The Top 3 revelations from One Piece Manga Chapter 1009


The Nine Red Scabbards decapitate Orochi in Chapter 1009 of One Piece.
The Nine Red Scabbards decapitate Orochi

Kurozumi Orochi’s has six more lives

We didn’t expect to see Orochi again after he was decapitated by Kiado. Well, he’s back and according to his Fukurokuju, he did die. So how is he alive, well that’s unknown. It does appear that Orochi had one fewer head. If this is accurate then he has seven, well six more lives remaining. He’s going to need them because he’s weak. Not only did Kiado kill him in one blow, but he also didn’t put up much of a fight against the notably weakened Nine Red Scabbards

Kiado and Big Mom’s alliance is going to be a problem

We were already prepared for the two Yonko to cause problems in One Piece, but seeing them fight together is giving us a glimpse of how much. The relationship between Kiado and Big Mom is complicated. Frenemies is probably the most appropriate. However, they fight together well. The pair combine their strength to attack Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Law, and Killer with Hakai. What feels like a casual assault from the two requires significant effort from Zoro. 

The Worst Generation will have to work together

When faced against two Yonko what can even the Worst Generation do? Their best hope is to separate the duo. Law’s Devil Fruit powers are ineffective against the Emperors. Teamwork is all they have. As Luffy battles Kiado head-on, Kid creates a metal box that Law uses to trap Zeus. Zoro cuts Prometheus into pieces using Homura Saki: Rokudo no Tsuji while Killer gets rid of Napolean. Big Mom strikes Kid, slamming him to the ground. Surprisingly, Kid seems fine and uses repel to send Big Mom into the air. Law throws a rock at her knocking her towards the sea. Without Zeus to help she’s helpless. 

5 thoughts on “The Top 3 revelations from One Piece Manga Chapter 1009

  1. I think that Big Mom might just crash onto the mainland. As such; I think she-and her kids- will show up right as Kaido is defeated, sometime after Kaido is defeated. And right when they THINK they can use this chance to take out enemies crews left and right-BAM! That’s when another twist happens.
    To give a comparison: Kaido’s defeat= Ace’s Death. Big Mom’s arrival with her crew= Blackbeard pirates showing up to fight Whitebeard. Some other faction(Marines or Blackbeard himself)= Shanks’ arrival. I don’t know who will show up to make the fighting stop this time, but it’ll have a similar impact.

    1. I think Big Mom will be saved by her children that are in Wano. I also think at some point the Marines will interfere and we might get to see that new Marine division.

  2. I was really impressed with Zoro here. Even if it was only for a moment, blocking two attacks like that was crazy good. He’s always been one of my favorite characters so that was a satisfying moment

    1. I think Zoro and Kid (taking a hit from Big Mom) have shown that they’re stronger than we think. Particularly, Kid who we don’t see much of.

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