The Top 3 moments from My Hero Academia manga chapter 308

Deku faces an old foe with new abilities

3. Deku’s learning his other abilities

When I first saw the smoke surrounding Deku, I thought it was because of Muscular destroying the buildings. Turns out it was the Quirk of the sixth user of One For All, En. His Quirk was Smokescreen. It allowed him to generate clouds of smoke to blind his opposition. However, En tells Deku that it can backfire. The user can make it difficult for them to see and allow their opponent to “get the drop” on them. Finally, this Quirk has no “offensive potential” and cannot become an “ultimate move.” While some might consider One For All to be broken, I think being stocked with a lot of “weak” Quirks like Float and Smokescreen makes it more balance.

Considering Deku’s tendency to use strategy with his strength, it’s a more suitable Quirk. If you compare this with how All For One collects his Quirk’s (focuses on Power), this contrast can prove to be the difference when they meet. Deku also has Danger Sense and Blackwhip Quirks. These two quirks used together reminded me of Spiderman. Hikage Shinomori used Danger Sense and Daigoro Banjo used Blackwhip. We have yet to see the second and third users, Quirks, but when Deku masters them he will be a force. En’s advice to Deku is to use the Quirks as “tools” to put together in a plan.

2. Trying to understand villains

Nana Shimura asked Deku if he could kill Tomura. Deku’s answer was basically no. He hoped to reach the tortured Tomura. In this chapter, he asks Muscular “why do you rage like this?” Muscular responds that he doesn’t want any regrets. He wants to “indulge in fun” whenever he can. Deku accepts he can’t get through to Muscular and defeats him. The question is, what answer would Tomura give? Assuming he’s in control of his own body at that point. I don’t Deku would kill him but that might not be necessary. Especially if the remaining abilities One For All has stored up could allow him to capture Tomura.

1. The return of formerly incarcerated villains

When Deku and Muscular meet for a second time, I instantly thought of when Gohan encountered Freiza and destroyed him with one punch. It’s useful to bring back past enemies to show how strong the hero has gotten. We don’t know if Muscular has been KO’d, but he’s definitely been used to allow Deku to show off his growth. However, I’m disappointed that we didn’t get to see Grand and Turtle Neck fight. I know that My Hero Academia has a massive roster of heroes, but it would be fun to see other heroes battle. I think the release of all those prisoners could allow the heroes more opportunities to fight. While Dabi may have caused a setback for the hero community, he has also created an opportunity for the upcoming heroes to prove themselves.

2 thoughts on “The Top 3 moments from My Hero Academia manga chapter 308

  1. Something I’m curious about: How the heck is Deku still able to move? Based on what that doctor said the LAST time he fought Muscular- he should NOT be moving right now. Like he said: If he breaks himself like that 2 or 3 more times- he won’t have ARMS anymore!! And he broke his arms FAR WORSE during that great big War. So how……? Maybe the 2nd or 3rd user had a quirk that allows him to continue to move?
    Yeah; seeing these fledgling Heroes take out Tartarus Prisoners is gonna be important to show the power scale going forward. And based on this battle; I’m eager to see a future “Deku vs Kacchan” battle. Cause I feel like seeing him do all of this puts him at a level above Dear Little Kacchan.
    He’s going to start applying “Talk No Jutsu” to the Villains he faces? Meh; whatever. So long as not EVERY Villain is redeemed in the end.

    1. UGH. Not Talk no Jutsu. LOL. I’m guess either Deku has reached some level of mastery of his Quirk that the damage isn’t permanent or it’s oversight on the authors part. I think because Deku’s other Quirks abilities aren’t powerful (they’re more subtle) Kacchan might feel he’s still the strongest and won’t care. However, if they start getting rankings and he’s not higher than Deku things might change.

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