Weekly Shonen (06/11/14)

06The Headless Star 3

Candice counters Ichigo’s “Getsuga  Jujisho”, with her own thunder based attack. Meanwhile, Yhwach tells Haschwalth to release “the Key”. Candice loses her arm and calls for Giselle to heal her. As she attempts to reengage in battle as she does so Bazz-B shoots her and the other three sternritter.

14None of them are killed and Bazz-B is joined by three other sternritter’s. It seems clear that all eight sternritter’s intend on “defeating” Ichigo together. As Ichigo prepares for battle a beam of light appears behind him. Yhwach, tells Uryu and Haschwalth to “be one” with him.


At this point the battle between Candice and Ichigo was a bit of an afterthought. Not much seems to happen in this chapter, but interesting potential set up did. I wonder if the sternritter will fight together or one at a time? Regardless, Ichigo clearly is going to defeat them all. The big question what happened to Omaeda, Hirako, Momo and Sui Feng.


3Once Again

Falling toward a river full of lava, Sasuke summons his Hawk. Kakashi saves Sakura, Obito but Naruto challenges Sasuke treatment of his comrades. Sasuke notes that he and Naruto are the worlds final hope, and if they die it’s all over. Kaguya becomes enraged by their survival, and attacks with her Byakugan.

021She manages to hit the hawk with an attack on the pressure points. The heat from the lava burns through the scroll causing Kakashi and Sakura to fall. Naruto saves all of them with his new ability to fly and his chakra arms. Kaguya gets even more pissed an attacks full force.

14-15Meanwhile, Madara’s chakra balls and his chakra blades disappear releasing the Hokage. They all head towards the battle between Kaguya, Naruto and Sasuke. Kaguya and Naruto trade attacks with chakra arms, Naruto manages to create an opening for Sasuke to attack with Susanoo.


I was hoping for more fighting, but we get yet another commentary on the differences between Naruto and Sasuke in regards to their comrades. I hoping Sakura and Kakashi are more helpful than they currently are. As for the Hokage’s they will probably be some sort of aid, but I wonder how much. That said I found it to be interesting how Kaguya uses the Byakugan, I’m hoping Kishimoto expands on it.



Weekly Shonen (06/04/14)

One Piece is on hiatus for this week and the next.


The Headless Star 2

Ichigo is attacked by all four of the Sternritter’s simultaneously. The four are easily tossed aside as their attacks result in a large explosion and nothing else. Candice activates her Quincy: Vollstandig, the others don’t seem too eager to join her. Assuming she’d gain some standing with Yhwach by defeating Ichigo by herself, she attacks. Using two reishi swords, she clashes with Ichigo. Ichigo comments on Candice being a “dual wielder”, like himself and she respond’s “I am sextuplet wielder”. She then uses “Galvano Javelin”, Ichigo counters with “Getsuga Tensho”. She is surprised that he was able to quickly deflect her attack. She respond with “Electrocution”, Ichigo crosses his swords and uses “Getsuga Jujisho”.

08 (1)


This chapter was a simple straight forward fight between Ichigo and (mainly) Candice. I’ve already recapped the chapter so I wont do it here. It’s in the early stages of the fight though I don’t think Candice will survive very long. I’m going to anticipate that each of the four will fight Ichigo in their Vollstandig forms, and lose. A pretty straight forward, with the reveal of how Ichigo fights with his new swords and his newest technique.

16-17 (1)

She of the Beginning


Madara screams out in pain, as his shadows disappear. Madara begins releasing massive amounts of chakra absorbed from those who are trapped in the infinite tsukuyomi. Sasuke decides that Madara must be stopped before he “goes anywhere”. However, Naruto and Sasuke are captured by Black Zetsu. He intends to absorb their chakra, Sakura attempts to intervene but Kakashi stops her. Naruto fears the death of the other shinobi and Black Zetsu claims that Kaguya will keep them alive as soldiers.


Black Zetsu plans on turning them into “White Zetsu’s”. Madara begins to transform, he becomes “Ootsutsuki Kaguya”. She quickly notices Sasuke’s moon crest and Naruto’s sun crest. She becomes enraged a hurls them away. She activated her “Byakgan”, Sasuke notices her chakra levels are greater than Madara. When Kakashi asks “her objective”, she responds to end this battle and not do any more harm to earth. Kaguya begins her attack by releasing what appears to be a sea of lava.

16-17 (2)


Not much happened in this chapter EXCEPT the transformation of Madara into Kaguya. I expect that the next few chapter’s might explain how she came to communicate with Black Zetsu. I’m also curious as to how they will fight her or whether she will be defeated with “Talk no Jutsu”. However, it seems like she’s out for blood. Sasuke and Naruto appear to be out of their league, but when can’t forget that all four of the former Hokage are still “alive”. I’m think with their help maybe they might be able to do something, maybe.


Weekly Shonen (05/28/14)

March Forward ! Arm of Rascals.

Pika’s arm is destroyed by Chinjao and Elizabello, much to the surprise of the citizens. Soldier’s attempt to stop the new formed army as they head toward the palace. Ideo uses “Destruction Cannon”, Orlumbus uses his “Admiral’s Hug” and Cavendish uses Swan Lake.

one-piece-4977805Pika uses his arm again causing panic. However, Luffy rides up his body he uses his “Grizzly Magnum” destroying Pika’s head. It’s revealed that Pika is actually controlling the “Colossus” from afar. He shows up and pulls out a massive sword, but Zoro intercepts it himself.

one-piece-4977807As Zoro decides to take on Pika, while Luffy goes after Doflamingo. As they travel toward Doflamingo Law finally opens up to Luffy. He tells him that “Doflamingo took away the most important person to him 13 years ago”. His name was “Corazon”, Doflamingo’s real brother.


This chapter only two major things really occurred. First was the destruction of Pika’s Colossus (and the set up Zoro vs Pika). Then Law finally reveals why he hates Doflamingo so much. The translation says that Doflamingo “took away” Corazon, I’m assuming he means killed. Overall, a interesting reveal and set up chapter.


The Headless Star

Kenpachi and Ichigo have a brief conversation about Ichigo coming to the aid of Kenpachi. As Kenpachi tells him to “worry about himself” as Candice attacks. He grabs her by the arm and throws her into a building. He does the same thing to the other Sternritters.

bleach-4977753They acknowledge Ichigo as the “first in the special war potential lists”. Candice becomes enraged decrying that Ichigo has ruin her appearance. She uses “Galvano Blast”, it manages to do nothing. He unsheathes his sword as the four sternritter use their bows.Yhwach notices Ichigo’s arrival and tells Haschwalt and Uryuu that “we’re going to start”.



It’s not surprising that Ichigo was handling the sternritter with ease. That said they fight should at least been shown, but I don’t think it would be anything but one sided. The real question was whats Yhwach’s plan? And what’s with sternritter “D”? Is he going to be a surprising twist? Anyway, this was mostly a set up for Ichigo showing off against the sternritter and Yhwach’s plan.


