The Seven Deadly Sins Episode 1 : Recap and Review

Season 3, Episode 1: Light That Disperses Darkness

Meliodas and Ban, save prisoners from probable death at the hands of blue bird like demons. As they camp, Meliodas remembers that his power increases after he returns to his demonic form. However, this comes with a profound fear that he may lose himself. Ban and Meliodas head to the village of Camelot, where the Ten Commandments have made into their stronghold. Within that village, Peliodas, is a boy that hopes to become the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath. He learns that his father has been sacrificing travelers to the demons. Peliodas is understandable unwilling to accept this. He follows a yellow demon that has been receiving his sacrifices. He is short one man. So the demon decides that the villager that sacrifice the travelers must become one.

Peliodas interferes and is knocked to ground and brutalized by the demon. He asks his father and the other villager to fight. Ban, Meliodas, Gowther, Escanor, Merlin and Elizabeth arrive to save the villagers. The seven deadly sins easily defeat the demons, with Meliodas using his Full Counter to obliterate them. Ban tears the heart out of the yellow demon. The King of Liones appoints Howzer as the new acting Great Holy Knight, feeling that they need a new leader. He reveals to the 5 members of the seven deadly sins that he’s had a premonition. The Sins will “reassemble when the moon shines at midday and the fog hangs low in the royal capital.” In the Fairy King’s Forest, the last 2 members of the seven deadly sins, Diane and King encounter each other.

As I mentioned with my review of My Hero Academia, premiere episodes are often boring, as they have to do a lot in a short time. This episode of Seven Deadly Sins is no different. I’ll admit that I scarcely follow this series, and have seen small parts of episode. However, a action packed shonen series is exactly the type of anime I like. I going to give Seven Deadly Sins several more episodes to peak my interests.

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  1. Yeah with the premiere out of the way the show should be gearing up to tackle a lot of the best fights coming up. I think you’ll be in for a lot of really fun episodes in the near future

    1. I can’t wait for the later episodes.

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