Tenrou: Sirius The Jaeger Episode 4 Review: Beginning Of Trickery

The alliance between the Hyakko party and the vampires comes to an abrupt ending. The Alma company turns out to be the force behind the Royals. Their still a mysterious group at this point in the series. The Royals test their new experiment on the Military, and seemingly willing to sell the Military the new weapon. The Hyakko party commits a mass murder at the offices of Alma, the head of the Hyakko becomes interested in the new weapon.

The Vampires creation seems to be a Frankenstein type monster seen in the OP, it’s a little obvious considering the organ collecting but I’m curios how different it will be from the famous version of Frankenstein. One thing I noticed is the paleness of the Vampire’s and the “makeup” surrounding their eyes. I don’t know if the skin tone is a by product of vamperism or makeup. Regardless, it does make them obvious to the public if they are seen.

In addition to that they seem to be Vampire children. In some of the vampire lore, child vampires are seen as problematic because they tend to be impulsive and risk exposing the other vampires. I’m curious if their too immature or if it won’t matter. This episode also attempts to inject a weak romance into the series. I don’t particularly care about romance in anime, but this seems poorly managed. There’s wasn’t much left in the episode, hoping the action increases in the next episode.

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