We Will

Sasuke shuts down Kakashi and Sakura as the try to help (to be honest I can’t blame him). Sasuke explains that Madara’s Genjutsu has started and that team 7 maybe the only one’s safe. We get glimpses into the dreams of many of the leaf shinobi.  Their dreams are lovely but predictable. Sasuke concludes that they can’t go out until the moonlight fades.

naruto-4977719He also explains that the genjutsu can be canceled by another Rinnegan. Madara arrives before they could get into fight with black zetsu. He declares himself the “savior of the world”. Black Zetsu betrays Madara by piercing him through the chest. He clams that his will is “Kaguya”, as Madara begins to change.


Zetsu, the betrayer, I’ll admit I didn’t see that coming. I have no idea what will become of Madara or Zetsu but we’ll see right. I glossed over the dreams of the shinobi but I though Gaara’s to be the most touching and Tsunade including Oorochimaru in her dream. It’s not that surprising but Sasuke is still an ASS, even if I agreed with what he said.


Weekly Shonen (05/21/14)

Infinite Tsukuyomi

As the “Infinite Tsukuyomi” activates, Guruguru disengages from battle. All the ninja’s left fighting realize that something has changed  on the battle field. Shikamaru notices that Naruto’s chakra has vanished and the Life tree has disappeared.


As the obligatory acknowledgement the everyone can see the moon and meteors, Naruto attempts to destroy all the meteorites with multiple rasenshurinken. Ten-ten shows up with the Ninja tools sealed in a scroll. She believe’s she can use them but needs a cloud ninja to teach her.


Madara with a face of pure evil announces that ” we’ll finally become one”. As Madara says this a bright light flashes on the shinobi and the animals alike tripping them his genjutsu. He then uses “Shin Jukai Koutan” (God – Birth of the see of trees), connecting all the shinobi to the tree.


Sasuke’s Susanoo manages to protect himself, Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi from the harmful light. None of the former Hokage seem to be affected and Yamato was released by Guruguru.



There wasn’t much to this chapter, therefore I don’t have much to say. I find the fact that all the non essential shinobi were engulfed in the genjutsu to be clever considering they were mostly useless anyway.

Ten-ten’s brief moment seemed to be a complete waste considering the fact that she was trapped by the jutsu as well (unless I missed something). Once again Sasuke’s clever thinking save them, though their next move is almost impossible to predict. I’m thinking Yamato will be an important part of the story, maybe he can help Hashirama somehow? Finally, we got some confirmation that Bee is still alive.


My Repayment

Luffy continues to laugh at Pica’s “high pitched voice”, causing fear in the other pirates. Pica becomes enraged and launches a massive punch toward Luffy (and the entire town). Everyone flees in fear, Pica misses. Luffy, Zoro and Law are greeted by Cavendish who announces that he no longer hates the Straw Hat Crew, due to “God Usopp’s”, “bravery”.


Cavendish returns Law’s hat and tells them that he will defeat Doflamingo by himself. When Luffy states that he will do it, Cavendish accuses him of trying to simply get more famous. Don Chinjao and his grandson’s a long with many of the other warriors from the Colosseum aim to repay their debts to Usopp, by defeating Doflamingo.


Meanwhile, at the Toy House the soldiers are looking for signs of Luffy after Pica’s attack. Luffy and the other rampage them, Pica attempts to stop them but Chinjao uses his “drill head” and Elizabello II uses his “King Punch” destroying Pica’s arm.



I liked this chapter. A lot of the humor that One Piece fans have returned in this chapter. From his silly reason for defeating Doflamingo (surprise, surprise it’s food related), to his insistence that he and Law are now friends (though Law objects).

It appears that Doflamingo’s Crew are going to have to fight of the Colosseum fighters, because even Doflamingo can’t handle them all. One thing is for certain “God” Usopp is going to have a massive bounty after this arc.


The Hero 2

Omaeda is standing between several Soldat soldiers and Sui Feng, when Hirako Shinji appears with Momo Hinamori. She blasts the Soldat’s and Shinji remarks that “he will help out”. Momo tends to Sui Feng’s wounds, Shinji comments on Omaeda and Sui Feng’s condition.


He suggest that while they’re weakened they should help Kenpachi, because if he die’s the tide of the war may turn in the enemies favor. Just as Shinji finishes speaking Bazz-B finally resurfaces claiming that he’s going to prevent them from helping Kenpachi. He quickly activates his “Burner Finger 3”.


Rukia senses Kenpachi’s Reiatsu and rushes to aid him, Byakuya tells her to remain patient. She stops cold sensing another Reiatsu, it’s Ichigo. The entire battle field senses Ichigo’s arrival and he quickly appears near Kenpachi stating ” he here to save him”.



The beginning of this chapter was interesting, I’m glad Shinji is still alive. Had he died it would have been pathetic. Like Omaeda and Momo (though she’s more useful than Omaeda apparently). Anyway, the return of Bazz-B was uneventful. His techniques are in my opinion completely uninspired.

The arrival of Ichigo was a little surprising but welcome none the less. With his appearance it’s clear to me that the four female sternritters are going to basically be fodder to show off Ichigo’s power increase. I’ll admit I’m looking forward to the slaughter.

Weekly Shonen (05/07/14)


Unable to escape, no ability to communicate outside the inhabitants of Dressrosa are trapped. They citizens are randomly attacking one another. Doflamingo challenges the citizens to “stop the game”, or die trying. King Riku begs Doflamingo to stop.


Doflamingo challenges the citizens to either kill him or join him. He offers the citizens “100,000,000 Belly for each star”. He ascribes stars to his opposition one star to Franky, Viola, Kinemon, Robin, and Rebecca. Two stars to Curos, Zoro and three to Luffy, Law, Riku and Sabo.


As Usopp lays please that he wasn’t mentioned, we are surprised to learn that he saves the highest star count (5) for him. Many of the citizens quickly turn on Usopp and the others. Curos goes on a tear, attacking the convicts. Meanwhile, the marines states that they “can’t capture Doflamingo” and their goal is Luffy and Law.



  1. Usopp being made the top bounty


This chapter was more of a set up chapter. Doflamingo is very clever with his “game”, turning the convicts against his top opposition. Appealing to their greed by adding numerical value to each star he ascribes to his enemies. The largest surprise clearly must be the fact that Usopp was made the primary target by Doflamingo. However, he is responsible for destroying Doflamingo’s plan so it makes sense.


The Undead 6

Gremmy wonders why he failed to gain the power, resulting in him killing himself was it his imagination. He concludes that his death was due to the fact that “Kenpachi’s body is the only one that could with stand his power”. Gremmy disappears revealing himself to be a brain only and stating that his body was also apart of his imagination.


Kenpachi appears to be mildly injured. He wonders were Yachiru is as he notices her empty clothing on the ground, and orders his subordinates to find her. They are quickly destroyed by lightning from four of the female sternritters arrive.



