Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 09

Reg and Faputa return with her body parts in hand. They quickly rush to the village as bloodthirsty creatures start to become attracted to the smell of blood. Riko greets them outside of IIblu barrier. When Reg enters the village with Faputa’s body parts the village become uncontrollable and swarm him. Vueko tells him not to panic and asks how he acquired the parts. In a flashback, we see that Faputa knows that Reg is “too kind to destroy the village.” Apparently, Reg told her that his incinerator could “rewrite” the laws of the Abyss. If he can do that then Faputa may be able to enter the village.

Wazukyan eavesdrops on their conversations and calls Reg the “Prince,” and Faputa the “Princess.” He greets Vueko in a friendly manner and asks Riko if she hates him after finding out the truth. Riko says that she “doesn’t know him well enough to hate him.” Wazukyan reveals that he hasn’t abandoned his dream of delving deeper as the 6th layer is only the “entrance.” Wazukyan is excited that Riko took notice of this. Riko asks him if “hopes for her to use the power of the Cradle to allow them to leave the village.”

Reg fights Juroimoh

A conflict is beginning to arise in this arc. I think Riko wants to free the Narehate from their imprisonment and allow them to explore the Golden City. However, Faputa wants revenge on them and Reg has promised to help her. I’m not sure what side I would be on. Personally, I’m fond of Maa, who’s become my favorite Narehate. It’s a weird combination of creepy, adorable, sweet, and pathetic. If Faputa kills everyone I hope the Maaa manages to survive. Suddenly, Juroimoh begins attacking. Reg engages with it and Juroimoh becomes an even more grotesque creature.

Juroimoh shares the name of Vueko’s abusive father. Wazukyan explains why: ”¬†Irumyuui¬†created Juroimoh from the signals she received from Vueko.” Reg becomes overwhelmed by Juroimoh membrane and decides he must use his incinerator. Not only does he rips a hole in Juroimoh and also creates an opening in the village. Reg is afraid Faputa will enter the village and makes things worst. However, he passes out but gives a piece of Faputa to Moogie, Majikaja, and Maaa to protect Riko. Reg concern is correct. Faputa arrives with Gaburoon and tells the village it’s “time for their extermination.”


Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 02

In the second episode of Made in Abyss Season 2, Capital of the Unreturned our trio, Nanachi, Riko, and Reg, explore the sixth layer and find themselves being watched. They encounter some new beasts. The Mizoujack is a frog like creature that are considered “docile.” According to Lyza’s notebook their ” freshly laid eggs are good,” on of the main themes of Made in Abyss is survival. Not just for the humans but all the living creatures in the universe. It’s important to know which beast is prey and which is predatory. The environment is a part of everything’s survival.

Along with the bathroom humor (and realism) Made in Abyss uses food to illustrate how difficult life in the abyss is. The source of the food can be gross but it seems like Riko can always make them edible. Taking her mothers advice Riko and the others eat the eggs of the Mizoujacks. The eggs are round, spiral shaped, and light purple. After boiling them and killing the larva, they continued to move even after Riko fried them. Riko considers her friends at the higher level and she and Nanachi both write letters. They design a vessel to carry them to the surface but it’s comically snatch from the sky by flying creature.

Prushka’s stolen

After making camp Nanachi, Riko, and Reg awaken to find someone has entered their cave despite Reg’s trap, and Nanachi’s ability to read force fields. Regardless, whomever or whatever has stolen Riko’s white whistle, Prushka. With Reg’s keen senses the trio is able to track down a village. Along the way the locate a disturbing sight, two dead creatures with hairs from Riko and Nanachi stuffed in their anuses. A mysterious figure follows them watching as the reach the village. Once inside they encounter a number of creatures. One attempts to communicated with them. Majikaja as it’s called, looks to be stitched into a robot made of various materials.

It’s language is clumsy but sufficient to talk to Riko. Majikaja gave me an instant sense of dread. Knowing this series something terrible happened to it and yet I’m curious what occurred and what Majikaja actually looks like. Anyway, it tells them that “a specialist is working on the stone,” and they should “follow”. Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 2 is well paced, further exploring the most dangerous layer, while introducing us to new creatures, environments, and dangers.