Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 191: Kenjaku the new head of the Kamo Family

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 191, Sakurajima Colony, Part 1 begins with a shocking revelation, Kenjaku has taken over the Kamo clan. Noritoshi Kamo rushes home to the Kamo main house in Kyoto to find Shino Kamo. An elderly man of short stature, Shino responds to Noritoshi by asking “how did you get in here?” He seem mentally adrift, assuming someone named “Kurokichi” has created a weak barrier. Noritoshi thinks he’s “joking,” as the current Captain of the guards is someone named Heishichi. Shino believes Noritoshi is attempting to “deceive” him but says that Noritoshi “resembles master Noritoshi.” If you recall Kenjaku took over the body of Noritoshi Kamo from the ancient era.

The ancient Noritoshi Kamo was responsible for conducting the research that resulted in “Cursed Womb: Death Paintings.” A collection of nine special grade cursed objects that are created from the mixture of blood from a cursed spirit and a human. To produce these “death paintings” Noritoshi Kamo forced their mother to get pregnant and have abortions nine times. As a result, each of the Death Painting Wombs appear as “human-like fetuses,” and must be implanted into a “human vessel.” The Nine Death Paintings are: Eso, Kechizu, Choso, Noranso, Sho-oso, Tanso, Sanso, Kotsuso, and Shoso. The first two are dead and the last six haven’t been revealed yet. It’s not clear when Kenjaku took over Noritoshi’s body but Kenjaku is the reason Noritoshi is considered the “evilest jujutsu sorcerer to ever live.”

Kenjaku becomes the 25th Head of the Kamo Clan in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 191.
Kenjaku becomes the 25th Head of the Kamo Clan in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 191.

Kenjaku is the 25th Head of the Kamo Clan

Based on Noritoshi reaction he’s offended to hear he looks like his ancestor at all. This is likely the reason he’s changed his appearance. Anyway, the conversation between Shino and Noritoshi is interrupted by Kenjaku. He tells Noritoshi that “Shino is adrift in the world of 150 years ago.” Kenjaku notes that Noritoshi able to deduce that “due to jujutsu terrorism, the sealing of Satoru Gojo, and the culling game,” the “conservative faction” of Jujutsu Head Quarters have become “puppets.” However, Noritoshi is incorrect. While the Kamo Clan had the conservative seat, Kenjaku was the one who took control of it, becoming the 25th family head. I don’t know how Kenjaku can become the head of the Kamo Clan considering he’s not a relative. He tells Noritoshi that there’s “no place” for him and he should leave.

We return to the present where Maki and Noritoshi are watching the sky where a snake like curse spirit is heading towards them. Maki notices that this cursed spirit gives off a “weird feeling.” It barrels towards Maki with such a speed that glass shatters, trees uproots, and houses fling into the air. Noritoshi can’t even see it move. Maki attempts to strike it. The curse moves so fast that see misses despite it being close to her. Suddenly, Naoya Zenin head appears.

He’s become a vengeful curse spirit. When someone’s death is cursed they can become a vengeful cursed spirit and jujutsu sorcerers are more likely to become vengeful cursed spirits. This level of spirit can “manipulate their cursed energy much more naturally than a sorcerer,” and heal their bodies without using the reverse cursed technique, as well as create Domain Expansion. Naoya was a special grade sorcerer while alive he’s likely a special grade vengeful spirit. Maki handled him before, I think she’ll do it again.

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  1. Man; Akutami doesn’t like coming up with Chapter names. Since Shibuya, everything’s just been in “parts.” I can work with that; it’s just kind of funny.
    I was NOT expecting to see Naoya again- didn’t really want to. But now that Kenjaku can control Cursed Spirits; MAYBE he’ll be more of a problem than before……..

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