  1. Official end to Gremmy vs Kakashi


Very little happened in this chapter, it was mostly the conclusion of Kenpachi’s fight and the set up of what might be another fight with Kenpachi against the female Sternritter. I’m hoping that he does fight them as his fight with Gremmy was disappointing. The “disappearance” of Yachiru is surprising, but I doubt she’s dead.



Sasuke’s Rinnegan

Madara attacks and Obito responds with “Kamui” saving Sakura. She informs Sasuke and Kakashi explains that Obito wanted her to crush his rinnegan. She tends to Kakashi who lost his sharingan.


Madara wonders how Obito removed his seal, and Obito explains that he had Kakashi remove it. Madara reveals that he used the same seal on Rin and she also used Kakashi to remove it. He claims that it was “part of his plan” so that Obito was driven “to the dark side” and join him.


Naruto seal Madara’s shadow and joins Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura. Naruto replaces Kakashi’s eye with a normal one, Kakashi remembers Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura’s goals from childhood. Kakashi asks Sasuke what his new dream is but Sasuke hesitates. Kakashi senses that Madara is returning and reminds “Team 7” of their old lessons of team work.



  1. Kakashi’s remembering team 7
  2. Potential team 7 “teamwork”
  3. Naruto restores Kakashi’s “Normal” eye


  1. Madara’s flawless planning (really)



This chapter featured no fighting but was interesting. I found the fact that Madara “plan” was a bit ridiculous and highly improbable. While, I think that the manner in which both Rin and Obito freed themselves from the “puppet” seal using Kakashi’s Chidori was kind of clever.

The idea of team 7 (Kakashi, Naruto , Sakura and Sasuke) fighting together against Madara feels right. However, I doubt Kakashi (sans Sharingan) and Sakura will be of much help. Maybe Sakura will heal them but other than that I don’t expect much. Kakashi probably will be more useful, but this is still going to be about Naruto and Sasuke.

Weekly Shonen (04/23/14)


As the former toys aim to attack the smile factory, executives Trebol and Diamante are protecting it. Robin and Usopp meet with Sabo, Koala and Hack. Doflamingo appears behind Curos and aims to show him how decapitation really works. Luffy manages to save Curos, and attacks Doflamingo with “Jet Gatling”. Doflamingo uses “Busoshoku Haki” to protect himself.


Doflamingo uses his puppets string ability to cut Luffy and lands a haki punch to Luffy’s face. Doflamingo orders Pica to throw Luffy and the others out at the bottom of the outer wall. Doflamingo activates “Birdcage” which is designed to trap and kill the inhabitants of Dressrosa.


The cage is inescapable and is blocking communication to the outside. Doflamingo uses his “Parasite” ability to control some of citizens. Pica uses his ability to raise the Smile Factory, and the Palace. Doflamingo then challenges his enemies to try and kill him.



  1. Luffy vs Doflamingo potential fight preview
  2. Birdcage twist


This chapter was average. I felt that I wanted the fight between Luffy and Doflamingo to be much longer. The “Birdcage” seems like a good a game changer. I’m intrigued to see what happens next and whether the Marines will fight along side the pirates now that Doflamingo has trapped them all. 

Sasuke’s Rinnegan

Madara attacks with “Senpou – Inton Raiha”, Naruto counters it while Sasuke evades it. Naruto attacks Madara who counters with “Limbo”. Madara realizes that Sasuke and Naruto can “perceive” his Limbo. It turns out that their “Limbo” is another Madara.


The physical attacks of Naruto and Sasuke are failing again the second Madara. Madara is shocked that they can see the second Madara. He attacks Sasuke planning to steal his eye. Sasuke uses his left eye and Madara is impaled by his sword. Sasuke deduces the nature of Madara’s “Limbo” technique.


He then “orders” Naruto to attack the second Madara. He explains that Madara and his “shadow will overlap” and that Naruto should use a “technique to block” him. Madara releases how capable Sasuke is and is impressed by his ability. Shukaku offers his chakra and places a sealing jutsu in it.


Naruto uses “Senpou – Jinton Rasengan” , and Sasuke uses “Chidori”. However, Madara uses his “Shadow” in his place and rips out Kakashi’s sharingan, replacing his lost eye. Meanwhile, Obito asks Sakura to crush his rinnegan. She hesitates as Sasuke cuts Madara in half. Madara shifts other dimension and attacks it’s unclear who he attacks though.



  1. Naruto and Sasuke fighting together
  2. Sasuke’s Rinnegan 
  3. Sasuke’s strategy
  4. Kakashi losing his eye
  5. Madara’s attack on Sakura and/or Obito (cliffhanger). 


This was the Naruto series at it’s best. Action and strategy with surprises in the story ending with a cliffhanger. Sasuke’s strategic ability is not surprising but still impressive and the fact that “Limbo” was a second Madara was surprising as well. The most surprising aspect of this episode was clearly Kakashi’s stolen Sharingan. This set up what could be an interesting situation.

Who did he attack with his black chakra ball? Will Sakura be useful? Will Madara replace Kakashi’s eye with the rinnegan Obito has? Personally, I think it was Madara’s intention to simply use Kakashi’s Sharingan to get to Obito in the other dimension. If I had to guess I would suggest that Madara gets his rinnegan back destroys Kakashi’s Sharingan, Obito with Sakura returns to give Kakashi his other eye which Sakura will transplant. Whatever happens I can’t wait!

The Undead 5 

Kenpachi’s sword unsurprising destroys the meteor without much work. Gremmy screams out “MONSTER”, Kenpachi stats that theirs nothing that his sword can’t cut through. Gremmy creates numerous clones, attempting to kill Kenpachi with “something that has no shape”.


He traps Kenpachi in space, his body fluids begins to evaporate and his blood starts to boil. Kenpachi isn’t phased and cuts Gremmy in two, however Gremmy responds by exploding. Kenpachi is burned but not terribly injured, Gremmy loses it while aiming to make himself as powerful as Kenpachi. While gaining muscle mass Gremmy cant handle and surprisingly kills himself, while Kenpachi calls him an “idiot”.



  1. Kenpachi being bad ass


  1. Unsatisfying fight


Not much happened in this chapter, and if I’m being honest the entire fight. I’ve been completely unsatisfied by this. The ending of this fight while anticlimactic was a perfect illustration of the difference in power between Kenpachi and Gremmy. Gremmy couldn’t even successfully imagine himself stronger than Kenpachi. Overall, I never felt Kenpachi was going to lose, but I did expect him to kill Gremmy. I’m glad it over though. 




Weekly Shonen (04/09/14)

The General Office of the Revolutionary Army

Lucy destroy’s the ring and the audience panics out of fear of dying. “Lucy” quickly grabs the barrel featuring the “Mera Mera Fruit”, and claims victory. He is announced as the victor and proceeds to eat some of the Mera Mera fruit. He finds the taste to be disgusting as he saves Rebecca.


