yhwach gets his way”. Yhwach responds it “dependents on his own eyes”.

17hThis chapter was underwhelming, even though the conversation between Shunsui and Aizen was interesting. I still don’t understand why Aizen would change his mind in regards to destroying the Soul King. Why did he turn Yhwach down? What was their conversation like? As for Ichigo verses Yhwach, I expect this to be a long draw out fight and we’ll likely see the others (Gotei 13 and Elite Sternritter) complete their fight first.

Weekly Shonen (2/12/15)

liOne Piece

Chapter 776

The Colosseum Hero

“I am not made of steel but . . . I, as this country’s anger embodied, shall take you down”

At the SMILE factory, Franky orders the dwarves to “tear down this vile factory“, as they charge he collapses as he says “Luffy, it’s on you now“. Meanwhile, Diamante and Kyros continue to battle. Diamante uses “Moon Half“, after cutting the ground in half he proclaims that he is “the current hero of Colosseum“. Kyros doesn’t care an attacks, but Diamante use “Flutter” to dodge. Kyros collapses, Diamante comments that a lesser man would have done so long ago.

08Diamante uses his flutter ability once again, shooting them into the air. The flutter confetti releases “spiked steel balls“. Diamante claims that his technique can take out an entire army. Robin counters by using sunflowers, with her “Mille Fluere: Flower Umbrella“. Kyros shockingly deflects each and every spiked steel ball with his sword. Diamante shoots him in his remaining leg, forcing Kyros to fall to the ground as the spike steel balls hit him.

11Rebbecca becomes enraged and prepares to attack Diamante. Her father stands bloody and tells her “not to stain her hands with blood“. Kyros seeks to avenge what was taken from him and make Diamante pay. Diamante uses “Moon Half“, and Kyros counter with “Trueno Espada“, cutting through Diamante. I found this chapter very engrossing. Kyros and his determination to protect his daughter and avenge his wife murder was Luffy level. So was his strength, I think the ending to this conflict was satisfying. Oda seems to have kept each battle with a member of Doflamingo’s family to a single chapter. We are getting close to Luffy vs Doflamingo which I’m hoping is even more epic.


Chapter 615

All is Lost

the Soul King will never rise again

We start in the Human world, where Yuzu Kurosaki tells his sister Karin to an “earthquake” that’s occurring. We quickly arrive at the events at the Soul Palace where the Soul King was cut in half by Ichigo. Ichigo upset that he couldn’t avoid attacking the Soul King, wonder why? Yhwach, explains his “Almighty” powers which allows him to “see into all futures and give and take as he pleases, which is why he gave Ichigo the Reiatsu still present in his sword, which forced Ichigo to attack the Soul King“.

07Ichigo drops the tainted sword and uses another sword to attack Yhwach. He questions whether Ichigo “still has a reason to fight“, now that “soul society has been eradicated“. Urahara is in shock that the Soul King has been killed. Back at the Soul Palace while Yhwach give a long winded speech Yoruichi surrounds him with dozens of threads. She orders Orihime to use “Soten Kisshun” on the soul king. However it fails and shatters, Yhwach states that “the Soul King will never rise again“. In Soul Society, Renji wonders what can be done as Ukitake’s appearance begins to change.

jjhMost of the most recent Bleach chapters have been quick reads, but that’s not a bad thing. This chapter wasn’t very illuminating. However, I found it interesting that Yhwach killed the Soul King without replacing him with something or someone. Right? If the all three worlds are destroyed, then what is Yhwach going to rule? I liked the fact that Urahara does know and/or anticipating everything, and was surprised by the Soul King’s death. I thought Orihime might attempt to restore the Soul King, so I wasn’t surprise it failed. Logically speaking I though it should have succeeded. Ukitake, clearly left us thinking