Winter 2020 Anime Preview: Haikyuu!! To the Top

Looking at what’s on offer for the upcoming winter 2020 anime season, there isn’t too much I’m interested in. However, as luck would have it another season of Haikyuu in premiering. I began watching the series on Netflix a few weeks ago and have been loving it. I’m almost at the end of the second season so I’ll have to hurry before the next one premieres. The fourth season, Haikyuu!!: To the Top, will premier January 10th. Karasuno High School’s volleyball team bested Aobajohsai and Shiratorizawa in seasons two and three. This season they will be Miyagi Prefecture’s representative for Nationals. Karasuno will also face a new set of opponents, as Shouyou Hinata learns more about himself.

Inspired by the volleyball ace, “Little Giant,” the energetic, high jumping and short Hinata revives a volleyball team. The team is terrible. In their first match in a tournament they are destroyed by the “King of the Court,” Tobio Kageyama. Hinata swears to surpass Kageyama. Hinata joins the Karasuno High School volleyball team, where he learns that his teammate will be his new rival, Kageyama. The second season sees the Karasuno team hope to win the Spring tournament. They agree to take part in a training camp along side the other notable teams in Tokyo. Karasuno hopes to strengthen their team and improve their skills by competing against the best teams in Japan.

The fourth season of Haikyuu will be “split-cour.” Meaning that the first part of the season will air this winter and the second half will air in July 2020. Haikyuu is a series that is generally highly regarded. As of December 2019, the manga has over 35 million copies in print. Haikyuu was the 8th best selling manga series of 2019. The first and second seasons of the anime received a score of 8.62 and 8.82 respectively on MAL. Hopefully, Haikyuu will maintain it’s high quality animation, great action and fun group of characters. Judging from the trailer, Haikyuu fourth season is definitely going to be interesting.

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