He uses ace’s technique ” Hiken”, meanwhile Robin stops Trevor for attacking the dwarves. Usopp is praised for being a hero by a Giant, to the cheers of the crowd. Finally after Rebecca asks who he is he reveals that he’s Sabo (surprise, surprise). He explains why the revolutionary army, to stop the proliferation of weapons.


Sabo is revealed to be the number 2 of the revolutionary army. Elsewhere, at the Palace Curos continues to dominated against Doflamingo’s pirates. Luffy is happy to see that Law is alive. He claims that their alliance is over and that he “will kill him” if he is released. Peeka arrives in time to stop Luffy, with Doflamingo now in the safe possession of Peeka he states that he’s going to use “Birdcage”.



A lot didn’t occur towards the end of this chapter but the official reveal of Sabo more than makes up for it. I was surprised that they quickly went from Sabo destroying the ring to eating the Mera Mera fruit. I’m hoping to see what he can do in a full fight. I don’t understand Laws attitude but Luffy will probably get him to see past it. Other than that it wasn’t surprising that Doflamingo was fine but I can’t wait to see what “Birdcage” is.


The Night Moth

Gai crouches down, Madara is quick to spot that due to his heart’s pressure point it was his final attack. As Gai activates his “Night Moth” technique we flashback to when he first meet Kakashi. It’s revealed that Gai actually failed the academy entrance exam. Even though Kakashi was insulting him Gai turns around and say’s “thanks for cheering”.


Kakashi father warns him not to let his guard down because ” at this rate that boy will become stronger than you”. Impressed with his chakra Madara “acknowledge” his strength, claiming to never have fought someone that was as good as Gai is with taijutsu. Gai charges forward apparently “distorting space”, and lands a devastating blow on Madara.


Gai crushes Madara’s ribs while simultaneously, breaking his leg. While they are both collapsed on the ground Madara admits that Gai “almost killed”him. Madara decides to kill him before he becomes ash, but Naruto kicks the “Gudoudama” back at Madara. He then places his hand around Naruto appearing to saving him with his new abilities.



At first I had resolved my self to the fact that Gai is going to die, but Naruto might actually prevent that. A lot of fans are probably going to be upset at the bait and switch. We were told very early in the series that anyone that uses the eight gates will die. However, he was actually going to die had Naruto not arrived.

Don’t get me wrong I know that predictability can be annoying but what would Gai dying actually accomplish. It’s very obvious that at his current form Madara wouldn’t beat a genin, which mean’s he’s probably going to heal himself or become even stronger. That will render Gai’s death completely pointless, as he would have accomplish nothing. I got what I wanted (to see the eight gates released) and it was epic and I’m satisfied with that.


The Killers High 2

Gremmy creates a barrier that Kenpachi easily cuts through, as he notes that Gremmy is “boring”. He cuts through Gremmy, unable to remove his sword Gremmy creates a massive hand and arm crushing Kenpachi. Kenpachi cuts the hand and arm in half, he also quickly cuts through Gremmy.


Gremmy notes that he realized he was hurt too late, and he can’t recover in time to heal himself. His counter attack is also “delayed” as a result. He explains it during this “delayed instant” that Kenpachi attacks again. He seem to understand why he can’t stop the sword of Kenpachi.



Kenpachi stops attacking and asks Gremmy if he was “imagining himself losing”, he heals himself and thanks Kenpachi. He claims to have “erase the image his own death”, and “he will never risk dying again”. He claims that Kenpachi will “regret this”, then Kenpachi response “I’ve never had regrets”.


Gremmy then duplicates himself, and Kenpachi attacks the clone which Gremmy says can’t die. His power of imagination is doubled in this state and he sends a meteorite down, claiming that Kenpachi “will vanish together with Seireitei”. Kenpachi unsurprisingly is unafraid and calls the name of his Zanpakuto “Nozarashi”.



Kenpachi’s fights generally don’t require much thought, this does seem to be another one of them. Gremmy barely lands any hits on Kenpachi, and he’s suppose to be the “strongest”. Kenpachi even stops fighting to “encourage” Gremmy to fight. I still can’t get the feeling that he will be in any danger, even a meteorite doesn’t give me a sense of danger. That said learning Kenpachi’s Zanpakuto’s name was satisfying.



Weekly Shonen (03/12/14)

Usoland the Liar

As I predicted Usopp does a 180 and makes a return just in at the right moment. Usopp is fleeing from the tower searching from, while the Tontatta defeated they call for Usopp. They talk how he’s their “hero”, and Trevor mocks this belief in Usopp.


They decry the horrible treatment like slaves, they decry that the humans that ” don’t realize that they lost their loved ones”. They believe that he will save them and Trevor calls them “Pathetic”. Trevor goes on a diatribe about how little Usopp seems to care.


Leo becomes angry, telling Trevor to “Shut Up! Usoland isn’t a liar”. Trevor begins to step on one of the Tontatta crushing him without mercy. Usopp can’t take it anymore and finally reveals himself. He attacks the Tontatta for believing in him, agreeing with Trevor. Usopp decides that in return for trusting him he will sacrifice his life. Using his “Plantanus Shuriken” to the delight of the Tontatta.


Meanwhile, at the Royal Palace Thunder prepares for battle with a new sword. Seeing King Riku, Thunder remembers his past as “Curos”. Curos is seen as attacking King Riku, he is offered an opportunity to battle in the Colosseum. Curos wins 100 battles and his freedom but continues to battle. He wins 1000 battles, but breaks down feeling that he will never be seen as anything more than a murderer.



I predicted that Usopp would return, begrudgingly helping out the Tontatta. I wasn’t sure whether or not he would, but I wasn’t the least bit surprised. I’m not sure Usopp can defeat Trevor but maybe the Tontatta or Franky will help.

This chapter felt longer than usual and I’m not sure that the second half about Curos was necessary. That said explaining more about his back story gave me more hope in Usopp likelihood at victory.


The beginning of the red spring

I usually don’t like flashbacks but sometimes they are useful. Very little has been mentioned about Gai’s father Dai. Guy seems to be at peace with his decision to use the eight gate. He quickly begins to open the eight door, as he flashes back to his father.


Gai’s father is as ridiculous has he is, and appears to maintain a positive out look on everything. It’s unclear whether his father is delusional or purposely chooses to see the world this way. His father never surpasses the genin stage, but we all know that does really matter in terms of strength.


Gai isn’t sure his father’s attitude makes a lot of sense. He gets into a fight over his father with a couple of ninja’s and ends up in the hospital. While there he asks his father ” when does youth end?”. Dai response “as long as you don’t turn your back on youth it will never end”. Gai attacks his father for “not being normal”. Dai tells him that ” a real victory is not when your win against someone strong”, “it’s when your able to protect something your care for”.


We flash forward a few years when Dai is about to teach him, Hachimon Tonkou. When then flash to another memory of Gai and his team facing the “Seven shinobi swordsmen of the Mist”, his father interferes using the Hachimon Tonkou. Now Gai aims to do the same against Madara.



