One Punch Man S2 – Episode 8: Recap & Review


Episode 8, The Strong Ones Fight Back

With Saitama being disqualified Suriyu receives the winners trophy. A monster named Gouketsu arrives to make the fighters and offer, become monsters like him. Lightning Max and Snek try to defeat him and they’re defeated in one hit. Gouketsu was a human that won the Martial Arts Championship years ago. He was defeat and captured by Orochi and Gyoro. In exchange for his freedom they offered him a monster cell becoming the monster he is now.He tosses a few monster cells on the ground. Either the fighters eat the or he’ll kill them anyway.

Lightning Max and Snek

Choze and many other fighters become monsters. Suriyu defeats them easily. He then fights Gouketsu. He doesn’t fare very well. Gouketsu orders the crows to attack the other fighters and eat Suriyu. Bakuzan decides to eat three monster cells to become stronger and refuses to help Suriyu because he hated him so much. Lightning Max and Snek arrive to help Suriyu. Together they defeat the three crows. They decide to let Suriyu escape while they hold off Gouketsu. When he tries to leave to get help Bakuzan interferes. He’s become a Dragon level demon.

Bakuzan’s demon form

He brutalizes Suriyu and becomes full of himself believing that he’s the strongest. Gouketsu shows him that he’s actually stronger. Suriyu admits that he’s defeated and pleads with Bakuzan to let him go. Bakuzan says he loves abusing fighters that are weaker that him. He starts stepping on Suriyu as he screams in agony. Suriyu begs for a hero to come help him. When Bakuzan tries to stomp on Lightning Max and Snek, Saitama arrives to save them.

What’s interesting is how Suriyu changes so quickly. He declared the winner but ended up being humbled by his defeat. Being humbled and seeing the heroics of Lightning Max and Snek, resulted in a change of heart regarding heroes. This all culminates in Suriyu begging to be rescued by the very heroes that he disrespected in the previous episode. I wonder if he will become hero himself, but he definitely has more respect for them.

Saitama arrives

4 thoughts on “One Punch Man S2 – Episode 8: Recap & Review

  1. I saw the quality of this current season, and it honestly turned me to read the manga. I do love what’s going to happen in the next ep

    1. Yeah the quality of the animation has been at best average. I tolerate it. But it’s a massive downgrade from the first season.

      1. you can say that again, granted the story it adapted is really chaotic, I think the intense animation of the first season could’ve really salvaged it.
        but what ya gonna do, liking the story in the manga so far though

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