Deca-Dence Episode 9: Recap and Review

Deca-Dence – Episode 9

Deca-Dence marks the beginning of the revolution. So far, Natsume has remained ignorant of the system she trapped in. The Solid Quake Corporation views humanity as expendable. The question is how will Natsume respond when she learns the truth. Deca-Dence episode 9 opens with the plan to destroy the Gadoll factory. Kaburagi and Natsume will enter the factory, then activate the Gadoll Genocide System (G.G.S.), and finally, destroy the reactor. However, they need to create a distraction. Jill predicts that Natsume “will have a breakdown” after she learns the truth.

Blow shit up

Meanwhile, the rest of the bugs begin to burn the shit. The smell and toxic substances flow through the ventilation system. They also flow into the lake causing the Gadoll to have a negative reaction to the pollution. As Natsume and Kaburagi enter the factor they encounter Hugin. Elsewhere, the bugs in the correction facility are ambushed by enhancing security. Betrayed by Turkey and Sarkozy, Jill forces Donatello to return from having fun in the game. Kaburagi and Natsume are attacked by Hugin. He’s able to move without the need for equipment. Back at the correction facility, Turkey abandoned a wounded Sarkozy. 

Turkey liked the system and wanted to preserve it. Donatello tosses him into the shit below, meanwhile, Sarkozy sacrifices himself, blowing up the reactor. Only the G.G.S switch remains. Together Natsume and Kaburagi push down two levels, killing all the Gadoll. Natsume demands to know what’s going on, nothing makes sense. Kaburagi finally tells her that his body, the Gadoll, and the world are manufactured. This episode was predictable, but I still found it sad how Sark went out. As he said he was pathetic, but in the end, he was a major reason they succeeded. As for Natsume, I agree with Jill, she will be devastated. 

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