I’m not going to lie I actually almost teared up after this chapter. Gai isn’t the most important character in Naruto, but he and Lee have always been strong and humorous. The flashback is generally the kiss of death, so I’m losing hope that someone (maybe Tenten) save him.

Clearly Madara has seen or heard of Dai’s Hachimon Tonkou, considering he appeared to have prior knowledge of it and you could only use it once. It’s safe to say that Gai won’t be able to defeat Madara, and his fathers words about defeating a strong opponent isn’t more important than saving someone or something you love enhances this possibility. Hopefully, Gai manages to do some serious damage before he seemingly dies. I also curious whether or not Dai manage to single handily defeat the 7 swordsmen.

The Blaster

Yachiru Kusajishi’s Shikai has Isane in a state of disbelief. She explains that no other shikai fails to transform like the other Zanpakuto’s. V appears visible injured, Yachiru thought she “cut him in two”. He uses “vanishing slider”, increasing his speed. V is attacked by another mysterious Sternritter, who appears within the healing barrier. 


V attacks Guremi but is easily destroyed. Guremi quickly shows his cruelty by killing both Rojuro and Kensei. He easily dodges Yachiru’s attack mocking her for being too predictable. He appears to break her arm and claim that ” imagination is the most powerful force in the world”. He states that anything he can imagine becomes “reality”. Kenpachi arrives in typical dramatic fashion, ready to fight. 



If the One Piece chapter seemed long this Bleach chapter seemed short. I’m a little disappointed the Yachiru didn’t get more time to fight before Kenpachi arrived. V easy destruction wasn’t surprising. To be honest I could imagine him putting up much of a fight against Yachiru anyway.

As for the “death” of Captain Rojuro and Captain Kensei, I’m not buying it YET. I think Guremi’s ability might be reversed when Kenpachi kills him. Considering the fact that he literally didn’t move to kill them, it must be his “imagination” that did it. Once he’s dispatched they should return to normal.

Part of me feels that this enemy is beneath Kenpachi. Either he doesn’t need to reveal his shikai and Bankai to kill Guremi or he’s forced to do so because Guremi is stronger than I anticipate. Overall, Kubo has keep this part of the arc interesting.


Weekly Shonen (03/05/14)


Luffy and Violet are scene running from Peeka, seemingly leaving Zoro to fight him. Thunder runs into another member of the executives, Gladius. Lanpo and Kabo attack him, they are quickly defeated. Gladius ate the “Pamu Pamu fruit”, resulting in his having the ability to blow himself and inorganic objects up.


Thunder detaches his head and uses “Jet Stamp”, Luffy and Violet arrive just in time. Gladius becomes enraged at the sight of the traitor and gives chase. He uses “Helmet Punk” hurting Violet in the process. Luffy uses his leg to reach the second floor, as Gladius wonders where they have gone Kinemon appears dressed as Doflamingo.


Gladius is fooled and quickly disappears. Meanwhile, Luffy, Thunder and Violet reach Doflamingo but are waiting out of sight. Doflamingo tries to get the truth about the StrawHat’s plans from Law and King Riku. Meanwhile, we switch to Franky attacking Marines and Robin has been turned into a toy. Usopp and the other are defeated and Usopp runs from the fray.



This chapter has heightened the since of urgency in the series. Now that Robin is a toy, Usopp has abandoned the factory and the dwarves have been defeated how is Thunder going to return to his former self.

Personally, I think Franky will engage with Trevor and Usopp will take advantage of an opportunity to save the others by attacking Sugar. Usopp cowardice isn’t surprising but he seems to fight it at times and surprise everyone, hope he does.


The end of youthful days

I have been reading and watching a lot of theories from fans of the Naruto series, many guessed correctly that it was Kabuto. I find Kabuto’s “resurrection” was surprising only due to the fact it happened so quickly. Anyway, Kabuto like Obito have realized that they now know “who they are”.


I think that the parallel between Obito and Kabuto made sense and the fact that they both will play an important role in saving Naruto and Sasuke respectively. They have both been redeemed by those actions and may have saved the war in the process. We quickly switch to Madara confident as always, claiming that reinforcements were just like “pebbles”.


Minato states that only “Senjutsu” and “Taijutsu” are effective against Madara. Minato claims that his Senjutsu isn’t very good, he’s never it in a battle. Also without his arms he can’t “fight properly”. At this point Gai steps up and opens the “seventh Gate”, with amazing speed Gai engages Madara.


He uses the “Midday Tiger”, he appear to have been blown back by its power. Madara uses his “black spheres”, Minato responds by having Kakashi throw on of his kunai’s. Rock Lee saves Gai from harm, even though his ribs and left arm are broken. However, Gai realizes he hasn’t done enough and states that it’s time to “it’s the end of the blue beast of the leaf” and ” become a red beast”.

naruto-4826201 (1)


I predicted that Gai sensei might die in upcoming chapters, and it appears he just might. I think Naruto could use another emotional shake up (like Neji), though I wouldn’t like to see Gai die. Although, I wondering why team Gai is the only one seemingly losing it’s members. That said I’m think that TenTen may end up doing something in this fight, but I could be wrong.

Another thing stood out to me during Madara and Gai’s clash was Madara stating that “your underestimating me if your not using Red Steam“. It seems to appear that Madara has seen the eighth gate (Death Gate) before. This could be bad if he did, he may not be surprised and may be able to handle the eighth gate. Regardless I’m still excited to see the “Death Gate”, in action.

Devilish Perspective 

Inane and Kusajishi are confused, how did nose start bleeding? Sternritter V “Guenael Lee of the Vanishing Point” appears. He’s stocky, cross eyed and rather old. Kusajishi attacks again, only to have V “vanish” again. He states that his powers has “3 versions”. In the first version his “shape” vanishes, the second his “existence” vanishes.


He can switch between them effortlessly landing hits while remain invisible. In the third version he vanishes from “conscience”, leaving his opponent without memory of him. Kusajishi appears to be unfazed by V’s third version as she just attacks, from instinct. She lands a small hit on V surprising him, she claims that she attacks “when I feels like a rustle”.


She explains what she means by “Rustle”, its a feeling that she and Kenpachi feel and they just attack in response. She retrieves her Zanpakuto and when V attacks she lands a hit, claiming that her sword hits “whether you dodge or not”. She say’s that her Zanpakuto is a “copycat” and there’s a child “imitating” her sword slices. Kusajishi reveals her odd looking Zanpakuto, “Sanpo Kenjuu”. The chapter ends with Kusajishi attacking, resulting in a triple attack.

bleach-4826757 (1)


This chapter was great, finding out about Kusajishi’s Zanpakuto was satisfying. I thought V’s powers were impressive but they were quickly render useless. This fight also reminds me of “Kenpachi vs Tosen”, V has a more elaborate ability but Kusajishi’s more direct fighting style still “seems” to have prevailed. I’m excited to see how this fight ends and whether Kusajishi even needs to use her Bankai.

