Weekly Shonen – Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 175

Sendai Colony, Part 2

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 175 concludes the battle between Yuta Okkotsu and special grade cockroach: Kurourushi with an unusual ending. Yuta cuts the arm off of the special grade, then pins it to a rock with his sword. Yuta overwhelms Kurourushi at first forcing the curse to be on the defensive. Yuta is able to deduce that he’s being watched by Ryu Ishigori and Takako Uro. He realizes that they’re likely players with “high scores,” but he doesn’t want to reveal that he can use the “reverse cursed technique.” Kurourushi asks him why he’s “interfering.” Yuta responds by questioning “why he’s eating people,” to which the curse says it’s because he likes “the taste of iron.” Kurourushi then uses Blinding Earthen Insect Trance which surrounds Yuta with a tornado of insects.

Yuta exterminates the insects, but when he and the curse clash he’s hit by a projectile from the sword. Suddenly, two cockroaches emerge from Yuta’s shoulder. As he kills the insects, the special grade hits Yuta directly in the chest with his sword. Yuta is damage greatly and coughs up blood. Ryu and Takako assume that it’s “over.” With no choice remaining, Yuta uses reverse cursed technique and converts it into “output,” delivered via his mouth. As Ryu notes, it’s a gross way to kill Kurourushi but it was necessary. Takako says to Yuta that it “seems like you can use reverse curse technique” shocking Yuta as the environment distorts.

Yuta Okkotsu is more powerful and skilled now than he was in Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 0. His abilities have improved enough to largely dominate a special grade curse. In the end however, even Yuta had to use reverse cursed technique. Keeping his abilities a secret from future opponents is a sound strategy but it does have it’s dangers. It’s not made clear why Yuta wishes to hide his abilities but I can only assume he wishes to surprise his enemies. It’s too late now. With Rika still hidden, Yuta may only have one wild card left. Takako seems to have reality distorting or altering abilities. Yuta will probably need to use Rika leaving the civilians in danger.


Weekly Shonen Jump (February 8th 2022) – MHA prepares for war, Law and Kid battle Big Mom, and Yuta faces a giant Cockroach

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My Hero Academia Chapter 342

“The Extreme Quiet Before The Storm”

The heroes prepare for war in My Hero Academia Chapter 342
The heroes prepare for war in My Hero Academia Chapter 342

All For One’s spies mention their new orders, “fan the flames of discourse amongst the general public.” Their hope is to force Deku out of U.A. At the Heights Alliance, All Might, Naomasa Tsukauchi, and Nezu inform them that they’ve prepared for the upcoming “second war.” The following morning, Nezu tells the civilians that “Tomura will make his big move in 4 days.” Class 1-A thanks the civilians and leave. One For All’s spies are excited to see Deku leave, assuming that their mission is now “guaranteed to succeed.”

Class 1-A arrive at a new fortress built by Cementoss, Power Loader, and Ectoplasm, called “Troy.” The students head to their dorm rooms. Ochaco and Deku finally have a heart to heart after all the chaos. After thanking her, Deku and Ochaco discuss her encounter with Himiko Toga. Ochaco is confused by her conversation with the vampiric villain. Ochaco can’t forgive Toga for he actions but still sees that she’s human. Deku has a similar issue with Tomura. My Hero Academia is closing loose ends and setting up the last conflicts.

One Piece Chapter 1039

Top Billing

Law ends Big Mom’s era

Momonosuke continues to try to pull Onigashima away from the Flower Capital as he hears a voice calling to him. Elsewhere, Yamato and Kazenbo fight continues. This chapter is mostly the fight between Big Mom, Law, and Kid. The two Captains bicker but manage well against Big Mom. Kid’s Punk Corna Dio attack breaks Big Mom’s right arm and a few ribs. The Yonko uses her Soru Soru no Mi abilities to heal her arm. Despite the damage they’ve inflicted, Law and Kid are reaching their ends. Law tells Kid that “the next round’s going to be the last one.”

Big Mom uses new moves called Maser Saber and Misery against Law and Kid. Misery is a homie that resembles a giant woman made out of fire and lightning. She can fly and uses her massive size to crush Big Mom’s enemies. Kid assigns a “south pole” to Big Mom and “north pole,” to a wall forcing the two to collide. After dropping a tower on her, Law stabs Big Mom through the chest with his sword and makes it so long that it pierces through the island and hits Wano’s surface. She sends Misery to attack Law, but Kid uses his Damned Punk attack to fire an massive energy blast at Big Mom. As her head burns, Law declares her “era is over.”

