Tower of God Episode 11: Recap and Review

Bam and Rachel play the fish in episode 11 of Tower of God.
Bam and Rachel play the fish

The final examination, the Underwater Hunt

Tower of God episode 11, Underwater Hunt (Part One) begins with Bam passing the Administrators test. Bam and Rachel are permitted to move on to the final test. The final requires the Bam and Rachel to become “fish” and will be hunted by net dolphins. These dolphins seal-like creatures that hunt once a day for their Queen. They use Shinsu to creat nets to trap fish. Bam and Rachel will be placed in a bubble made of Shinsui, where the goal is to be eaten and regurgitated onto dry land. The others are charged with protecting them. Barnacle goblins use giant wetworms to steal fish from the net dolphins. If Bam and Rachel are eaten by one of these worms, everyone fails. 

A Striped Earthpig is an “enemy” of both the barnacle goblins and worms. However, the Earthpig scares off the net dolphins. The team must stop all three creatures from interfering. The biggest challenge is the Bull, a creature that will eat anything. The team is separated by class (Spearbearers, Lightbearers, etc.), however, both Princess Endorsi and Anaak have disappeared. Shibisu runs into the Bull that has eaten Dede Cancho and Blarouge. Both are red shirts so their deaths don’t matter. The Bull quickly gets distracted by a net dolphin, Shibisu attacks it to get its attention. When it finally tries to eat him, Annak saves him. 

Will Anaak survive?

Ren makes his move against Anaak

The two Princesses decide to have a bet. If Endorsi wins she gets the 13 Month Series swords and if Anaak does, Endorsi becomes her servant for life. Elsewhere, Rak is upset that he doesn’t get to fight the Bull. However, the goblins and the worms begin to move. Meanwhile, the net dolphins begin to create the fishing net. Endorsi is dominating the Bull. Realizing its outmatched the Bull flees. Ren was in control of the Bull the entire time. Ren uses the Bull to separate Endorsi and Anaak. The later he attacks, seeking the Green April. Ren pierces Anaak through the chest and takes the Green April back. Ren reveals that the Underwater Hunt was created to take “care of” Anaak. 

As an enemy of Jahad, Anaak is considered a threat to the tower. Ren gives Endorsi the chance to redeem herself by killing Anaak. For a short period, I thought this task would be easy. How naive. I’m not sure what Endorsi is going to do. She seemed to have decided that she wanted to climb the tower with Anaak. However, she has worked so hard for her position as a princess. Which would she sacrifice? While it appears that Bam and Rachel are heading towards their goal, the others are going to have trouble helping. If something does save Anaak it might be Shibisu, although he would be outmatched. 

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Tower of God Episode 5:Recap and Review

Bam and Khun on the throne in episode 5 of 5 of Tower of God.
Bam and Khun on the throne

Tower of God has been building our anticipation of who the hooded figure might be. Is she Rachel of not? Khun reveals that he can duplicate objects with his briefcase. Humiliated, the other teams all turn their attention “the blue-haired kid,” they attack in unison. Rak steps between them, single-handily defeating all the fighters, winning the third round. The mysterious hooded trio decided to wait for one more round to enter. It turns out that the dark blue object is a hair tie, not a darkly colored piece of hair like I thought. I question the physics that keeps it from falling but it doesn’t really matter. He ties his hair up in a ponytail, preparing for the next round.

The next round

Khun takes his seat as team Bam won’t need to fight this round. Khun, during the first test, gathered several allies. He hide them inside his bag, promising to get them past the first test, in exchange for their aid. He released them after the third test, Khun expresses that he wants “to win and climb the tower” with Bam and Rak. Khun seems to be coming out of his shell. Meanwhile, the three allies quit, ending the round. Now the final round begins. Bam is quickly distracted the hooded girl that resembles Rachel. When the round begins, a female fighter, wearing a black body suit and mask, begins dominating the other fighters. With her staff, she bludgeons several contestants.

The Crown game ends without a victory

The black fighter clashes with Rak, but is able to escape him. Before she can attack Bam, one of the hooded warriors interferes. Meanwhile, Rak battles a short guy hand to hand. Khun faces off against a swordsman. The two remaining hooded fighters protect Bam on the throne. With 30 seconds remaining, the black fighter attacks Rachel. Landing a blow to her head, Bam leaps out of the chair to protect her, dropping the crown. Before the black fighter can deliver the final blow, Bam’s hidden Shinsui power erupts. Golden colored, instead of blue, Bam gains the upper hand. He prepares to strike the black fighter but is stopped by the Black March. Bam passes out.