Weekly Shonen (02/26/14)


Trevor destroys the executive tower, causing the roof to collapse on Usopp and the others. Trevor begins to question Leo about who is involved and he unwillingly gives Trevor the information he requests. Trevor explodes the “sticky” substance, causing damage to Leo and the rest of the crew. Usopp suggest that they retreat, but Leo is determined to complete the “SOP strategy” to aid his Captain.


Meanwhile, his Captain Thunder is being defeated by Lao G. He flashes back to Rebecca, who seems to be losing hope. She feed up with his strategy and no longer believes he can defeat Doflamingo. We transition to Rebecca in the ring doing something she never does, attack.


Everyone is surprise by her change in tactic, but her sword seems to be too dull. Diamante counters by creating a club, landing a hit on Rebecca. Diamante seemingly prepares to taunt Rebecca about the death of her mother. Before we can get to that conversation we shift to Lao G and Thunder.


The remaining dwarves spring into action and save Thunder. It is revealed that Thunder is the only toy without a “contract” that binds his will. Leo also reveals that Thunder use to be named “Curos”, and he was the strongest warrior in the Colosseum.



This chapter was relatively uneventful in its action but added another current to the story. Mainly, that Thunder use to be a powerful warrior named Curos. This explains why the SOP plan is so important. If they can manage to reverse the powers of Sugar then Thunder would return to being Curos. The only question is  can they do it, and even if they succeed would Curos be stronger than Doflamingo?

Two Mangekyou

Madara attempts to attack Obito, but he uses his phasing ability to counter. Madara retreats backwards but cant escape Obito’s grip. Obito and Madara appear to be inside Madara as Obito “rips pieces” of the Ichibi and Hachibi from the ten tails.


Obito tells Kakashi to send Naruto to the Kamui dimension, Madara takes this opportunity to attack Obito while he’s solid. Obito manages to counter Madara’s attack, but his inter-dimensional traveling is too slow to evade Madara.


Obito and Kakashi stand side by side, planning on last strategy. After a flash back to his and Kakashi’s childhood, Madara attempts to anticipate the strategy of Obito and Kakashi. He resigns to attack then simultaneously, Kakashi and Obito use their Kamui together doubling Obito’s speed of travel. He saves Naruto by finally transferring the second half of the Kyubi chakra, while Gai saves Kakashi.



I really enjoyed this chapter. What I often like most about Naruto as a series was the clever strategies that would occasionally be utilized. This was one of those instances, Kakashi’s and Obito’s plan was simple but surprising.

I’m excited to see what Gai will add to the fight, and hoping the either he or Rock Lee use all eight gates. Overall, this chapter was very well executed and for once I wasn’t wishing Obito had died. That said a small part of me feels that Gai might be the one to died, I hope not.

Closer Closer

As Nodt flashes back to his fear, while being in the hospital. We return to the present an As Nodt is frozen and falls to pieces. Rukia seemingly is completely frozen and starts to crack herself. Byakuya complements her on her Bankai, saying that it was “splendid”.


He tells her that her Bankai is very dangerous, because ” the slightest mistake could kill” her. He tells her that a “sword held by someone who is about to die”, “will never be able to protect anything”. He tells Rukia to aid him in protecting Soul Society.


Meanwhile, Vice Captain Kusajishi is making a lot of noise, proclaiming how amazing the beds of the Quincy are. Insane and Kusajishi are attacked by “V”. He claims to posses the power of the “vanishing point”, which has the effect of causing him to “vanish” completely from sight and conscience.



I’m disappointed that we didn’t get to see Rukia’s Bankai in action, but I imagine we’ll see it again in the future. I like the change in Byakuya, he’s a intellectual and honor driven as always but he’s finally come to see Rukia for the warrior she is. At the same time he’s still protective and she’s still respectful.

I didn’t anticipate seeing Kusajishi, but happy at the potential fight we get to see her wage. I highly doubt Insane will be much of a help, and curious to see Kusajishi’s powers. Her power isn’t in doubt, but how she uses them remains for the most part a secret. Also where Kusajishi is Kenpachi isn’t far behind, right?

Weekly Shonen (02/19/14)

Trevor army, special executive Sugar

Trevor shows off his unnatural “sight and skill”, resulting in a change of plan. Robin puts on a disguise and manages to convince Trevor to leave to the “commercial port 4th section”.


Trevor leaves with Robin locking the door behind him. The dwarves challenge Sugar, she lies to them but Usopp tells them she’s being deceitful. They attack, they are however turned into “Little Black Bears”, by Sugars powers.


She then uses her “Contract” ability to control the newly formed toys. They are told to obey her orders till they “die”. They are tasked with the destruction of all other dwarves in the tower.


Sugar calls Trevor, revealing that its a trap. Robin points out an area when pirates are fighting and Trevor quickly begins to attack them. He is told that there’s no problem and he realizes that Robin lied. When he attacks her its clearly a clone, and it disappears. Angered Trevor seems to have destroyed the tower.


The Current Me

Black Zetsu attempts to leave Obito’s body, to give Madara the rest of the Nine-tails chakra and his left eye. Obito seems to have regain control of his body, claiming that he and Madara need to talk. Meanwhile, Gaara and Kakashi wait patiently for the right time to strike.


Madara explains that the chakra of Rikudou was meant to “connect”. The spiritual energies of the people where suppose to connect, creating universal understanding. However, people instead decided to use chakra in connection with their own “spiritual energies”. They also used the chakra as weapons (Ninjutsu).


Madara believes that chakra was ” just a endless source of suffering”. Kakashi, Gaara and Minato quickly spring into action using Kamui, Sabakuha and Senjutsu respectively. Madara quickly cuts off the arm of Minato, sending the arm with the rasengan into Kakashi and Minato flying into Gaara.

naruto-4803139 (1)

When it looks like Obito is finally going to give Madara more power he puts his fist through his stomach. After another one of his speeches he appears to have made a staff out of black Zetsu.. I have no idea where this series is heading, I keep wait for Obito to died but maybe he’ll be useful. Let’s hope so.

The White Haze

As Nodt begins by taunting of Byakuya, Rukia warns Byakuya not to look As Nodt in the eyes. Nodt claims that “its too late”, but Nodt eye’s are quickly destroyed. Byakuya asked ” who is the late one”, as he activates his Shikai.


Byakuya claims to have been able to study “Senbonzakura”, “from its core”. As Nodt goes berserk and transforms into a more grotesque form, claiming that he will kill Byakuya over and over again.


Byakuya praises Rukia on “becoming strong”, before letting Rukia defeat As Nodt with her Bankai (Hakka no Togame). I’m assuming As Nodt was defeat, but he may not have been. That said I’m glad Rukia got the opportunity to finish the fight she started.


Weekly Shonen (02/05/14)

The Executive Tower

Pika ate the ” Ishi Ishi no Mi” devil fruit, giving him the ability to assimilate to his surroundings. Pika slams the walls of the castle on Luffy, Zoro and Violet, before cutting to the battle in the Colosseum.


