The Salty Anime Challenge Day 16: Least favorite OP or ED

To be honest I usually avoid OP’s and ED’s. Basically, I skip OP’s and turn off the episode before the ED come on. The favorite OP I remember from my childhood was the old Dragon Ball Z opening and the original Pokemon OP. I did also like many of the early Naruto OP’s.

However, one series OP I did notice was Tokyo Ghoul Root A, why because it was terrible. The OP has music from Osterreich called Incompetence. Kaneki literally just stands in one place, the colors are pale, the changing background are cheesy to me. Kaneki’s face does change but it’s not interesting to me. I know that some anime seem to spend too much money on the OP but this is taking cutting corners too far. Regardless, this OP is forgettable.


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  2. Pleeeaaasseee tell me you at least make sure they’re aren’t any post-credit scenes before you end it!

    1. Sorry, I don’t. I will now though. LOL.

  3. Considering Unravel was such an iconic opening, Root A was a terrible disappointment. Though I don’t think much of Re’s OP either. It’s a little more visually interesting but still horrible to listen to.

    1. I think if you have one (music or animation) I could tolerate the other. But, OP’s have to have something going for it.

  4. I don’t blame you for skipping most OPs – I find way too many give minor spoilers away which I can’t stand. I try to listen to them without watching the actual animation until I am at least 3-4 episodes in (assuming I like the song enough to want to keep watching the OP).

    1. Putting spoilers in OP is unacceptable to me. I don’t get why they do that other than reusing animation from the series.

  5. Yeah I tended to skip it…

  6. I skip them too. I always try to check to see if there’s an end credits scene though.

    The original Pokemon OP is fantastic though. I still find myself singing that (and the one for Johto) every so often.

    1. I can never forget it the original Pokemon OP it defined my childhood. Another commentator said to me that there’s a possibility of an after credits scene. I guess I didn’t know that because I always turn the episode off early.

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