Weekly Anime Round-Up (May 3rd – May 9th, 2021): Top 5 Zombie Anime, Digimon Movie review, and MHA

Irina over at the Drunkenanimeblog explores her Top 5 Zombie Anime. I’ve never seen the first three, but the last two are familiar. I never considered Tokyo Ghoul to be a "zombie" anime, but it does have a lot of eating of living and dead humans, so. I loved the series, well the first season. Irina considers the series to be "cultural significance":

But it’s not only me. I would bet that if you ask any random anime fan out there to name some zombie anime off the top of their head, 90% would come up with Tokyo Ghoul as an answer. The series has permeated our otaku collective to install itself as a quintessential title in the animated zombie genre. Just for that, I think it deserves the top spot. Very few other anime have the same type of cultural significance. At least in the zombie genre.


A Disappointing Digimon Movie

Traditional Catholic Weeb reviews Digimon Adventure 02 – Revenge of Diablomon, and he didn’t like it much. I actually agree. The movie is a money grab, and it shows everywhere, but it’s animation (which I still rewatch to this day). TCW goes into some issues the movie has:

I’ve only seen the film twice myself over the past 5 years; once in the middle of my university’s crowded lunch hall, and several months back in anticipation of this review. Though circumstances have changed since then, one thing that hasn’t is my opinion about how short of expectations this movie has left me, and the hole it left since then.


My Hero Academia, Vigilantes, Training, and Theories

Redgeek reviews My Hero Academia Vigilantes chapter 101, I haven’t kept up with the series. Redgeek enjoyed the chapter though:

This was a good chapter! Soga and the Crawler are back together and ready to end the threat on Pop’s life tonight, but No. 6 won’t make it easy for them. I guess ole Six’s plans on becoming a hero are ruined by people seeing him with the Anons. Well, unless he kills everyone there. No witnesses and all that jazz. Whoops! Let’s hope he’s wearing Clark Kent’s glasses or things are about to get real messy.


Jay over at RJWriting. Ink learns to enjoy the Joint Training Arc after watching My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 7. Shoto takes center stage and doesn’t dominate like expected:

Personally, I liked seeing how Mudman was able to take out the likes of Shoto with his Quirk. On paper, Shoto has a clear advantage due to the overwhelming power of his Quirk. However, as heroes like Spider-Man have shown time and again, brute strength isn’t a guarantee for victory. More often, it’s how a hero uses their powers that determine if they win or not. And unless Shoto can narrow the focus of his Quirk, then he’s going to have problems with finesse in the future.


Finally, Demon God Tadd explores his theory on "All For One’s Grand Ambition."

I believe that All For One’s plan might just be to “put things back to the way they were before-” to turn things back to the way they were when he was in charge.

Demon God Tadd

I won’t ruin the entire theory for you. Check it out.

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