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Top 10 Most popular manga based on MAL

10. Fairy Tail

Manga vols. 63

Aug 2006 – Jul 2017

MAL Score: 7.67

Fairy Tail is a manga and anime series created by Hiro Mashima. Published in Shounen Magazine in 2006, the series released 549 chapters before ending in 2017. Fairy Tail focuses on Natsu Dragneel, a fire mage, as he searches for his dragon foster father, Igneel, with his guild. 

09. My Hero Academia

Manga vols. 28 (Current)

Jul 2014 –

MAL Score: 8.37

MHA has been published in English by VIZ Media under the Shonen Jump imprint. My Hero Academia is still publishing, having just finished its 291st chapter. In MHA the majority of the population has special abilities called “Quirks.” Most go on to become heroes, while, many become villains. The main protagonist Izuku Midoriya (Deku) is one of the few born without a Quirk. However, his life changes when he meets his idol, All Might. He inherits All Might’s Quirk and joins an academy for potential superheroes. 

08. Bleach

Manga vols. 74

Aug 2001 – Aug 2016

MAL Score: 7.66

Bleach was once considered one of the “big 3” manga series along with One Piece and Naruto. Having sold more than 90 million copies it’s one of the most successful manga series of all time. Bleach follows Ichigo as he invades Soul Society to rescue his friend Rukia from execution. 

07. Death Note

Manga vols. 12

Dec 2003 – May 2006

MAL Score: 8.73

Light Yagami is a brilliant high school student that finds a notebook called the “Death Note.” Inside the book, reads the message: “those whose names are written in it shall die.” Light tests this message and when he learns that it works he embarks on a killing spree under the name “Kira.” However, the mastermind detective “L” and the police aim to track him down. 

06. One Punch-Man

Manga vols. 22 (Current)

Jun 2012 –

MAL Score: 8.75

Saitama is an “ordinary” hero that trained for three years, gaining so much strength that he can defeat most enemies with one punch. However, he becomes bored with the ease with which he defeats the villains. He joins the Hero Association along with his pupil, Genos. They quickly rise up the ranks of the association. 

05. Tokyo Ghoul

Manga vols. 14

Sep 2011 – Sep 2014

MAL Score: 8.54

Ghouls are beings that feed on the human race. In response, the Commission of Counter Ghoul organization has been established. The CCG hopes to exterminate the monsters but they can blend into society posing as humans. Ken Kaneki becomes part Ghoul after he’s attacked by one on a date. As he makes peace with his transformation he finds himself at the center of the war between the Ghouls and CCG. 

04. Naruto

Manga vols. 72

Sep 1999 – Nov 2014

MAL Score: 8.07

Naruto is one of the greatest manga series ever created. Created by Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto has sold over 220 million copies, ranking fourth all-time. Naruto Uzumaki is an orphan ninja from Konoha. He dreams of becoming Hokage (the best ninja in the village). Having been shunned by the village, Naruto originally becomes a mischievous troublemaker. Over the series, Naruto becomes the ninja he hopes to become, gaining the love and admiration of the village that once hated him. 

03. Berserk

Manga vols. 40 (Current)

Aug 1989 – 

MAL Score: 9.34

Guts is a former mercenary seeking vengeance after being betrayed by a former friend. Guts had a terrible childhood and set out on a mission that is filled with horrors and misfortune. Guts battles monstrous demons, cutting them down with his massive sword. Berserk is a harsh series that’s not for the faint of heart. 

02. One Piece

Manga vols. 97 (Current)

Jul 1997 – 

MAL Score: 9.09

The last of the “Big 3,” One Piece is considered by many to be the greatest manga series of all time. As of 2017, One Piece is the highest selling manga series with over 430 million copies sold. Gol D. Roger is about to be executed by the World Government before they kill him he confirms that a treasure called “One Piece,” exists somewhere on the Grand Line. This act inspires a new generation of Pirates. One such pirate is Monkey D. Luffy, who aims to get a crew, sail the seas searching for the One Piece, and becoming Pirate King in the process. 

01. Attack on Titan

Manga vols. 32 (Current)

Sep 2009 – 

MAL Score: 8.64

Hundreds of years ago humanity was attacked by massive creatures called Titans. These “Titans” eat humans whenever they can. Unable to combat the new threat humanity sought safety behind massive walls. Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert grow up in this new environment. However, what was once a peaceful life becomes a horror when a Titan burst through one of the walls. After losing his mother, Eren promises to eradicate the Titans from Earth. 

Source: MAL

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Top 5 Amoral Groups or Races in Anime

The shinigami from Death Note
The shinigami from Death Note

The Shinigami (Death Note)

The Shinigami in Death Note exists to kill humans. It’s required for them to survive. Ryuk deliberately drops his Death Note into the human world out of boredom. He takes joy in Light Yagami’s mass-murdering but largely doesn’t care about their death because it’s all part of nature. Since all humans are going to die anyway, why be concerned with premature deaths. 

The Zoldyk family (Hunter X Hunter)

The Zoldyk family is a family of assassins. The family is highly pragmatic that practice tough love. They have a strict approach to their profession and a love of violence. However, they have a strict rule against killing the innocent. Their cold demeanor extends to each other. It works when assassinating people, not so much when relating to the family. 

The Pillar Men (JoJo Bizarre Adventure)

The Pillar Men are an ancient humanoid race. They’re almost extinct, but use to live thousand of years ago. Highly intelligent, powerful, and capable of manipulating the bodies to a high degree. Due to being such an elite and old race, they have very little regard for humanity. They view humanity the way humans tend to view insects. They even killed a character without noticing. However, the Pillar Men seem to value non-human life, going out of their ways to avoid destroying things like flowers. 

