The Salty Anime Challenge Day 12: Least favorite male/female/sidekick character

Least Favorite Male: Marechiyo Yoshiayamenosuke Nikkōtarōemon Ōmaeda (Bleach)

If you don’t know who Omaeda is then count yourself lucky, he’s pathetic. I loved the most of the Bleach manga but could never understand why he is even a lieutenant. He’s suppose to be a high ranking member of the Gotei 13. Throughout the series I’ve never seen him complete a battle. He doesn’t appear to be that strong and even his character design is terrible. Finally, his personality is the most of putting. He’s described as being ” an arrogant and dull man. He is cowardly, loud, vain, elitist, snobbish, greedy and sluggish.” However, he makes nice jewelry though.

Least Favorite Female: Misa Amane (Death Note)

Misa is a model and supporter of Kira. She later becomes the “Second Kira,” she dedicates her life to aiding him. She becomes infatuated with Light and is willing to do anything he asks without question. Although she doesn’t seem to have enough intelligence to do so anyway. Misa is basically a puppet and Light controls her completely. A lot of this of course is how she’s written but I still hate her. Her personality is equally terrible or lack of personality, she’s surprisingly thin for a anime with very complex characters. She’s an airhead basically, becoming annoying.

Least Favorite Sidekick: Kon (Bleach)

Kon is a modified soul in the Bleach series. A result of a “Soul Society experiment in giving ‘vacant’ human bodies Hollow-killing powers.” He occupies a stuff toy for most of the series. Kon’s biggest problem is his personality. He’s a perverted and he prioritized women based on their breast size. He often uses his stuff animal body to get girls to hug him so he can feel their breast. Kon has been caught by Ichigo on several occasions masturbating in his (Ichigo’s) body. He’s also a coward, but won’t kill anything so I guess that’s good.

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7 responses to “The Salty Anime Challenge Day 12: Least favorite male/female/sidekick character”

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  2. I don’t like Misa but Kon is awesome!

    1. He can be funny, but he becomes one note at some point.

  3. Oh, I really didn’t like Kon. Omaeda was pretty obnoxious, but I forgave him for his redemption moment when he defended Soi Fon during the Aiden battle.

    1. Omaeda is really hard for me to understand. He seems to largely be in his position because he’s a royal. He’s not without good qualities, they just appear to be rare that he displays them.

  4. Yes to Kon! I didn’t watch the anime, but he was still annoying in the manga.

    1. His voice even bothered me. LOL.

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