Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Episode 11 Review: Sakura and the Upside down Penguin

While learning about the equal sign in math class, Sakura thinks of the similar effects of the clow cards to the clear cards. This episode is cleaver in connecting the subject in math (equal sign) to the comparison of the two card types. Aqua is similar to Watery, Flight to Fly, and Gale to Windy. She is quickly shocked out of her daze by her teacher. After lunch where Sakura and her friends discuss the upcoming events. This event will focus on ball sports, Yamazaki explains Badminton to the group. Surprising everyone because he didn’t lie for once.

On the way home, Sakura, Tomoyo, Akiho and Syaoran run into Kaito who’s  returning from shopping for food. Syaoran becomes quickly concerned, while back home he contacts Eriol. He believes that Kaito has magical powers, Eriol asks for his full name, Yuna D. Kaito. Eriol says that “D” is given to the highest ranking members of a magician society. Syaoran questions why someone wouldn’t hide his “D”. Eriol suggests that Kaito may be so powerful that he doesn’t feel the need to hide his affiliation with the organization.

They assume that Kaito likely has “moon magic,” their uncertain about the who’s responsible for his presence. While at home, Sakura notices a card nearby. Tomoyo has given Kero a go-pro and Sakura a new outfit. When they approach the playground, they notice that all the playground equipment is upside down. She prepares to capture it, but is turned upside by the card, she is saved by Kero. She captures the Reverse card, but before they could return the playground to it normal state they had to flee to avoid being seen by a crowd. Tomoyo informs them that they weren’t seen. Kero’s camera skills need work as he effectively fails to produce good content, Tomoyo tells him that they will begin video recording training tomorrow.

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Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card: Episode 8 Review, Sakura, the Clock, and Hide & Seek Game

Tomoyo measures Syaoran for a costume she is designing for him, she plans on make both Sakura and Syaoran “look beautiful.” Sakura and Tomoyo run into Akiho on their way to school, she tells them about the home she staying in. She say’s that ” a boy her age, who came here from England, lived in it before me.” Sakura asks to see a picture and realizes that it’s Eriol’s old house. Akiho tells them about her time in England.

Sakura tells Syaoran that Akiho invited her to visit her on Sunday. Sakura then asks Syaoran on a date the following Sunday, it’s a very cute moment between them even though Kero interrupts this moment inviting himself. At home Sakura has another vision of the cloaked figure, she asks him what’s he’s wants from her. Kero wakes her up on the floor, the next day they arrive at Akiho’s house. They’re introduced to Akiho’s butler, Yuna D. Kaito, the house is arranged differently from when Eriol lived there.

Yuna arrives with cherry blossom flavored tea, and cake, Sakura makes a funny face and Kero asks for a piece. She sneaks him a piece and it appears that Akiho may have seen it. After cake she shows them her families library. Her family loves to read and collects books from all over the world. She says that “she came to Japan for a book,” as she speaks Sakura senses a card. Tomoyo and Sakura walk through the library and notice that some books are missing.

The books and shelf seemed to have disappear, however, they are just invisible. Sakura releases her staff, their’s not any battle, Sakura secures the Lucid card. Akiho arrives with a book entitled, “Alice in Clock Land.” The covers clock design reminds Sakura of her vision, the book is in another language but Akiho states that she can read some of the book. Meanwhile in England, Ruby believes that they must return to Japan to aid Sakura. However, Eriol says that “it’s not the time for them to interfere.” Despite that lack of a more action packed card capture, this episode was enjoyable. I get the impression that Akiho has more to offer the story than this episode let’s on.


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Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card: Episode 4 Review, Sakura and the Lovely Transfer Student

We have a lovely interaction between Sakura and her brother Toya. He makes breakfast for the two of them pancake, with an egg on top and broccoli on the side. He notes that Sakura is “spacey,” and that she came home “soaking wet,” the day before. He comically gives his broccoli to Sakura claiming that it will help her grow, but Sakura states that it is simply because he hates them. Later in the day Sakura and her friends are introduced to a new exchange student, Akiho Shihomoto.

Akiho quickly becomes friends with Sakura and her crew. She has lived in Italy, England, Hong Kong and Germany, as a result her Japanese is too formal. While in class Sakura notices that the trees are uprooting themselves, she makes a scene in class. Tomoyo covers for her suggesting that Sakura has a stomach ache and needs to go to the nurse. Tomoyo offers to take her, she has with her a new costume and her camcorder.

The trees attempt to leave the school grounds and Sakura releases her staff. She looks at her four clear cards and determines that the “Aqua card,” might make the trees move faster. She decides to use the Siege card. She traps them within the cube but they begin to ram against the walls. She commands the Siege card to become more flexible, allowing for more give to the walls. Seeing the threat that they might break the walls, she uses the Aqua card. She uses the card too fill the cube with water, preventing the trees from being able to move as they’re now floating. Sakura is able to secure the “Action,” card. Another, fun episode and it seems the more Sakura captures the more complicated her captures can be.

Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card: Episode 2 Review


I’m a little late on this episode but I’ll catch up by the end of the week. Anyway, this episode starts with Sakura showing Tomoyo and Syaoran her new captured clow card and the new key. Tomoyo is disappointed that she couldn’t record the capture. She shows Sakura her new outfit and gives Kero his outfit. Sakura’s classmate gives her a cheesecake recipe, her teacher comes in and asks if the students have to choose the club they want to join. Tomoyo decides to join the chorus club and Sakura will go for cheer-leading.

