Haikyuu!! Fourth Season, Episode 10: Recap and Review

In Haikyuu!! Fourth Season episode 10, Kiyoko rushes to catch the bus.
Kiyoko rushes to catch the bus

Season 4, Episode 10: ‘ Battle Lines’

Hinata loses his shoes and it’s Kiyoko to the rescue

In Haikyuu!! Fourth Season episode 10, the Karasuno team prepare for their first match. However, they quickly run into a problem. Hinata’s shoes go missing. While Tanaka and Hinata are using the bathroom a young boy accidentally takes Hinata’s luggage. Lucky Hinata also left his phone in the bag. Tadashi calls his phone and learns that the boy took the bag. The boy and his mother remained in the gym but no one is there to get the shoes. Kiyoko volunteers to get the shoes. At the gym, Ukai warns the team that the floor is different from what is normal. For some reason its hard to slide on. From Ukai’s perspective, this can lead to injuries. Furthermore, the ceiling may also pose a threat. I find the potential pitfalls of the gym to be surprising. Having to adjust to a new surrounding seem likely but Ukai makes it sound so dangerous, I wonder why they would play at such a gym.

The team is still dealing with nerves while they warm up. Hinata becomes enamored with his surroundings. He’s somewhat paralyzed by the gym and its size. Kageyama doesn’t feel any nerves. Kiyoko returns with the shoes and Daichi prepares the team to line up. Their opponents are team Tsubakihara, who begins with a team chant. Tsubakihara’s coach Tatsumi Osado advice to his team to “concentrate on disrupting Karasuno’s attacks with their serves.” Osado also warns his players that if they take their “eye’s off Hinata,” they will pay. Despite Shiraiorizawa losing to Karasuno, the players aren’t intimidated because that win didn’t come easy. The game begins with Kageyama serving. Team Captain Sakae Echigo notices that the serve, despite its power was going out.

Hinata scores on a quick attack.

Tsubakihara wins the first point. Middle blocker Togo Iwamuro serves for Tsubakihara. Ukai notices that “he has purposely aimed his serve to go where Kageyama would pass in front of Tanaka.” Team Tsubakihara’s largest threat is their ace, Teradomari. He’s a tall player with a “powerful back-row attack.” He spikes over Hinata and Daichi but Nishinoya manages to save it. The combination of nerves and a new environment puts team Karasuno’s “awareness” off. Kageyama seems to be affected the most. He asks for some more time. Finally, Asahi manages to score. However, Karasuno falls behind by four points. Ukai sends Tadashi in early. Accepting the possibility that he will only serve, he delivers two effective serves. However, Tsubakihara is able to score after the third. Kageyama finally regains his confidence and together with Hinata, they score with a quick attack.

I always enjoy the matches in Haikyuu!!, but some of the early storylines felt unnecessary. I realize that they want us to understand that the team is more than the players, however, the Kiyoko shoe arc was too long. The potential “dangers” of the gym was an interesting plot point. I would have liked an explanation as to why Japan chose a gym with possible hazards to the players. My final criticism focuses on the nerves. Was it really necessary to have another episode include the fact that Karasuno was nervous? It seems overemphasized. At this point, I think we got that they were nervous. That said I’m glad to see that they’re over those nerves. I look forward to seeing Karasuno fly.

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