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-Answer all questions honestly

-Come up with 5 questions of your own. (4 have to be about peer pressure; 1 can be random and about whatever)

-Tag at least 10 people and provide links to their blogs. Please, no “you!”

-Recommend at least 5 books or songs you see everywhere/are very popular that you’ve read or listened to.

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What was the last thing someone tried to pressure you into watching/reading?

My brother keeps trying to get me to watch the Boys (amazon).

Did you watch/read it? If so, how’d it turn out? New favourite, or are you questioning that person’s personal taste?

From what I’ve heard, the Boys are a brilliant series. I’ve read the comic book series and watched episode 1. I intend to finish but with all the anime, tennis and other shows I watch I have little time for it.

What was the last thing you tried to pressure someone into watching/reading?

In turn, I tried to get my brother to watch Demon Slayer.

Did they watch/read it? If so, how’d it turn out? New favourite, or are they now questioning your personal taste?

So far he hasn’t watched it yet.

When was the last time you listened to Queen’s ‘Under Pressure’? Marks out of 5?

Never heard of the song.

And I’ll be tagging all these wonderful folks! (Apologies if people have already been tagged):

  1. Demon God Tadd
  2. mattdoylemedia
  4. The Traditional Catholic Weeb
  6. itseverythinganime
  7. inasianspaces
  8. biblionyan
  9. Vartika Rawat
  10. Paul

My Questions for the tagged:

  1. Have you ever felt pressure to blog about a popular topic (within your own blogs genre)?
  2. Have you ever felt pressure to engage in controversial topics on your blog?
  3. Did you feel pressure to avoid discussing a t.v. show, manga, comic book or book because it’s considered unpopular?
  4. Has any pressure you felt regarding changing your blog improved your blog?
  5. What’s an anime or manga series (or any other entertainment medium) did you dislike at first but ended up loving?


  • If your into American comics, then I would recommend Future State: Wonder Woman Vol 1.
  • Once & Future is a modern comic retelling of Arthurian literature. Bridgette McGuire is an elderly woman that escapes from her retirement home. She introduces her grandson, Duncan, to this alternative world. The comic is well written and the art from Dan Mora is amazing.
  • My Hero Academia is one of the best manga series currently in production. Center on a world of heroes and villains, My Hero Academia focuses on the students at UA, as they learn how to be heroes. MHA is like most shonen battle manga, but it differs in two specific ways. First, Deku is more analytical than the typical shonen hero. Second Kohei Horikoshi treats the villains like he does the heroes.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen is a manga series and anime that’s making waves. It’s currently on its 18th episode and 138th chapter, I would highly recommend the series.
  • Black Clover like MHA and Jujutsu Kaisen is a popular manga series. I didn’t initially like this series because of early similarities to Naruto. However, the series separates itself from Naruto and comes into its own.

4 responses to “The Peer Pressure Tag!”

  1. Very nice. I haven’t seen or read The Boys, but I heard it does some interesting deconstructive things with superheroes.

  2. Good answers. I wish I’d put Once & Future in my recommendations now, I’ve read the first two volumes and it’s a fantastic series. I’m currently waiting for the third trade paperback to be released.

    1. Thanks. I stumbled on Once & Future by accident, it’s worth reading.

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