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 174

Sendai Colony, Part 1

Yuta Okkotsu battles a swarm of cockroaches

In the Sendai Colony, Yuta Okkotsu kills Dhruv Lakdawalla, a powerful Shikigami user. He had a stand off with, Ryu Ishigori, Takako Uro, and the cockroach spirit, Kurourushi. With Dhruv dead, Takako assumes Kurourushi will “make it’s move.” Yuta was protecting a number of civilians from Dhruv. Suddenly he hears a buzzing sound and tells the civilians to “hurry.” A swarm of cockroaches kill several people before Yuta is able to deflect them. According to Yuta, each cockroach haws “cursed energy” and are “reinforced.”

The swarm pursues the fleeing civilians but Yuta has Rika block the swarms path. He then eliminates all of the roaches with an attack. Kurourushi finally appears. Without Dhruv, the cockroach spirit is free to attack. Kurourushi has an “endless appetite,” with Yuta preventing it from eating, it now has focuses on him. Yuta contemplates which new rules are needed to prevent players like Dhruv and Kurourushi from leaving the barrier. He believes that a “means of communication,” and a “way to travel between colonies,” are needed to gain more control. I’m excited for the upcoming battles with Yuta. He’s long been a hyped character and I wanna see what new skills he’s learned since Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 0.


Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 163: Yuji Itadori and Megumi Fushiguro prepare to fight

Tokyo No.1 Colony, Part 3

Have you ever killed someone who ticks you off . . . it feels better than I expected

Hiromi Higuruma

Summary of Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 163:

After the last chapter set up Yuji and Megumi, we wondered which one would get betrayed. I over thought it, assuming the obvious choice Remi wouldn’t be the traitor. I was wrong, she does set Megumi up to face Reggie. They don’t waste much time and Megumi quickly summons his divine dogs. Yuji is the one that meets Hiromi Higuruma. The former prosecutor, is taking a “bath” in his clothes on, while centered on a stage.

Yuji asks him to use his 100 points to “end the culling game.” Higuruma bluntly says no. He sees the culling games as a substitute for the “powerless” law. Ever if rules are imperfect, he could use the games mechanics to enforce “natural law.” Yuji warns him that “everyone in the country would die.” Higuruma isn’t so sure. He claims the culling game “celebrates permanence.” Feed up, Yuji threatens Higuruma and prepares to fight. Higuruma get out of the tub and releases his cursed spirit.

Hiromi Higuruma’s plan


In the beginning of the chapter we get a flashback from Rin Amai. He assesses his classmates, as they pick on someone, as being neither “smart or athletic.” He decides it’s best to avoid “pissing them off” and chooses to “just smile and go with the flow.” Rin is presented as the type avoid being seen as a target. Inside the culling game he did become a target and is being forced to do things against his will.

He’s contrasted with Yuji who appears, an instead tells them to “knock it off.” Yuji’s unwilling to just stand by and allow others to be picked. We already knew this about him but it’s necessary to set up the rest of this chapter. Yuji manhandles all three of the bullies. Rin remains a coward, whereas, Yuji is eager to see Higuruma despite the danger. Megumi is also willing to risk his life for others but in this arc he seems more willing than Yuji to harm his opposition. This doesn’t mean Yuji won’t do it but he resists more.

Megumi is far less trusting than Yuji and in this case he’s right for doing so. After Megumi is betrayed he gives Remi a death stare. She’s not scared but I think she should be. I’m don’t think Higuruma’s plan makes much sense. The culling game doesn’t apply to all of society and Kenjaku wants to eliminate all non-curse users. Basically Kenjaku wants to commit genocide. Will Higuruma consent to that? I suspect Yuji will be able to convince him to choose to save lives. But first, we’ll get to witness what abilities Higuruma has.


Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 161 and 162: Megumi or Itadori are set up

In Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 161 we were introduced to several new enemies. Megumi assumed he and Yuji could travel together once inside the barriers. When they entered the barrier, players are randomly transferred to one of nine locations. If you think about it this makes since. If teams can form then the game would be in their favor. Imagine if a team of ten got together. Who would stop them? Also if the goal of the game is to have players fight each other then population would matter. If you have a small number of fighters then they might run out of opponents. Anyway, Itadori encounters several sorcerers who target new fighters. Yuji is quickly attacked by a mysterious woman with a jet plane. He quickly defeats her and pisses off her boyfriend.

Elsewhere, Megumi encounters a well dressed woman, Remi. He asks her if she knows Higuruma. She claims to know but won’t tell unless Megumi becomes her “Knight.” We know that all the people present in the culling game wish to be there, so I doubt she’s that helpless. In Chapter 162, Yuri attacks Haba. The latter’s Jujutsu technique is a propeller. Yuji’s superior atheisms is on full display here. He rushes and grabs Haba by the ankle. He drags Haba through the side of an apartment building. Yuji’s even able to dodge the propeller as it spins at close range. Yuji hides inside a building hoping to prevent Haba from using his technique.

One of them is lying in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 162.

Megumi or Yuji is betrayed

He fails. Haba is able to adjust the length, angle, speed of rotation and durability of his propeller. He begins slicing the hallway with his propeller. However, Haba has to angle himself such that he exposes the top of his head. Yuji deduces that the “airplane woman,” must have created a binding vow. The farther their body is from the source (their hair) the less durable it is. Yuji strikes Haba in the center of the head. The jujutsu sorcerer assumes Yuji has “shattered” his hand. Yuji knocks him out with a kick.

Yuji can’t ask him about Higuruma now that Haba’s unconscious. Amai Rin introduces himself to Yuji, who he remembers from High School. We return to Megumi and Remi. She claims, she only fighting to avoid being killed. Yuji and Megumi both asks for the whereabouts of Higuruma. They’re given two different answers. Ikebukuro and Shinjuku District. It’s implied that either Amai or Remi are working with Higuruma. We just don’t know which one. I think it’s probably Amai, because Remi is the obvious choice. Amai claims to be a victim of Haba and Hanyu. He’s more sympathetic. however, I don’t think Yuji is going to hold it against him. If he’s not willingly helping then he’ll be someone else for Yuji to save.


Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 159: Hiromi Higuruma’s sense of judgement

At the end of my last review of Jujutsu Kaisen I assumed Hiromi Higuruma was a soul less mass murdered. It turns out he’s not or at least he use to have morals. In Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 159, “Judgement,” Gege Akutami explores the corruption in the justice system. Higuruma was a public defender, struggling to represent clients against a rigged system. The chapter presents Higuruma as “never changing.” A public servant is disadvantaged in a court that pits independent defense lawyers against the better funded and staffed public prosecutors. Higuruma claims he’s always had a strong sense of right and wrong. He understands the law isn’t impartial, it’s unfair and real people suffer.

Baring witness to this system and it’s consequences takes a toll on public defenders too. Why do they bother? Is there any hope? I’ve heard Japan has a near perfect conviction rate and Gege Akutami claims “99.9 % of criminal trails end in a guilty verdict.” While, that statistic is an exaggeration the point still stands, Higuruma’s clients were “branded guilty from the start.” Outside of court the lives of Higuruma clients aren’t much freer. The police illegally question them and crime is so common that Higuruma suspects that the murder weapon was just “lying around.” His client, Keita Oe works a live-in job for a shady non-profit. They make their employees work without wages, while paying them rent. Their not allowed to own cats, call the police or ambulances.

Oe is found guilty after a appeal

Hiromi Higuruma calls a retrial

Higuruma manages to get Oe an innocent verdict. He’s certain it will be appealed. It is and Oe is convicted and giving life imprison. Overwhelmed, Higuruma calls court into session after an petition for a final ends in disappointment. He claims they’re having a “retrial” as a curse spirit appears behind him. As we know, curses are created from negative human emotions. The criminal court is certainly a perfect source of negative emotions. I suspect that Higuruma will become like Light Yagami from Death Note, using the curse spirit to exact his own justice. Of course this would require Higuruma to have the ability to manipulate curses like Suguru Geto. Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 159 introduces another interesting character with Hiromi Higuruma. It’s possible Yuji will be able to reach him and finally provide some justice.