The Salty Anime Challenge – Day 5: What would you change about your least favorite anime?

On day 1 I picked Duel Masters as my “Least Favorite Anime.” For day 5 we are asked to change something about our day 1 pick to make us like it. So:

  1. Better animation: I realize that part of the reason for the low budget is the goal of selling merchandise, I think you can have both a high quality anime and sell the card game.
  2. NO CG: The CG and 2D combination doesn’t work for me. The use of CG probably has more to do with the budget than anything else, but it doesn’t help.
  3. Animate the monster, piggybacking off of 1 and 2 if you animated the monsters more you would excited the audience and show off the cool monster designs.
  4. Better character designs.
  5. Shake up the anime card game troupes.
  6. Finally, get better voice acting.

5 responses to “The Salty Anime Challenge – Day 5: What would you change about your least favorite anime?”

  1. I don’t know why, but point number 6 made me feel bad for the show lol.

    1. I heard there was some behind the scenes problems that cause the bad voice acting but it was still a problem.

  2. Better voice acting/animation can certainly enhance any show. I’m not a fan of 2D mixed with CG either. Wish the anime industry would give up on that. The card game genre is stale so adding a twist to the formula is a good idea. I like that Wixoss actually scares people from playing the game with its dark story lines.

    1. 2D/CG combo never makes since to me. Not worst than all 3D though.

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