Tomoyo and Sakura are making the cheesecake recipe Chiharu gave them, some might find this sequence to be tedious but I found it surprisingly enjoyable. Toya arrives and Kero pretends to be a plushy, however, Toya is suspicious because the cheesecake in front of Kero is partially eaten and Kero has cake on his face. As Toya announces what he’ll make for dinner Kero begins to drool, almost revealing himself. Kero puts on her new pink outfit and Tomoyo bring to record when Sakura’s room transforms.

Sakura thinks it a dream until Kero pulls her face proving that their in reality. Sakura attempts to touch the walls but the wall “runs” from her. It turns out that they are trapped within a massive cube. The walls beings to attack Tomoyo, Sakura and Kero, they realize that the cube is like rubber or a balloon. They consider popping the walls with Tomoyo’s pins, Sakura releases her staff. Tomoyo uses her pin and the cube pop’s, Sakura secures the clow card, capturing the Siege card. Another, entertaining episode, I can’t wait to see Sakura use her new clow card to capture others.

Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card-hen: Episode 1 review

The episode 1, Sakura and the Clear Cards  starts with a comical recap from Kero-chan from the previous series. It’s not throughout, but sufficient to explain what happened. Sakura and her friends are preparing to attend their first day a Junior High School. She’s happy to be able to sit next to her friend Tomoyo in class, their other friend Chiharu-chan is also in the class. Sakura attends her class as she excels in gym, but struggles in English and middle school math.

On her way home from school she run into, Syaoran. Armed with a teddy bear, he tells her that he will be in Tomoeda permanently. She is joyful as she hugs him, as Tomoyo comically records them from behind a tree. Sakura falls asleep and has a nightmare where a strange figure in a hood is surrounded by clear cards and shatters them. She awakes to find that all her clow cards have become clear. She immediately finds Yue the following day, he tells her that her cards have “lost their magical powers,” but her powers remain.

Sakura tells Tomoyo and Syaoran what happened, Tomoyo becomes starry eyed and excited at the prospect of the “triumphant return of Cardcaptor Sakura,” anticipating that Sakura will finally get back to wearing costumes. Sakura has another dream, however, this time she receives another key. On her way to school the next day she is attacked by a mysterious wind, the key activates, protecting her from harm and she releases it. Arm with a staff, Sakura uses a new incantation and captures the card, Gale. I loved this episode it was fun and funny. I liked the relationships between the characters and I’m curious about what happened to clow cards. While the capture of gale was quick, I think future captures will be more interesting.

My top five most anticipated anime for 2018

My Hero Academia season 3

It’s of no surprise that My Hero Academia go the green lit for a 3rd season. The third season of the series will focus on School Trip Arc, the eighth arc in the series. (Manga chapters 70-83). The arc focuses on the events after the ending of U.A.’s first semester, and during summer break. Class 1-A goes on a school trip to a training camp under the supervision of the hero team, the Pussycats. Season 3 will begin in April 2018 and likely end in June 2018 if previous seasons are the example.

Attack on Titan Season 3

Like, My Hero Academia, AOT was quickly given a third season. Unlike season 2 we will not have to wait four years for the next season. The third season was announced earlier this year, at Anime Expo 2017 earlier this year and it will premiere in July 2018. A compilation movie of season 2, titled “The Roar of Awakening” will premiere on January 13, 2018.  While it’s unconfirmed it will mostly be another 12 episode season. Regardless, last season left fans (who aren’t reading the manga) wondering what’s happening next.

FLCL Seasons 2 & 3

This year at Anime Expo 2017, FLCL was announced by Production I.G. and Adult Swim. Each season will span six episodes and begin in 2018. The original FLCL starred “Naoto Nandaba, a young boy whose life is turned upside down when Haruko Haruhara hits him with her iconic yellow Vespa.” However, According to Toonami’s Jason DeMarco, seasons 2 will “stars a young girl named Hidomi who runs into a substitute teacher that looks like Haruko. She and her classmate, Ide, get caught up in the conflict with Medical Mechanica.” The third season will have a different story.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card

The series from CLAMP is getting an anime adaptation next year. The clear card series begins after the previous series ends. 14 year old Sakura Kinomoto begins junior high school, after a mysterious dream all of her card turn blank. She begins a quest to find out what happened, together she and her friends use a new key to capture transparent cards. The anime will debut on January 7th, 2018. The main cast from the original series will all return.

Darling in the Franxx

Trigger and A-1 Pictures work together to bring a new series, Darling in the Franxx. The series takes place in a distant future, where humanity lives in mobile fort city Plantation due to the destruction of land. Pilots from the Plantation live inside the “birdcage,” the children’s lives consists carrying out mission facing off against giant creatures named Kyoryu.

They pilot robots called Franxx to face off against them. A boy named Hiro, once a prodigy, has now fallen out of favor. A girl called “Zero Two” appears before him possessing two horns that grow out of her head. The series seems interesting and Trigger maintains high quality animation. This could be another great one like Kill la Kill or Little Witch Academia. The series will begin on Jan. 13, 2018.