A fighter fish attacks Burgess, he counters with “Surge Elbow” shaking the Colosseum in the process. The fish then targets Rebecca, she counters to get on top of the fish. While riding on top of a fighting fish Lucy ( Sabo) is attacked by Burgess using his “Surge Elbow”.


He counters with “Dragon Claw”, using Armament Haki destroying Burgess defenses. Meanwhile, Usopp and the others arrive at the executive tower. Caverdish is turned into a toy by Trevor and Sugar. The Dwarves plan on using a spice that resembles a grape to knock Sugar unconscious. They prepare to begin their plan.


At this point everyone must be able to use Armament Haki (well not everyone). This chapter was pretty straight forward, but I wonder if “Lucy’s” likely exposure will cause problems for the tournament. And of course it’s still “unclear” if Lucy is in fact Sabo.


Sakura is desperately trying to save Naruto, as his Kyuubi Chakra begins to dissipate. Medical ninjutsu seems to be failing due to the Kyuubi being extracted from Naruto. Gaara reveals the only way to save Naruto is to extract the other half of the Kyuubi’s chakra from the Fourth Hokage.


Sakura takes drastic measures to save Naruto until he can get the Kyuubi back. She literally cuts into the body of Naruto and grabs his heart, as Gaara speeds up. The Second Hokage curses Madara as he can’t help a weaken (near death) Sasuke.


Elsewhere, Karin is showing her potential at least when Sasuke is endanger. Using chakra chains similar to that of Kushina she begins to destroy the wood statue erected by Zetsu. She is stabbed but seems to be able to heal herself easily. Suigetsu uses his ” double gun” on Zetsu then Oorochimaru places a curse seal on Zetsu’s neck paralyzing him. Oorochimaru and the other escape to save Sasuke.


Madara summons the ten tails and quickly absorbs it becoming a the next ” Sage of the Six Paths”. He quickly head over to Kakashi and Minato to retrieve his lost eye. Sakura continues to desperately try to save Naruto with CPR and Sasuke is about to be saved by some mystery person.


I’ll be interested in the potential battle between Kakashi, Minato and Madara. I doubt they would stand much of a chance, but they might put up a fight. Furthermore, considering the fact that Sakura, Naruto and Gaara are heading there as well it could get a little dicey.


Dance with Snow white

As Nodt is perplexed by Rukia’s statement that she cannot feel fear. Rukia challenges Nodt to pierce her with ” those thorns”. Rukia prepares to show off “Sode no Shirayuki” real power.


Rukia states that she needs to become “accustomed”to Sode no Shirayuki’s power. Nodt say’s that the fear can enter from simple skin contact, and can’t be blocked with ice.


Rukia claims not to be alive, she explains that her Zanpakuto brings her body temperature to below zero. She said her Zanpakuto freezes anything it touches, but she has learn how to temporarily “kill her body”.


Rukia begins to attack, cutting Nodt she proclaims that blood freezes at -18 degrees. At -50 degrees “the water inside the ground”, freezes causing a “Ice Quake”. At -273.15  degrees “absolute zero” she can only move for 4 seconds, she seems to have frozen Nodt completely as he thinks about what fear is.


Personally, I’m glad that Rukia finally gets to shine. That said I’m not that confident this fight is over considering how Rukia has been treated in the past. However, considering how long winded the Mask fight was maybe Kubo will have a short fight, but I doubt it.


Weekly Shonen (01/15/14)

One Piece (734)


Rommel’s Whirlwind

And the winner of block D is, Rebecca. I was unclear who was responsible for knocking out block D, but it is revealed that its was Cavendish. The crowd is out rage at the outcome claiming Rebecca must have cheated. However, due to Cavendish’s “Somnambulism” his inner self awakens taking over his body increasing his strength.  He falls asleep during the fight and his inner self called ” Hakuba” emerges. Hakuba quickly dispatches the other fighter in the ring but Rebecca is the only one able to dodge his attacks. Cavendish then fall’s back to sleep leaving Rebecca to win. Elsewhere, Doflamingo has located former King Riku. Franky is fighting against Doflamingo’s “executives”. Luffy, Zoro and Kinemon arrive at the Palace and Violet prepares to help them gain assess.


Naruto (661)


The Failed World

Kurama is stripped from Naruto and Hachibi is removed from Bee as they are sucked into the Gedo Mazo statue. Gaara “saves” Naruto seemingly escaping with him. Madara is attacked by Tobirama but his is quickly defeated. Sasuke prepare to battle Madara again Hashirama tells him that he would give him a jutsu to counter Madara. Tobirama attempts one last ditch effort to attack Madara, but fails. Sasuke takes this opportunity to attack from behind but is stabbed in the chest.

Personally, I don’t really like how easy Madara defeats the former Hokage especially Hashirama. The likely that Sasuke gets killed is so low that its not worth debating, but where’s everyone else. I hope Shikamaru comes up with some perfect plan featuring all the remaining fighters. Since Naruto’s temporarily out of commission maybe the rest of the shinobi alliance can get some shine. Although, I might be hoping for too much.


Bleach (564)


Red Bristled Kings

Mask finally bits the dust by becoming ash. Respect should be given to him but we all knew it was coming. I’m not quite sure how I feel about Renji’s new Bankai, Hihiou Zabimaru. The fact that Zabimaru didn’t tells Renji it full name feel convenient. Mask seems to lose his mind and attack Renji head on. Hihiou seems to be an bone like arm, that breaks Mask’s arm. Angry Mask attempts to attack again only to be incinerating Mask to ash.


Weekly Shonen (12/25/13)

Bleach Chapter 563


Death and Strawberry

I don’t know what to feel about Mask anymore. He and James just keep coming back and stronger than they were previously. I find this character to be completely annoying but you have to respect his endurance. His barrage of “star” attacks to be ridiculously. But, it seems that these attacks were useless anyway. I wonder how cool Renji’s new sword is, a least we’ll get to find out.


One Piece Chapter 733


What Mr. Solider Wants

We start with Rebecca in the Colosseum, she battles “The Hero of the Diaz Naval Battle” Slayman Decapitate. He laments to Rebecca how hard it must be to be hate by her own country. Rebecca, responds that she doesn’t care if everyone hates her, she just wants to “live with Mr. Solider”. At the toy factory Usopp is put in charge as Mr. Solider plans on heading to the palace to “shoot Doflamingo”. Usopp, and the others are caught but the dwarves spring into action and quickly strip their enemies.


They prove to be very strong, and use “Tontatta Combat: Tail Hammer” to buried their opponents. Usopp asked if all dwarves were this strong and was told yes. Elsewhere, Mr. Solider fears being trapped in between the toy House and basement so he attacks. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Solider is a capable fighter even with the limitation of being a toy. We end in the Colosseum, all the combatants are render unconscious it’s unclear who is responsible. Maybe it’s Sabo?

