Yuri on Ice Episode 1 Review: Yuuri vs Yuri

Yuri Plisetsky’s fury

Yuri Plisetsky is furious that his former teammate, Viktor Nikiforov has headed to Japan to coach Yuuri KatsukiYuri heads to Japan despite his coach saying he shouldn’t. Viktor tries to get to know Yuuri better, asking him what his favorite food was. He tries Yuuri’s favorite food called Katsudon and loves it. However, he quickly informs Yuuri that he will only coach him if he loses weight.


Viktor pits Yuri verses Yuuri

Viktor gives Yuuri the nickname Kobuta-chan or Piglet. Yuri arrives and searches for Yuuri and Victor. He finds them at the local rink, and is surrounded by reporters. He confronts Viktor about his promise to choreograph Yuri’s debut routine. Viktor decides to have Yuuri and Yuri compete for the honor of being coached by Viktor. They will skate against each other, to two different arrangements of the same song, with two different routines created by Viktor.


Viktor plays the arrangements

Viktor plays both arrangements for Yuuri and Yuri, asking them their opinions of them. Yuuri takes an instant liking to the slower arrangement and Yuri likes the second arrangement which is quicker and more like his style. Viktor explains that the first song arrangement is about agape: (unconditional, innocent love) and the seconded is about: eros (romantic, sexual love). Viktor surprises them by suggesting that they will skate to the song they didn’t like. 


This episode created some intrigue, regarding whether Viktor will coach Yuri or Yuuri. I predict that he will choose Yuuri, even though Yuuri probably won’t beat Yuri. Something tells me that Yuuri will be a harder worker, but Yuri is more talented. Either way the next episode will be interesting.


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    1. Yeah, I think that going to be important for the story some how. At least they tend to make jokes about the names. In the anime they don’t make the distinction between their names, they’re both spell their names Yuri.

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