Blade of the Immortal – Episode 6: Recap and Review

Season 1, Episode 6: Act Six – Wing Roots. Araya dead, Rin on the floor, Manji and Renzo standing
Araya dead, Rin on the floor, Manji and Renzo standing

Season 1, Episode 6: Act Six – Wing Roots

Rin keeps struggle to decide if she wants revenge

While shopping at a food stand, Rin is annoyed by a boy named Renzo Kawakami. Meanwhile, Manji meets a former member of the Itto-ryu, Araya Kawakami. He uses Manji’s sword to create a mask for a crying boy. Later, Rin encounters Renzo again. This time however, he’s being attacked for breaking a samurai’s sandal. She offers to repair his sandal. While she does so, he takes the opportunity to molest her with his foot. He thanks her, as he leaves while laughing. Rin learns that Renzo has no idea who the Itto-ryu is . He invites her to have tea with his father.

Araya thanks Rin for her help. He asks Rin if her parents “are doing well.” She tells him that they were killed. She offers the story of her parents death. Araya sends Renzo away to get more tea. Rin states that because Araya is “Renzo’s only relative” and killing Araya will result in Renzo becoming like her, she won’t kill him. It’s a little arrogant of Rin to think she would be able to kill him considering her lack of skills. What Rin wants is an apology. Araya seems appalled. He calls her request “cheap.” He basically calls her a coward. He believes that a human life is worth a human life. Rin simply doesn’t want to get her “hands dirty.”

Rin smiling after saving Renzo from a cycle of revenge

Does Rin really want revenge?

He feints an apology, attacking Rin. He doesn’t want his son to learn that he was a member of Itto-ryu. Therefore, he must kill Rin. However, before he can kill her, Manji arrives. Manji manages to stab Araya. However, before he can die of these injuries, he tells Rin to “finish it.” Unsurprisingly, she refuses. Manji kills Araya as Renzo returns. Manji pretends that he was killed by Renzo. To prevent Renzo from pursuing revenge, Rin and Manji pretend that he was buried. By cutting off his arm and burying it, they’re able to convince Renzo that he already got his vengeance. If Rin isn’t willing to kill someone that raped and murder her parents, then this whole revenge thing isn’t going to work. She didn’t even want Manji to kill Araya.

Struggling with vengeance is fine, but it feels like she’s backsliding. It doesn’t make much sense to me. However, fooling Renzo into believing Manji was dead and thus freeing him from the revenge cycle, was both good for everyone. I also thought it was cleverly done.

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