Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 – Episode 008

Mob Psycho 100 Episode 008 opens with the Telepathy Club members, Mob, and Takenaka heading to Mt. Mudboat with Reigen. The car ride is miserable, Tome has a bad attitude, Mob is car sick, they miss their turn, and Reigen crashes the car into a tree. Saruta has to pee, so he a Mob (sent by Reigen) head off. After some time, Mob and Saruta don’t return. The group search for them in the forest but get they all get lost. As they head to the mountain top, Mameta forgets the spell to summon aliens and Tome has a meltdown.

At the summit, Takenaka performs the Alien Summoning ritual. Tome encourages everyone to perform the spell as well. Takenaka reveals that the author of the spell book was arrested for fraud. The spell isn’t real. When the group consider leaving Mob tells them they should summon the aliens on their own. The group joins hands and sends out a telepathic message. He summons a alien ship and three aliens beam down. The aliens beam them up to their ship. The group show the aliens games, pass times, and when it’s time to go they all give the aliens something as thanks. The aliens in turn give Tome a gem. The return to Earth leaving Mameta behind. He does return a week later though.

This episode wasn’t your typical Mob Psycho affair but I liked it. It had a lot of small comedic moments. Tome asking if Mob and Saruta were going number 2, the bickering in the car, Haruto falling during the track up the mountain, and apparently Mameta got high on something and performed naked for a stadium of aliens. Tome may have seemed ungrateful but I think she didn’t trust the guys from the Telepathy Club to care about her dreams. They never took them seriously before and she wasn’t sure they did this time.

What do you think? Did you like the little comedic moments? What about Mameta time with the aliens in the after credits? Why do you think Tome was so upset? Like and Comment.


Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 – Episode 005

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 – Episode 005 opens with Mob confronting Dimple who continues to try to use more of his power. Obviously, Mob refuses. Dimple tells him that through their “faith in Psycho Helmet” Mob’s friends and family have found happiness. Mob is the “only” one left and Mob should just “give up.” Mob is mad. He demands that Dimple release everyone back to their senses. Dimple explains that through touching the Divine Tree, eating food from the Tree, or being overwhelmed by “the passion of the masses,” he was able to ensnare the entire town.

Dimples goal is simple, world domination. By spreading the message of the Divine Tree around the world eventually Dimple will become a God. Mob finds the plan be “pointless.” He demands Dimple undo the brainwashing. He’s outraged at Dimples behavior and compares it to “cheating.” Dimples view is that if they can’t defy laws they won’t know anything wrong. Dimple attempts to use Teruki Hanazawa to manipulate Mob. Mob’s anger reaches 70%, he begins attacking the fake Mob’s. Brainwashed, Hanazawa defends Dimple by assaulting Mob. When it seems Mob easily stopped his friend, Hanazawa attacks with power from the Divine Tree.

Hanazawa vs Mob

Using his new found power, Hanazawa pushes Mob deep through the Divine Tree. Mob counters by sending Hanazawa flying outside the Divine Tree. Dimple begins a futile fight against Mob causing his meter to pas 90%. Mob wonders if Dimple is too scared of him to attack him face to face. Suddenly, Mob begs Dimple to stop as he start crying, clutching his chest. Mob powers are being drained by the Divine Tree.

Dimple finally tries to use Tsubomi to convince Mob one more time to join the Religion. This angers Mob further and he explodes with even more power. Seeing Mob is still a threat Dimple goes through a Sailor Moon transformation and becomes God Dimple, a golden version of his origin form. He hits Mob with a series of attacks, Godly Punch, Godly Dash, and Godly Smash. Mob’s meter reaches 98%. Mob doesn’t seem to care about Dimples transformation but Dimple has calculated Mob’s limit after witnessing his fight with Claw.