Naruto Chapter 660


The Hidden Heart

This chapter focused on the relationship between Shukaku and Gaara. The insight into Shukaku’s relationship to humans was interesting. As Madara attempts to absorb all the Bijuu at once, he realizes that he must absorb the “Ichibi” first. Starting with Shukaku, Gaara steps up to protect his former Bijuu. Shukaku, has a flashback of conversations with Gaara and a unnamed priest. He shows his bigotry toward humanity, and in a conversation with the priest he’s reminded of “the Old Hermit of the Six paths”.


The priest tells Shukaku that when he accepts a person’s “Hidden Heart”, he will understand the words carved into his hands. These are the same words carved onto Gaara’s forehead. Madara, manages to side step Gaara’s attempt to save Shukaku. Madara also manages to remove Kurama from Naruto, but not before Kurama tells Gaara something. I know Naruto isn’t going to died, so I’m not worried about it. However, I’m curious how he will be saved, and what Gaara was told? Although, it should be noted that Naruto’s mother survived the Bijuu being extracted from her. So a precedent has been set for Naruto to survive, and what about BEE?

Weekly Shonen (12/11/13)

One Piece – Chapter 731


Dressrosa Operation SOP (Aka the return of Sabo).


This chapter begins with the end of the fight between Dillinger and Bellamy. Bartolomeo is using his barrier ability to protect Bellamy from being killed, much to Dillinger’s dismay. Bellamy is in tears over the reveal that Doflamingo ordered his death. The plan to destroy the toy factory and return everyone to normal has been named ” Dressrosa Operation SOP”. The premise is simple knock out the toy maker, devil fruit user Sugar.


Luffy decided that fighting for the “Fire Fruit” wasn’t as important as saving his friends, and wanted to leave the Colosseum. Just when I though Luffy or at least Rebecca was going to get the fire fruit a shocker was introduced. Nobody could have anticipated the return of Sabo. Alright, it’s not “official” but it seems pretty clear at this point in time. For those who don’t know Sabo is Ace and Luffy’s “adopted” brother, he’s also a member of the Revolution Army. They were under the impression that he was killed.


Luffy’s face said it all. I’m a little hesitant to assume that he will get the “Fire Fruit”, but it just too perfect to ignore. We end with “Sabo” stating that he must “inherit that person’s will”, as he walked into the Colosseum wearing Lucy’s armor. This chapter had almost no fighting and I this excited, that’s a sign of a great chapter.




  • Bartolomeo’s fanboism and honor
  • Luffy’s face
  • Franky’s “combat hairstyle”
  • The return of Sabo



Naruto – chapter 658

Madara Eye

Bijuu vs Madara

I have a few problems with this chapter. First the fight is obviously far from being over but “blind” Madara ended up with little damage after taking on ALL the bijuu’s simultaneously. I understand Madara’s strength, however now that he’s alive at least has to worry about dying or at least being seriously injured. Instead, it seems like he’s just as invincible as he was when was an “Edo Tensi” (except for some cuts). Being alive means that he’s has to worry about of chakra limits, stamina and strategy. If Hashirama alone can beat him then a “Edo Tensi” Hashirama with the entire shinobi alliance should defeat a living Madara right?


He must have some plan, maybe an accomplice like “Oorochimaru”? I was a little confused by which Zetsu was which. The white Zetsu returned his right eye from somewhere, so he’s no longer blind but only has one eye so far. Zetsu is way too invincible he’s been “killed” by Sasuke, Chojiruo, and Naruto, but is rather unfazed. And if he’s just going to just become a limb donor to Madara, I’d consider him a broken character. What do you guys think, is Zetsu a broken character? Does Madara really have a chance?



  • Shukaku and Gaara together again
  • Tailed beast team work



Bleach – Chapter 561



Bleach takes the best action crown, but the fact that Mask DID defeat Hisagi, Ikkaku , Yumichika, Rose and Kensei annoys me. However, maybe his appearance undermines his powers and I just judge him for that. Kensei was useless (got his arm broken) and his bankai didn’t seem to be effective after Mask ability was activated.


Rose killing James felt good, but I’m not confident that he’s dead for some reason. Rose’s bankai (Kinshara Butōdan) looks awesome and he might have won had he not told Mask how his bankai works. Seriously, Kubo needs to stop doing this. I understand that us readers need to know what the bankai how the bankai work’s but couldn’t the characters just think to themselves or something ?


Personally, I really like Rose’s Bankai. It’s has a nice “Gothic” like design and it’s ability is pretty cool. However, Mask manages to counter it’s ability by destroying his own eardrums. After which he cut’s Rose in half with his “Star Beam”, it was noted that he’s still alive but I won’t hold out much hope. Finally, we get to the return of Renji let’s hope he stands a chance.



  • Mask’s dominating
  • Rose killing James
  • Rose’s Bankai
  • Renji’s Return

Weekly Shonen (11/27/13)

Naruto – Chapter 656




Well I expected the break to be longer, but I’m pleasantly surprised that Naruto returned. Obito continues to be annoying (whining about Rin), but he “dead” now. The true villain has Madara has taken over, I’m hoping he’s much better than Obito. Using the “Gedou Rinne Tensei no Jutsu” Obito attempted to pull a Nagato, and revive everyone. However, Madara wasn’t having it and seized the opportunity (with the help of black Zetsu). Madara “switched” with Obito returning to the land of the living.

While I happy to see that Madara is stepping up as the main villain, I don’t get why he would want to become a living being again. What reason would he have to forfeit immortality and infinite chakra? If he’s trying to become the 10 tails host, he would have to recapture ALL the newly released Bijuu’s. That seems like a tall task even for Madara. Furthermore, he would have to fight Naruto, Sasuke, Bee, Oorochimaru, the entire Shinobi Alliance (those that survived), the previous Hokage, and the current Hokage. He manage to handle the current Hokage, but was helped by the fact that he could regenerate. I don’t see how he has much of a chance, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


  • Obito’s death
  • Madara’s return to the living


Bleach – Chapter 559


The Night Right


Rukia and Renji arrive, at the END! That was a tease if I saw one. This chapter wasn’t action packed, but I’m not opposed to some exposition chapters. Captain Commander Shunsui and Jugram Haschwalth have a discussion about the “balance” of the war so far. Nanao Ise gets to show off again using a stronger barrier technique than “Hakūdan Keppeki“. Just as they’re about to fight, Yhwach call’s for Jugram to return. Yhwach called Jugram to punish Cang Du and BG9 for failing to win. BG9 begs for his life, but Cang Du remains silent. As Jugram attempts to decapitate Cang Du his sword is stopped.

Cang states ” he will not be cut down by anyone but Yhwach”. Jugram response by asking him if “he can see the tilted scales” then he kills Cang. Meanwhile, Mask De Masculine smashes Hisagi into the ground. Supposedly he single handily “finished off almost all of the captain-level Shinigami whom they found”. Personally, I doubt that Hisagi, Ikkaku and Yumichika would be defeated so easily. Spotting two light’s in the sky, Mask wonders “what that light”.