The Angels (Evangelion)

Angels in Evangelion refer to the fifteen children of Adam. Exactly what Angels are can be confusing. Supposedly, Angel’s are a variation of the human race. At first, they appear as humanoid entities, then they “reject” the human form. Angel’s have unique forms. The motives of the Angel’s are left ambiguous. One theory is that they’re trying to “return to Adam,” that’s located deep underground. They may want to “access Lilith and reset all life.” Angel’s don’t seem to communicate and often have no expression. Overall, the Angel’s seem to function on some sort of autopilot. What motivates hem is unknown but it appears that they only fight out of instinct. 

The Saiyans (DBZ)

According to Akira Toriyama Saiyans are considered amoral. They are a warrior race that loves battle and strength above all else. Goku often displays the amorality and its possible consequence. He often spares the life of a villain so they could get stronger a fight again. During the Cell Games, he gives Cell a Senzu bean so he could have a “fair fight” against Gohan. He does this although it would have benefited Earth and increase Gohan’s chances. Also, the Saiyans have an odd view of romantic relationships. Saiyan form sexual relationships for procreation and not for love. Most Saiyans don’t have romantic or parental love for spouses or children. It’s the primary reason Goku and Vegeta don’t have the best relationship with their wives and children. 

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Death Note Special One-Shot

On February 4, Death Note special one-shot was released. Tsugumi Ohba (author) and Takeshi Obata (illustrator) team up again for the storied manga series. Ryuk returns to Earth to find a human to feed his apple addiction. He searches for a “real capable one like Light Yagami.” That human is Minoru Tanaka. Two years prior he was the top middle school student. However, he didn’t put any effort into his grades. While sitting on a swing, Ryuk’s notebook hit’s him on the head. Tanaka admits that he’s good at “riddles and quizzes and stuff” but he’s a terrible student. When he learns that the death note belonged to Kira he freaks. Kira has become an important figure in Japan, being taught in Ethics and World History classes.

While he’s often depicted as an evil mass murder, some consider him a god. Tanaka doesn’t believe that he or anyone could get away with what Kira did. With the addition of security cameras everywhere and sophisticated cyber-crimes investigation units, he would fail. Tanaka also doesn’t have the stomach for killing people. However, he doesn’t want Ryuk to take the book and give it to someone else. He asks Ryuk two questions. First, can anyone else see him? Ryuk responds that the detectives that touched the death note should still be able to see him. Second, how far away can you actually get from the owner? Ryuk states that there’s “no set distance.” Tanaka requests a more specific distance. They decide that 14 kilometers are a good distance.

Tanaka’s Plan

Tanaka decides that in two years Ryuk should come back and he’ll use the death note. Ryuk isn’t happy to have to deal “apple withdrawal” for two years but agrees to wait. In the present, Tanaka has come up with a plan for the death note. Sell it. Ryuk is on board. Tanaka has Ryuk write a message in pen and paper. It informs the audience that the “power to kill people as used by Kira,” is up for sale. Using the hashtag #powerofkira on twitter along with the dollar amount bid.

It takes only one day for people to bid up to 3 million. Elsewhere, L is informed about Kira. L dubbs the auctioneer, “A-Kira.” He believes that following the Shinigami will lead to A-Kira. In conversation with the detectives from the old Kira case, L determines that the only way to catch A-Kira is when the death note is given to the buyer.

The bud reaches 200 billion dollars, eliminating any chance that it’s an individual. The president of the United States and China end up in a bidding war. Trump first offers 500 billion dollars, China responds with 1 trillion, Trump counters with 2 trillion. This number equals 1 Quadrillion yen or the amount of Japan’s national debt. A-Kira plans on ending the auction but has a problem. How would he get the money? He must use a bank account but doesn’t want to expose himself. L concludes that A-Kira has a plan to receive the money and never intended to kill anyone.

Elsewhere, Armonia Justin arrives to inform Ryuk that the Shinigami King wants a meeting. Tanaka plans to transfer the money is revealed. He orders the winning bid to deposit “equal amounts of money to every person under 60 with a Yotsuba saving account.” Understandably, every with Yotsuba accounts is overjoyed. Tanaka also has an account, giving himself 1 billion yen as well. L concludes that it’s “impossible to identify A-Kira.” He will lose his memory of being Kira in three days. For the first time, L has been defeated. Tanaka gives Ryuk the death note back and he then gives that book to President Trump.

The Rules of the Death Note change

However, the Shinigami King wasn’t pleased with Ryuk allowing someone to sell the death note. So he added a new rule. A human “who buys or sells the death note in the human world will die. The seller will die . . . and the buyer when they receive the death note.” Of course, President Trump isn’t will to die. Ryuk offers him a compromise if he doesn’t take the notebook Trump can live.

Despite not getting any of the money back, the plan works in Trump’s favor. He will pretend that he has the power of Kira but simply won’t use it, making him look like a “saint.” Sadly, Tanaka isn’t so lucky. He dies while collecting some of the money from the bank. This one-shot was spectacular. It turns the expectations I had on its head. While Tanaka is smart like Light, he’s not a hard-working student. He’s also no homicidal maniac. He refuses to kill with the death note instead he focusing on profiting from it. However, he’s not greedy. He uses this opportunity to benefit others. That said, he does it mostly to protect himself from getting caught. In Death Note special one-shot you think one thing and you’re given the other. I assumed L would figure it out, he does. Trump would die he didn’t. I expected Tanaka to survive, he died. This one-shot is well worth the read, even if we don’t get another series.

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