The Hunters Guild Red Hood Chapter 2: Dodou and Naraoia invade Kasoka Village

In Chapter 1 of The Hunters Guild Red Hood we were introduced to Velou, a little boy from an impoverish village and Grimm, a member of the Hunter Guild. Together the eliminate the werewolf that disguised itself as the mayors wife. The first chapter explored themes such as making assumptions based on appearances, a lack of justice in the world, and survival. The Hunters Guild Red Hood Chapter 2, “Dodou and Naraoia,” fleshes out the world more. The mechanism that leads to humans transforming into werewolves are currently unknown. Grimm asks Velou to join the Guild. However, Velou refuses her offer, fearing the safety of the village. Velou doubts that werewolves can be exterminated anyway. He argues “as long as humans exist, there will be more werewolves.” Grimm’s understands his fears. Her solution is simple. Gain Velou’s trust and “guarantee the villager’s safety.”

Dodou and Naraoia attack Kasoka Village

Elsewhere, two werewolves, Dodou and Naraoia, react to death of “Granny Mialli.” She use to share meat she got from killing the villagers with them. While the dimwitted Naraoia is devastated, Dodou has already moved on. According to Grimm, werewolves are “territorial,” and only take over another’s territory when they die. Dodou and Naraoia are excited they get to claim Mialli’s territory. Naraoia charges into the Kasoka village destroying houses, eating sheep, and forcing the villages to rush to a meeting house. Inside, Dodou awaits. He has an inflated sense of his own intellect. He assumes he’s out smarted the humans and his plan is without error. The one problem, he’s never been to the village before. He’s a stranger and Velou gets the drop on him.

Meanwhile, Grimm attacks Naraoia with the bell used to warn the village. While The Hunters Guild Red Hood continues to establish it’s lore we learn more about the werewolves. It’s still unclear whether the series will focus exclusively on werewolves, but it seems like it. As I mentioned my review of chapter 1, the “alien” aesthetic applied to the werewolves is interesting. There creepier and larger than what we typically see. Based on Dodou and Naraoia’s designs, each werewolf will look unique. I would like to see combat that’s more sophisticated. So far the werewolves have been killed without much effort. If they can be so easily defeated them I don’t know why the guild is even necessary.

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