Threats to the tower

The crown games end without a winner. Of course, it was never going to result in team Bam winning, as we wouldn’t have a story to tell. Lero Ro gives the fighters three days off. The test administrator comments that their job isn’t to determine who should climb the tower, but “expel” those who could “harm” the tower. The test administrator must be referring to something other than the physical tower, but maybe the institution it’s self?

Regardless, Bam with his new Shinsui ability and the Black March is clearly becoming more of a threat. Tower of God episode 5 doesn’t make clear what would happen to one of these threats, one could only conclude that it’s not good. We are briefly introduced to an irregular, Urek Mazino. Elsewhere, Rachel shows up while Bam is unconscious. At this point, I don’t really like or trust Rachel. I look forward to seeing if my instinct about her is correct. I fully expect her to ask Khun to lie to Bam or tell him not to follow her.

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What is the sky?

Rachel told Bam a legend, as the current sky is just an imitation created by Shinsu. Khun doubts the sky exists. Bam personally doesn’t care to see the stars himself but wants them for Rachel. When Khun questions why Rachel left him to climb the tower alone, Bam becomes upset. Well kinda (he rarely emotes at all). Meanwhile, the trio overheard the screaming or as Khun put the “death cry”. They wonder how dangerous the next test will be. An odd-looking being offers some clues, however, Khun who was taught by his mother never to trust anyone ignores his advice. He notes that the teams that took less than five minutes seemed to survive.

Hansung Yu, the Director of the Tests, tells them the rules for passing the next test. Open the correct door. They will be given one chance and have to finish under ten minutes. Rak’s not interested in the thinking required so it falls to Khun to figure out the right door. Khun goes through a series of detailed deductions, why the clock is present since they have the Pockets that show them the time, the number of doors, etc . . . However, it’s the airhead Rak that solves the puzzle. He chooses the right door based on his “instinct.”

Turns out that the test rules were actually to choose a door within five minutes. Any door would have sufficed. After another team passes, it is revealed that the odd man was asked to give Bam’s team some clues. Direct Yu says that it was “just an experiment, to see if the hints would help or hurt their performance in the test.” Elsewhere, another first test is being administered, this time only three participants survive. They killed everyone without having a Princess or Irrelaguar on their team. 

Anaak using the Green April in episode 4 of Tower of God
Anaak using the Green April

The Bonus Test, the Crown Game

Since the three participants, success would cause the Director problems he decided to create an optional test. Anyone team that passes this test will be granted the right to climb the Tower. The Crown Game requires a member of a team to wear a crown while sitting on a throne. His or her teammates are tasked with defending the crowned teammate. If that team member leaves the throne the game ends and it will start all over. Anaak team battles Kon’s. Anaak takes them on herself. She overwhelms them, then takes the crown and the throne. Bam notices the hooded blond girl, he identifies as Rachel. 

The Green April 

The Black March starts to react to the Green April. Meanwhile, the second round begins. Anaak falls asleep while Ship Leesoo and Hatsu fight to keep the crown. Lauroe (the sleepy guy) awakens to try to take out Anaak. He’s able to use Shinsu. Anaak however, can dodge the wave. While using her Green April she notices that the Black March is vibrating. She forfeits the bonus test when she enters the waiting room of Bam’s team. Anaak reveals that she’s a Princess of Zahad and is worthy of a weapon form the 13-month series, Bam is not. Lero-Ro ends the conflict before it begins.

With Anaak team out of the game, everyone including Bam’s team joins. Khun grabs the crown and hides it in his briefcase. He tosses a fake crown in the middle of the room and watches as the others battle of it. Meanwhile, he gives Bam the crown and places him on the throne. With Bam on the throne, the mysterious team featuring the “fake” Rachel decided they will enter the next round. When her teammate asks if it’s okay to kill everyone, Rachel says: “yes.”

Tower of God continues to complicate Khun’s story but suggests that Bam and Rak may undermine the bad lessons he learned from his mother. We have gotten some glimpses of Rachel in memories of Bam and now as a hooded figure. While it’s not clear if this “Rachel” is real, what I’ve seen so far from suggests that Bam has the wrong impression of her. She seems like she manipulative and took advantage of an innocent Bam, making him her “pet.” She seems toxic. The following episode could tell us how much.

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