Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 12

Chainsaw Man Season 1 was a marvelous introduction to a new anime series, that at first glance seem to be just another demon slaying Shonen series. Even if Chainsaw Man wasn’t original in anyway I think it still would be a series worth watching. Every series is differentiated by it’s characters, and Denji is different from the typical Shonen heroes. Sure he loves fighting and food, but he’s less sexually innocent than say Luffy or Goku. He’s still immature about it but it’s a quality I noticed. Makima is the most interesting. She doesn’t show much emotion and there’s nothing behind her smiles. Makima gives off a sadistic energy. She clearly manipulative and probably evil but I like and trust her.

The animation is phenomenal and always a joy to watch. MAPPA continues to prove that it’s the standard for the industry. I love the gory violence this series offers. Unfortunately, Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 12 was disappointing. It felt rushed and too short. Obviously they couldn’t introduce new information during the last episode of season but it felt like that limitation handicapped them. Still there were interesting events that happened. While the Ghost Devil strangles Aki, he recalls his time with Himeno. The the Ghost Devil frees him and hands him a cigarette with the words “easy revenger,” on it. How and why the Ghost Devil is never explained and how the Snake Devil was able to capture it in the first place wasn’t either.

The hunt for the Gun Devil begins

Does Himeno exists inside? Did she become a part of the Ghost Devil after her sacrifice? I hope not because Aki decapitates it after. He then stops Kobeni from killing Akane (it won’t save her though). Elsewhere, Denji and Power encounter zombies on one of the floors. Power rushes off the elevator and slaughters the undead. Another aspect of this series I loved was the friendship between Power and Denji. Their dynamic is so weird and funny. I love them together. While Power fights, Denji finally comes face to face with Katana Man. Denji is outclassed by Katana Man, being knocked across roofs and overwhelmed by the Katana Man’s speed attack.

Denji’s only advantage is predicting Katana Man’s next attack (aiming at Denji’s head) and using a surprising attack the ability to use a chainsaw in his legs. It was a unexpected outcome and feels like an appropriate power up. Despite being cut in half, Katana Man survives and is put back together. As the credit roll, Makima is seen giving a debrief. Akane is revealed to be the organizer of the terrorists attack. Makima states that she made a contract with the Gun Devil, where she would receive guns in exchange for getting Denji’s heart. Shockingly, Akane is decapitated (this series loves decapitation) by the Snake Devil leaving the Public Safety without the ability to interrogate her. They did gain one thing more of the Gun Devils flesh. Now they can begin to hunt it.


Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 8

Well that was a great episode. Prior to this episode Chainsaw Man was a amazingly animated anime, with some interesting story moments, and epic action. However, I wasn’t sure what the bigger picture was. Obviously, the Gun Devil was presented as the main villain but this episode not only confirms that he’s after Denji’s heart but introduces other hunters. The first half of Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 8 is a more subdued affair.

The first part focuses on Himeno and Denji at her apartment. Himeno is trying to seduce Denji but passes out. In the morning, she and Denji have breakfast. Himeno is self aware enough to know that having sex with a minor is at least illegal as Denji informs her of the events from the previous night. They discuss Denji’s feels for Makima and she offers an alliance: she’ll help Denji with Makima if Denji helps her with Aki. As I mentioned in my review of the previous episode most anime (especially Shonen) don’t touch the topic of sex. At least not seriously. While there’s some humorous and gross aspects to this series sexual moments I think there’s more potential here.

Division 4’s get slaughtered

Makima and her assistant heads to meet with her bosses. She finds them “scary.” Subtly the men in front and behind them on the train reach down for something. The camera focuses on the unaware Makima as she stares outside the window. Suddenly, she and her assistant are shot multiple times at point blank range. To say this was a shock would be a understatement. I don’t think Makima is dead, she feel like a devil to me (its the eyes). Still this moment is shocking and had me sitting up on my seat.

Just when I thought Makima and her assistant were the only victims, the other members of the 4th Division are shot at. I say shot at because we don’t see them actually get hit with bullet which usually means they survived but with this series I’m not sure. A man in the ramen shop, interrupts Denji, Himeno, Aki, and Powers lunch. He tells them the story of his murdering Yakuza grandfather which turns out to be the man Denji use to work for and ultimately killed (after the Zombie Devil did it).

Himeno’s sacrifice

It seems that this man is under the impression that Denji is responsible. He pulls a gun and shoots Denji in the forehead, Himeno in the chest, but Aki and Power avoid getting hit. Aki uses the Fox Devil to eat the mysterious man, only for the Fox Devil to tell Aki that whatever is in her mouth it isn’t, “human, nor a devil.” Surprisingly, the man turns into a Katana Man, a cuts his way out of the Fox Devil. Aki pulls his sword out, which is a large nail, and begins attack the Katana Man with it. Each time he pierces the Katana Man, a Curse Devil counts down from three to one.

Eventually, the Curse hits “zero” and grabs the Katana Man killing him. Or at least until a mysterious young woman appears. She resurrects the Katana Man who then attacks Aki causing a wound that gushes with blood. Before he could “finish” Aki, Himeno sacrifices herself asking the Ghost Devil to help. At first it refuses claiming that the “girl is dreadful,” but when Himeno offers herself the Ghost Devil reveals itself. It process to overwhelm the Katana Man but before it gets the kill the mysterious woman summons the Snake Devil to decapitate the Ghost Devil. With the Ghost Devil defeated Aki turns to Himeno who has completely disappear except for her clothing.

This episode really opened the Chainsaw Man universe. We don’t know who the attackers are but we know that humans are also threats towards Division 4. The presence of the Katana Man means that there are others like Denji and the mysterious woman, and Aki suggests that hunters can have a variety of powers. I’m eager to see Denji fight the Katana Man. That fight will probably be different that what happens usually. However, the Katana Man seems poorly trained. Aki bested him and so did the Ghost Devil. He seems too privileged to have the type of toughness Denji has. We’ll see. I can’t wait.