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The Artifice is an online magazine that covers a wide spectrum of art forms. We do not run The Artifice, you do. The Artifice is collaboratively built and maintained by your fellow writers. The platform is designed to reward you based on how you interact with it and its users. Once the system learns to trust you, you will be able to manage everything, much like Wikipedia.

This is an independently operated platform. That means unlike most of the corporately owned web destinations you may be used to, you will get completely unfiltered content from writers who do not need to fight their way through layers of policy bureaucracy. This is why our community encourages you to explore all areas and art forms. Together, we will separate The Artifice from ordinary magazines and make it the top source for everything from currently trending commercial topics to unknown independent titles.

The Artifice is structured to let you focus on the quality of the content while it focuses on delivering that content to an audience of millions.

Source: The Artifice

I’ve been writing for the Artifice for several years now. I will be listing them with links:

  1. Mechas: Disassociation from Science Fiction
  2. The 5 Saddest Moments in One Piece
  3. Pokemon and the Animals in Captivity Debate
  4. The Mythological and Folk Tale Origins of Classic Anime