He’s not invincible

Mob gets up. He asks Dimple if that his “real,” form and he refuses to accept it. Mob seems to trigger Dimple, who uses his Goldy Beam and directly hits Mob. Dimple is remorseful for using too much energy but Mob has had enough. He asks Dimple to tell him how he really feels. Dimple claims that he’s been trying to take advantage of Mob the entire time. He seems too sad while saying it so I don’t think he’s sincere. When Mob prepares to attack, Dimple bulks up and attacks. Before he strikes Mob he sees Mob’s ugly shirt, calls it lame shocking Mob who reaches 100%.

That was an interesting end to this episode. I conflicted about Dimple and I think we’re suppose to be. Dimple was always a manipulator but he has helped Mob on a number of occasions. Throughout this fight you could feel Mob’s hesitation and I don’t think it’s going to end with Dimple being destroyed. Do you think both Dimple and Mob regret this fight? Do you think Dimple will die? What do you think of Dimples golden Frieza look?

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Mob Psycho 100 – Season 3 Episode 001

Future ~Career Paths~

Mob Psycho 100 has always tried to argue that psychic powers don’t make you special. Mob specifically has embodied this theme. He’s never been eager to show off his powers; instead he hopes for a more mundane life, making friends, gaining muscles, and dating. So far he’s only managed to make friends but this episode opens with Mob and his classmates are tasked with filling out a career path survey for school. 

Mob has no idea what his future is. While he’s working for Reigen at the Spirits and Such Consultation Office. Mob has never dreamed of using his psychic powers for profit. Tome Kurata plans to “go to school that studies UFO’s,” Haruto Kijibayashi wants to work for a game company, and Mameta Inukawa wants to be a “plain old office worker.” 

Reigen believes that Mob’s calling is to be a “spirit consultant”, but Mob just sees it as a part time job. Mob asks him if he “wanted to run a spirit consultation office” when he was in high school. Reigen claims that he did everything he wanted in his old job so he needed to do something else. Surprisingly, Katsuya Serizawa has taken a job at the Spirits and Such Consultation Office, he’s still awkward and desperate to please Reigen. While this is a similar dynamic to one he had with Toichiro Suzuki, I trust that Reigen won’t take advantage of him like Suzuki did. 

Roaches, smoke, and despair

Reigen begins a consultation with a new client who claims to have purchased a totem at an antique store and it’s causing him problems. Reigen of course senses nothing but Mob warns him that “bad things are swirling within it.” Serizawa successfully exercises it. Elsewhere, the broccoli tree from last season has remained in the middle of Seasoning City. Some people have formed the Psycho Helmet Religion and come to worship the tree, calling it the Divine Tree

Mob, Serizawa, and Reigen meet with a weird client. Her claims that an evil spirit caused him a number of unfortunate consequences. The client keeps a discussing home and it’s filled with garbage and full of roaches which scare Reigen. He leaves Mob and Serizawa to speak with the client. Who tells them he has nothing but loneliness and despair. Serizawa can relate. He recounts his experience with being a shut in. He acts as a cautionary tale of sorts for Mob. 

The broccoli Tree from Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 remains
The broccoli Tree from Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 remains

Don’t go with the flow

He says he “just went with the flow,” and “kept choosing the easy way out.” He wasted fifty years of his life and has nothing to show for it. While he’s speaking the neighborhood begins to fall asleep as a spirit appears. It encourages Reigen to stop working too hard and “just go to bed.” Together Mob and Serizawa exorcized the spirit together. After the exorcism, Serizawa and Mob have small meltdowns. They are concerned that they won’t overcome their current obstacles.

Reigen tells Mob the real reason he quit his old job was because he got “bored,” and started spirit consulting on a “whim.” He says whatever you do “doesn’t have to be work.” Mob seems encouraged. This episode’s main point seems to be that the pressure to make choices, especially regarding careers, can be suffocating, but you never know what life will bring. 

What do you think? Was deciding your future career difficult? I still have no idea and I’m 35. How did you like the first episode? Not enough action? Do you think people will start eating the broccoli tree? 

Let me know with a comment.