Eden’s Zero Chapter 26 Review – Two Sisters

Sister Ivry, one of the four shining stars faces off against her impostor Sister. In a flashback we see that Weisz and Homura freed her from a machine that sealed her powers. With a chronophage heading towards them on planet Guilst, everyone begins to panic preparing to flee. Jinn asks Sister who Ivry is. According, to Ivry she arrived to this planet a decade ago, when she was captured by ” a bunch of freaks.”

Waking up connected to a machine, where she has been trapped every since. She realized that someone was impersonating her and using her powers without her consent. Sister seems to be sincerely ashamed of what she did. I truly believed her and how she simply “fell,” into becoming the leader of the Rogue Out mercenary group. That said I wasn’t buying the whole “I would give you the your powers back,” nonsense. She was clearly benefiting from steal Ivry powers and identity.

Sister Ivry is having none of it. She basically starts stomping on Sister’s head. Weisz informs them that they need to leave. Ivry notices Shiki, noting that he’s “seems weak for a Demon King.” Before leaving with Shiki, she finishes her unfinished mission using her Dispel Driver, restoring all the stoned people back to normal. Sister asks Jinn to “save her,” but he steps on her head calling her a “liar.” He believed that she could help his sister Kleene, but she betrayed him. As the chronophage heads for Guilst, Rebecca states that she won’t leave without Shiki.

The crew on Eden Zero expands with the addition of Sister Ivry. This chapter was really good, Sister Ivry is short tempered but is grateful for Shiki’s team aiding. The “sexy nun,” thing is a little juvenile but I can live with it. While, a lot of these characters still look like there from Fairy Tail, the art is great and this series is coming into it’s own.


Eden’s Zero Review, Chapter 01: In The Cherry Blossom Filled Sky

Eden’s Zero first chapter, In the Cherry Blossom Filled Sky is an interesting 78 page introduction to a new series by the creator of Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima. Let’s get to it. First I enjoyed this chapter, but it is really similar to Fairy Tail. Shiki and Rebecca are title characters of this series, they’re very similar to Natsu and Lucy. This is of course largely due to the art style of Mashima. Eden also follows the common shonen series formula.

I was lukewarm on Fairy Tail, a series that has sold over 60 million copies. I afraid that I will probably feel the same about this series. However, that is certainly a premature prediction, so I will have to read more chapters to be certain. I’m not yet willing to dismiss Eden by calling it, Fairy Tail with Sci Fi, instead of magic. The story of Eden Zero follow’s a “young boy named Shiki who is being told by his robot grandfather about making friends and leaving this place one day.”

We fast forward a few years to find, Rebecca arriving at the abandoned themed park at Granbell Kingdom. She is partnered with a talking cat named Happy. Yes, Happy is also the name of a talking cat in the Fairy Tail series. I assume either Mashima has or had a cat named Happy or he’s trying to create a link between his series.

Regardless, Rebecca’s goal is to get 1 million subscribers to he “Blue Cat Channel.” I won’t spoil the twists that occur in this chapter, but I hope that Mashima will invert our expectations with this series. I haven’t decided whether I like this series or not, but I did find this chapter to be funny and sad, which is a good start. The biggest issue is that the resemblance between Fairy Tail and Eden Zero is so obvious that it may suffer for it. However, I’ll stick with Eden’s Zero for now.

Fairy Tail

001Chapter 462


Makarov Dreyar tells the members of Fairy Tail that they have managed to fend off the enemies vanguard. However, he was still concerned about being attacked from “all sides”. Some of the members of Fairy Tail feel that the other guilds helping will allow them to achieve victory. Makarov decides that it will be “their duty to accept the assistance from other guilds”. Meanwhile, Brandish is harassed by some of the Fairy Tail members, and Lucy tells them to go.


Brandish is asked by Lucy, about referring to her as “Layla’s daughter”. She asks her about her mother, but she refuses to. She tells Lucy to kill her, as it “may be her only chance.” Outside, we see an ally of Brandish preparing to free her. Elsewhere, in the far west of Magnolia, Zeref is told of the defeat, Azir and Brandish suffered. Warren reveals information from the Eastern Front, the Bosco’s nation’s guilds have been defeated.


Everyone in the guild is shocked. However, the army from the north is being intercepted by Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus. Port Hargeon are being “liberated”, by the combined efforts of the Mermaid Heel and Lamia Scale guilds. This leaves the East and West, needing defending. Mirajane, Elfman, Lisanna, Gajeel, Levy, and Lily are sent North. Natsu, Gray, Juvia, Wendy and Laxus will head South.


However, Natsu seems to have disappeared. Erza decides that she will go to the South in his place. Lucy and Cana are left in charge of Brandish. They conclude that Zeref is traveling with the army in the West. However, the biggest concern is from the East. The send their “strongest forces”, they send the “Four Heavenly Kings of Ishgari.” Warren locates Natsu who is flying toward Zeref, yelling that “it’s time you and I finish this dance.”


So far this setup chapter has me excited. I love that the guilds are teaming up and fairy tail is joining them. However, I think Fairy Tail headquarters are being left vulnerable. I’ll assume that Lucy and Cana will fight against Brandish and her accomplice. The biggest revelation in this chapter is that Natsu will take on the entire West army by himself. I think he’ll defeat some of his opponent’s but will eventually be saved by the rest of the guilds.