Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 – Episode 012

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 – Episode 012 is the final episode of this series. Katsuya and Reigen struggles to make their way to ???. Reigen continues to head for Mob despite Serizawa warning him. He wants to talk to Mob one on one. In the mind of ???, fragments of Mob begins to stick to ???. The two continue to struggle over which one of them is the “real” Mob. Reigen finally reaches them and calls out to Mob. During this moment, Mob loses control to ???. Partly possessed by Dimple, Reigen gets close to Mob despite ??? hostility.

He finally exposes himself as a fraud, revealing that he doesn’t have any psychic powers. ??? stops his rampage and Mob makes peace with himself reaching Kageyama Shigeo 100%. Having accepted himself, Mob takes a single dandelion to Tsubomi. She rejects him. Reigen consoles Mob and contacts Serizawa to help repair the city. In the next school year, Mob continues his activities with the Body Improvement Club and becomes Vice President and Ritsu is Vice President of the Student Council. Teru, the Telepathy Club, the Awakening Lab members, and Sho wait to surprise Reigen with a birthday party.

Mob Psycho 100 was a series that surprised me. The art style wasn’t my favorite at first but it grew on me. It was the animation and colorful palleted that really was impressive. Mob was a unique character for Shonen anime. He’s quiet, humble, and uninterested in power. Most Shonen protagonists are violent and lust after more power. They’re noble but revel in their own ever growing power. I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but this generation of Shonen heroes have been more varied than pervious ones. Tanjiro from Demon Slayer being one of the protagonists I think are different from what’s typical for Shonen. Overall, I enjoyed the series and it’s message everyone has something special about them and you’re no better than anyone.

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  1. This was indeed a great anime, and I certainly can’t think of a ending more fitting to what the show represents. I’ll certainly be following ONE’S new work (Versus) closer and be on the lookout for whatever new project the staff involved in MP100 will be doing next.

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