The Sunshine Blogger Award Challenge

I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Sonatano1 of Everything is bad for you, thanks. As part of being nominated, the recipient answers the eleven questions they’re given from the nominator. I will try to answer the question to the best of my ability. Here we go:

1) What’s your favorite or most-used medium for entertainment? I would have to say video games.

2) What character in a work of fiction would you inhabit and why?  (Assuming you’re experiencing the entire storyline of the game/novel/film/whatever as this character.) Probably Monkey D. Luffy, he’s been through some hard times, but I would love the adventure.

3) What work would you wipe all memories of from your brain if you could so that you could experience it all over again? Naruto.

4) What’s the most annoying trend occurring in your favorite medium today? Online multiplayer games. I like the solo campaign.

5) What’s the most promising trend occurring in your favorite medium today? Free to play. I know there can be problems, but with so many good games having so be free would help.

6) How much or how little romance do you like in your games/films/novels/etc.? Very little.

7) If you had to be the ruler of one country in any work of fiction, which one would you pick? Hyizuru from Attack on Titan. Clear I’m a glutton for punishment.

8) Do you think virtual reality will improve anytime in the near future to the extent that it’s actually worth using?  Or are we already at that point? I don’t think technology is ever at it’s peak. VR seems to still be in it’s infancy.

9) I’ve heard people say that the novel is a dying form of art and that changes in attention span length and the constant multitasking our generation is involved in will make them obsolete.  If you have an opinion on that matter, do you agree or disagree? If a “novel” requires a psychical book then, yes.

10) Are you optimistic about the future of the human race? Yes, we’ll get it together eventually.

11) Cake or pie?  (There’s only one right answer.) CAKE.

Now the hard part, coming up with 11 questions and nominations:

  1. What’s your favorite anime genre. Why?
  2. What’s your favorite series in that genre?
  3. How often do you blog?
  4. What aspect of your blog do you love the most?
  5. What advice would you give a new blogger?
  6. What anime/manga series are you looking forward to?
  7. Which is worst, anime video games or movies?
  8. Which video game universe would you like to visit?
  9. Which manga series would you like to see become an anime?
  10. What’s your most popular post? Why do you think that is?
  11. If you could transform into a mythological creature, which one would it be?

And the nominees are (feel free to ignore the award if your not interested)


16 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award Challenge

  1. I absolutely agree with you on those online only titles. Even if a game is meant to have a very strong focus on the online aspect, it should always have some kind of offline campaign. I just tend to avoid those if not. (Fortnite is the only exception for me)

      1. It’s been a long while since I saw the info graphic, but I remember some kind of chart that showed roughy how pricey it is to have single player mode. Most of the costs come down to voice acting and cinematically so I think they could do it pretty cheap if they make it more of a quick run through with text based cutscenes. Of course then they may get complaints about it feeling rushed so it is a tricky give and take there

  2. I’m on board with you about the multiplayer trend – singleplayer all the way for me. I do have some problems with the free-to-play trend going on now, but I think some of that depends on how you approach it.

    You’re more optimistic than I am about the future of humanity, but more importantly, we can agree that cake > pie.

    1. Lol. I’ve been enjoying playing Red Dead Redemption 2, a great single player game. I just started playing Anthem. It’s a good online game with a story that you can play by yourself.

  3. Thanks for the nomination.
    I’m also with you on the dislike of online multiplayer. I tend to solo games and prefer a strong solo campaign over multiplayer options.

  4. Cheers for the nomination, I’ll get on it asap.
    Definitely agree with the online multiplayer thing. I prefer solo play and couch co-op.
    I also agree that VR is still in its infancy. I think it’ll continue to improve but we have a long way to go for full immersion.

      1. I think that I’d probably get on better with online multiplayer if it weren’t for the pointless arguments that team mates seem to love getting into. Solo means I can just enjoy things.

  5. Of couse CAKE! What type of animal would pick pie. I also think virtual reality has a long way to go but it’ll get there. Thank you so much for the nom. I really wasn’t expecting it but it makes me happy!

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